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Rebel Scientologists try to visit the cult prison camp in Riverside. Police are called immediately. Note that manure/sewage/feces appear twice in this video yet it is only 10 minutes long!  Is this my best video ever? Many viewers agree. It's got it all. Cultists fighting cultists, cultists fighting protesters, sexy accents and manure.

Scientology uses the L. Ron Hubbard Winter Wonderland to try to recruit Hispanics and their children. They always fail. And the cult is a rich White people group. Hispanics usually have far less money. Children are given cheap toys like jump ropes and Hubbard pulp fiction comics with titles like "The Carnival of Death."  I'm sure every 8 year old girl would rather read that than watch Disney's "Frozen" again during a sing-a-long.

melrose 12/06/2011 - Greetings Christmas readers I bring thee glad tidings of a Scientology sort.  I am glad to report that the Scientology Melrose Mission at 6710 Melrose is no more.  It was built a few years ago to replace the previous Melrose Mission across from Fairfax Senior High School.  I enturbulated at this second location sometimes even though I didn't make videos about it. But Kendrick Moxon noticed and brought this mission up in deposition.

Protester Happy Smurf surmised that this mission might have been paid for by a celebrity.  If so they got snookered because I spend a lot of time in the area and rarely saw anybody in the front.  I'm sure the person who took on this franchise was promised gobs of customers would come in. They didn't.
About a  year ago they posted a permit saying they were installing a sauna.  For the Purification Rundown no doubt.  This added expense resulted in no extra income.  But cult leader David Miscavige got his cut of the licensing fees for sharing L. Ron Hubbard Tech with the mission. Even if this small churchlet had succeeded then all it's customers would get siphoned off to the much larger LA Ideal Org anyway.  That superchurch is pretty close and offers more advanced services than the Melrose Mission could ever hope to provide. 

The whole idea was stupid to begin with. Why open a mission near the same neighborhood where Scientology's global organization is located?  Smart as opening a bridal chapel next to the Vatican! Who would ever go there even IF Scientology worked? And that's a big if.  Fortunately their failure is not great leader David Miscavige's.

scientology mission melrose bankrupt scientology melrose That's the gimmick.  This Mission was not owned by Scientology and so the mother church doesn't lose money when it bleeds red ink.  Just like McDonald's doesn't go bankrupt when it's franchisees fail.  In fact, Scientology gained money from licensing LRH tech to the mission.  Just like it made money off the failed Santa Monica Mission which went belly up in 2010. 

When I called the number on their website I got forwarded to 818-995-3460.  That is a San Fernando Valley number, not Melrose.  A woman answered and told me that everyone had moved to Sherman Oaks.  The mission had closed because the "mission holder moved to Clearwater to open a mission in Florida."

That is another stupid idea.  Why open a small mission in the same area that is considered Scientology's Mecca and offers every Scientology service imaginable under one roof?  Let's hope somebody waste's a lot of money on that.  For there is no better Christmas present than a failed Scientology mission.  Praise Xenu.

scientology mission melrose bankrupt
High level Scientology promo videos are deliberately, insanely slick. Local org advertising is much less so. And mission advertising is simply abysmal, as the "Melrose Angels" prove all to easily!
6710 Melrose
Los Angeles Ca 90038


lapd police brutality scientology protest
HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD 11/27/2011:  Scientology protester code named "Mark Lowell/Doug Owens" (shown at left) is very mild mannered and was not even carrying a sign at the 2011 Hollywood Christmas parade.  But that didn't stop the LAPD from beating, harassing and handcuffing him simply for standing in front of a cult building during the parade.  X-rays later showed the beating left a hairline fracture in his skull. What did he do wrong?  First he went to the HGB building the home of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit. He was harassed by cult guard Andy Knapp who trumped up some charge and alerted the cops to hassle Doug.

doug lapd argument
HIS REPORT:  "3 LAPD police officers grabbed me by my arms, pulling them back and up, which lowered my head, and ran me at a fast speed head-first into the granite side of the HGB building. My head struck the granite and the officers cuffed me and pushed me into the front of the HGB building. The claimed I committed the offense of loitering. I knew the that was nonsense and told them so. They then changed their story to disturbing the peace. They claimed the Sea Org security guard reported to them, falsely, that I had tried to get on their Way to Happiness stage, and that I been disruptive.

The officers kept me cuffed for over 45 minutes while the constantly pushed me into the side of the HGB building. I demanded to see a supervisor and when he appeared I demanded they uncuff me. He refused. After about 20 minutes, the sergeant told me he would uncuff me if I agreed to leave the sidewalk in front of the HGB. I told him he would have to tell everyone on the sidewalk watching the parade to leave as I was doing nothing different than them. This continued for about 30 minutes.

kendrick moxon scientology lawyer
The sergeant told me he was going to take me into the station and I would stay in jail until Tuesday to see a judge. He urged me to agree to leave. I refused and told him to go ahead and take me in. But he constantly delayed; I had violated no law. The police violated my 4th Amendment rights by going through my pockets without consent and by keeping me detained. They used excessive force by ramming my head into a granite wall and pushing me against the wall for so long. The Sea Org security guards violated the law by making false and malicious reports to the police.

Eventually, the sergeant agreed to unhand-cuff me and to not demand I leave. I did however file a complaint at the scene against these abuses. I want to add the LAPD is great in the way they treat complaints seriously and professionally, and tonight was no exception. After this, I resumed my position next to the stage to watch the end of the parade." LAPD Police Officer 1 Farrell 36164, LAPD Police Officer 1 Acosta 36470, LAPD Police Officer 1 Shaw 37209 and Sgt. 2 Davis 32256 of the Hollywood Division."

HOLLYWOOD DEC 2, 2011:  Doug followed up with the police and reports "I was in Hollywood yesterday. I stopped by the police station to show them two bruises on my forearms from incident. The sergeant I spoke with wasn't too excited about this new evidence until I told him I told him I had a CT scan and that I was told I had a fractured skull. When he heard that it got his attention. He took another statement from me, photographed my forearms, and he gave me the case file number for the investigation. He said he thought this would most likely be investigated not by the station but by internal affairs at the division level."
lapd police brutality doug scientology protest
Last night at the Hollywood Christmas Parade, I watched part of the parade in front of Scientology's Hollywood Guarantee Building, HGB. They had a small stage in the curb lane and I stood next to the stage on the sidewalk. My presences watching the parade was too much for Scientology's inner fanatical core who sign billion year contracts: the Sea Org. Sea Org security guard, Andy, followed me wherever I went and got inches in front of my face telling me to leave the area despite the fact it was a public sidewalk with many others watching the parade.

A short-time later, 3 LAPD police officers grabbed me by my arms, pulling them back and up, which lowered my head, and ran me at a fast speed head-first into the granite side of the HGB building. My head struck the granite and the officers cuffed me and pushed me into the front of the HGB building. They claimed I committed the offense of loitering. I knew the that was nonsense and told them so. They then changed their story to disturbing the peace. They claimed the Sea Org security guard reported to them, falsely, that I had tried to get on their Way to Happiness stage, and that I been disruptive.

The officers kept me cuffed for over 45 minutes while the constantly pushed me into the side of the HGB building. I demanded to see a supervisor and when he appeared I demanded they uncuff me; he refused. After about 20 minutes, the sergeant told me he would uncuff me if I agreed to leave the sidewalk in front of the HGB. I told him he would have to tell everyone on the sidewalk watching the parade to leave as I was doing nothing different than them. This continued for about 30 minutes.

The sergeant told me he was going to take me into the station and I would stay in jail until Tuesday to see a judge. He urged me to agree to leave. I refused and told him to go ahead and take me in. But he constantly delayed; I had violated no law. The police violated my 4th Amendment rights by going through my pockets without consent and by keeping me detained. They used excessive force by ramming my head into a granite wall and pushing me against the wall for so long. The Sea Org security guards violated the law by making false and malicious reports to the police.

Eventually, the sergeant agreed to unhand-cuff me and to not demand I leave. I did however file a complaint at the scene against these abuses. I want to add the LAPD is great in the way they treat complaints seriously and professionally, and tonight was no exception. After this, I resumed my position next to the stage to watch the end of the parade.

The officers involved were:
LAPD Police Officer 1 Farrell 36164, LAPD Police Officer 1 Acosta 36470, LAPD Police Officer 1 Shaw 37209 and Sgt. 2 Davis 32256 of the Hollywood Division. A second Sgt took my complaint in a professional manner.
mark lowell doug owens
ex-scientologist steve curry scientology guard frank paolo

scientology protester happy smurf
PROTESTER HAPPY SMURF ON WHY THEY HATE DOUG:  Doug is a dangerous individual, in their eyes. He has been tied to past attempts questioning the legitimacy of Scilons getting street permits from the City to close down public streets & sidewalks to hold their events. He has met with public officials regarding this issue. Also, unlike many protesters that are on the boards (monitored by OSA), we plan our raids openly, effectively giving the cult the heads-up of when & where we are going to protest. Doug doesn't do this.

They were expecting us on Sunday night. ... There are, obviously, past issues between Doug & the cult that I am unaware of because the Scilons truly hate Doug. When I was talking to Andy & Franck Sunday night, they kept asking me where Doug was, convinced we were together. Andy mentioned that Doug & Tory Magoo had shown up to protest last September which caused some waves.

I take exception to Doug's reporting of the LAPD treating complaints "seriously & professionally" given what he had to experience at the hands of the LAPD Sunday night. The LAPD never takes these complaints seriously because citizens complain about LAPD behavior all the time. This is where Doug & I will have to disagree, and you will have to ask him why he's playing both sides of the fence when it comes to the LAPD, when they succumb to the demands of the cult they have long favored in Los Angeles.

lapd badge logoWhen I was roughed up by LAPD Porter, while wearing a knee brace, years ago at Big Blue (the lighting of their new sign), I got lip service from LAPD staff over my complaint until I got an attorney involved who contacted & provided DVDs of the incident to Mayor Viilaraigosa, the Los Angeles City Council & the ACLU. Only then, did the LAPD command feel compelled to take action with Officer Porter being reprimanded & removed from the roster of future Scilon events..

The LAPD's longtime schmoozing of the cult is well-known. Rick Moxon & Elliot Abelson commented in a deposition I was involved in over a decade ago that the LAPD "is in our back pockets".

During my filming last night of Andy & Franck, several cops consistently walked back & forth behind me checking me out. I presume they said nothing because my conversations with the two guards were amicable.

It was later, after Doug was handcuffed & being roughed up by the cops, I moved into film the abuse, that Andy pointed me out to a cop who then approached me & threatened to arrest me for "interfering with police" if I approached Doug & filmed his being detained.

The LAPD's threat of arresting a critic 'loitering" is one of their oft-used 'rabbit in the hat' charges when conceding to the requests of Scientologists. They have threatened me & other critics in the past with the same charge when protesting on L Ron Hubbard Way, the Celebrity Center, and Winter Wonderland.

Never at any time did Doug attempt to get on the stage. This was yet another false charge asserted by the Scilons to create a 'noisy investigation' and set him up to be arrested. These bogus attempts are not new to Los Angeles Scilons, and you'd think the LAPD would be cognizant of such bogus attempts as I believe they are, when they're not busy schmoozing & kissing the ass of their Scilon friends.

This is why it is vitally important.. especially in Los Angeles.. where the LAPD is involved... to have a video camera running.. you will see in my videos, while Doug is being detained, cops often looking at me while I was videotaping the scene from a distance.. they were not happy about it.

I later spoke to one of the sergeants there and told him about my incident with "Flyer Guy" where Rick Moxon tried.. but failed.. to nail me for 'assault'. The LAPD were over-the-top in kissing the cult's ass that night, as well.
You cannot straddle the fence and blame cops for unnecessarily roughing you up and then thanking the LAPD for their "courtesy and professionalism." Clearly, what they did to you Sunday night was neither courteous nor professional.

angry gay pope day of the dead logo NEW SECTION!

Two videos and a new gallery of the recent flashraid I did October 29, 2011 at the cult's Day of the Dead festival.  Sexy bike guards, confused Claire, Roy the pea brained cultist.  I have red hots. Then the police arrive.
Click to Enter

scientology inglewood
scientology inglewood entranceINGLEWOOD, CA 11/5/2011 - As part of its transition from a goods and services scam to a real estate scam the Church has opened two major properties in Inglewood.  Don't let the big crowd deceive you.  Those people were bussed in and many work for Scientology. Some have even been brought from other states.  Yet tomorrow there will be no customers at the Inglewood Ideal Org just as there are no customers at the Pasadena Ideal Org.  But cult leader David Miscavige now owns the deed to both buildings his followers have laboriously donated money to buy.  Its also part of their outreach to non-Whites as they have run out of White people to steal money from.  Unfortunately Black folk have internet connections too and they end up not liking what they Google.

Welcoming the new Church were Inglewood City Councilmember, Ralph Franklin; Inglewood Chief of Police, Jacqueline Seabrooks; President of NAACP Los Angeles, Leon Jenkins; Executive Director of the gang intervention group 2nd Call, Skipp Townsend; and Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, retired head of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles and now Professor of Religious Studies at USC.

LA Noire Harlan Fontain lecture The video games LA Noire and Dead Space 2 take their inspiration from Scientology and the results are not pretty:  sleazy Hollywood quacks and an interstellar invasion of alien zombies.  Check out the new gallery and videos here.

Cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon deposing lawyer Graham Berry, extending protester Angry Gay Pope's Hollywood Restraining order
kendrick moxon
Cult Attorney Kendrick Moxon
graham berry
Anti-Cult Attorney Graham Berry
Scientology's main in-house attorney, Kendrick Moxon of, is deposing my legal counsel Graham Berry, one of the cult protest movement's main lawyers. In fact, Graham is one of only about three lawyers in America willing to take Scientology cases. It's like being an infectious disease researcher specializing in ebola. In the latest skirmish of their two decade long legal battle Moxon is scheduled to depose Graham in LA Superior Court on November 23, 2011 over an alleged $28,500 judgment against him in the case of Pattinson v. Church of Scientology Intl, et al. This amount was for Moxon's legal reimbursement in a previous case. You can read more about this legal feud here: Moxon v. Berry. Moxon claims interest bringing the total to about $50,000.

A deposition is a legally binding interview. It is as if you are on the stand.  This means Moxon will be able to pretty much try all the stunts you can see him up to in my deposition here: Kendrick_Moxon_Depositions

Moxon also saw the article below on my web page announcing the imminent expiration of multiple restraining orders (ROs) Scientology has on me.  Graham Berry on the phone sounded almost amused by Moxon's legal moves.  Berry feels Moxon has overstepped his bounds and won't win. Of course, Moxie is not doing this to win but to intimidate. At least he has gotten a 30 day extension free. Graham wonders if Moxon will actually do anything by Nov. 24th. I am wondering if Anti-Shirtless Lady is even AT that location anymore. When I mentioned her to cult guard Frank Paolo recently he looked at the ground suddenly with a funny expression on his face and I wondered if she had blown, been RPF'd or moved to another location.

I have therefore adjusted the countdown clock below to reflect the new date and have removed Anti-Shirtless Lady's picture from the countdown.

NEWS:  Russian police raid Scientology with sledgehammers!  Video in Russian here.  Click "CC" on the youtube player for English subtitles.

hgb building
In 2008 my aggressive protesting led the cult threw two TRO's (temp restraining orders) against me.  Anti-Shirtless Lady "filed" one of them.  Why is she called Anti-Shirtless lady? She did not like me walking around shirtless again on the day we met. She sits in the reception of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit watching a full pitcher of complimentary orange juice slowly sweat as she is bored out of her mind on Hollywood Boulevard by days that are longer than this sentence.  By shifts end no orange juice poured. No visitors.

I protested that location too often in 2008 because it is the heart of the cult secret police (OSA).  This allowed the Scis to cobble together multiple instances of my allegedly "stalking" her.  Multiple instances are a legal necessity in obtaining a TRO.  You can't just act weird around someone once.

scientologist anti-shirtless lady 2008
In court docs Anti-Shirtless lady complained "His demeanor was that of a crazy person, as he was partially dressed (his shirt was open), he was sweating profusely and he would not leave me alone.  He was trying to get me to look at what he referred to as a 'titty magazine' [Maxim Magazine] which I refused."  Notice how, in the preceding quote, she used legalese like "demeanor" and "profusely"?  She doesn't talk that way in real life as anyone who watches the video will tell you.  Kendrick Moxon and his team wrote that and she just signed it.  When she showed up in court everyone remarked that she looked terrible.  She had obviously been sleep deprived.  Protester Happy Smurf suggested she had been up all night being drilled on legal issues.  That must have been annoying since she never had to speak.

Judge Richard Rico considered both cases without merit. He considered the case a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP).  In other words, they were suing me just violate my right to free speech.  However, the judge knew that if he sides with me both times there would be an automatic appeal and my lawyer would submit more gigantic documents. "More trees would die," Rico complained.  So he "cut the baby in half," giving me the Miranda win and Scientology the Anti-Shirtless Lady verdict. I was banned for three years from protesting at Hollywood and Ivar.  I was also banned from her residence, the tactically unimportant 1830 North Bronson.  It prevents me from protesting the southeast corner of the Celebrity Center in Hollywood but who cares? It doesn't interfere with protests.
angry gay pope shirtless - golden era productions
(Scientology Global Headquarters),
In 2009 two protesters were arrested outside cult HQ Golden Era Productions but charges were never filed. At another protest just days later the police now reacted in the opposite way and refused to show up at all. This prevented them from enforcing Scientology Protest Ordinance 884 which the Riverside County Board of Supers considered an important issue. In order to force the police to show up I stomped on less than $400 worth o their pansies and snapdragons.

The police finally arrived and wrote me a summons. But between the time of my actions and my final court date the cultists submitted alleged evidence that the flowers I stepped on cost fifteen dollars each NEW and another five dollars each to plant. This put the cost of the damage I did in the felony category.  Fortunately a quick check with the local florist showed this to be a fake invoice.  The cult got into hot water with the florist and so they knew that I knew what they were up to.

In 2010 I showed up for my day in court and The DA had previously offered to end this and I wouldn't have to pay the full amount of damages but I refused. So this time they made a better offer. If I would cop a plea to stay away from Gold Base for two years and pay a $205 fine all charges would be dropped. My lawyer and I felt this was an acceptable offer so I took it. This had been a very productive and fruitful enterprise so far but the only thing I would have gained had I stuck with the case (and won) would be getting Catherine Fraser in trouble with the law for falsifying evidence. On January 5th I was banned from Golden Era Productions for two years and placed on probation.  Fortunately I had already covered this location extensively so I spent my time at places like Twin Peaks.  I missed a good protest at Gold Base where the Scientologists tried to dump manure on Anonymous.  Bummer.
santa monica delphi academy
In August and September 2010 I deliberately engaged in civil disobedience to draw unwanted attention to the Delphi Academy of Santa Monica. Why? Because LA County sheriff Lee Baca IS a Scientologist and would never prosecute Scientology. Because the air has gone out of anonymous protests and nobody wants to protest at a school, much less anyplace else.

Because journalists are afraid to discuss Scientology unless they are hiding behind a court case. In other words, society, the police and the press refused to act. I was willing "take one for the team." Initially the cult threw the typical kitchen sink and me:  eight charges such as "loitering for ninety seconds."  Eventually they dropped all but two charges and so I plea bargained and was banned from protesting Scientology schools for two years. I also had to perform 15 days of community service.
Lewis Miranda
(Guard at LRH Life Exhibit)
In 2008 the cult threw two TRO's (temp restraining orders) against me.  Mr. Miranda "filed" one of them. He is a guard at the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit near Hollywood & Vine, a location where hundreds of people, including myself, had protested.  It's one of the main buildings of the Scientology secret police (OSA).  He claimed that  "I am very worried that he will attack me as he is unpredictable and acts like he is on drugs and hates me." 

This was nonsense concocted by cult lawyers like Kendrick Moxon. LA Judge Richard Rico agreed with my lawyer, Graham Berry, that I was not stalking Miranda I was exercising free speech rights.  He ruled the case a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP).  In other words, they were suing me just to wear me down, not to win.  It was important to win this case because I had been prevented from protesting at Big Blue, Scientology's main Los Angeles location. Miranda lived at Big Blue and I could not go near his house.

scientology protester mark bunker bonnie viewIn September 2011 Scientology protester Mark Bunker (left) got an aerial tour of Gold Base in a helicopter to gather material for the Scientology movie he is putting together at his website .  There are some interesting things to see on Google Earth of the property but nothing beats what Mark did, buzz the place and send the residents inside!  One example is "Bonnie Bell" (right) the giant mansion built for L. Ron Hubbard when he reincarnates.  Yes, they build mansions for dead guys.  To see the gallery click here.

Sexy Scientologists take stress test down for Angry Gay Pope
There are sexy Scientologists and then there are SUPER-sexy Scientologists. Protester the Angry Gay Pope meets two of the latter as he breaks up their stress test table on Hollywood Boulevard. The cult uses the attractive children of it's members as lures to get people to sit down long enough for an insipid stress test. The purpose of the test is to get the victim to buy a copy of Dianetics for $20. It rarely works and the young people get bored. The man is probably not Sea Org because he says he is in a band. He also claims to have helped people in Haiti after the earthquake while on a Volunteer Ministry trip.

oliver schaperIn this voicemail recording cultist Oliver Schaper (left) spreads lies about protester the Angry Gay Pope as per Scientology's "fair game" principles in which any critic can be destroyed utterly by any means necessary. Schaper is heard using the Pope's HIV status against him to make up lies. Then he asks the message's recipient, protester AnonOrange, what AO is going to do next knowing AO won't answer.  This recording motivated AGP to purchase For a man who loves the internet but hates publicity it was pretty dumb of "Dr. Schaper" not to have purchased it a long time ago.  It now joins as another of the Angry Gay Pope's family of annoying websites.  This video is stored on, the Russian YouTube, to prevent the good doctor from removing it.  His claim against removing it failed in October, 2011 and YouTube put it back online without penalizing me.

It was up for years then he went to prison for kiddie sex charges and won't be out until 2028. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison and is currently incarcerated at Mule Creek State in NorCal. He will be eligible for parole in 2029. He changed his legal name to Hendrick Oliver Stone.  IF he is alive by that time he will get to see this website about him again! Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget.
His former website can be found within right here.

Ex-Cultist Pauliene Lombard confesses to Riverside Supers she spied on protesters for OSA


Protester AnonOrange
Protester AnonOrange  spied on
JULY 26, 2011 - RIVERSIDE, CA:  About a year ago protester AnonOrange ran into a stress test table in Riverside County at a chili cook off. The person running it, Pauliene Lombard, also worked for OSA as a volunteer. But she was not happy about the situation in the church. Orange gave them the typical aggressive enturbulation that some people say is counterproductive.The OSA spy was shocked that somebody would protest Scientology and ... this is the kicker ... Pauliene was especially amazed that Orange knew who David Miscavige was. She took Orange's advice, went home and looked up Scientology on the net. Horrified, she quit Scientology the next day. This is ironic.  She used net access at work every day for years but never dared (or bothered) to Google "Scientology."Orange and I have kept mum about this spy (as well as other issues). But now that I am told this person is going to speak before the Riverside Board of Supervisors I thought I would mention it.And to those who say aggressive protesting is counterproductive here is a concrete example of it working almost effortlessly. Take that losers who do nothing. Can you imagine a Scientologist being SURPRISED that a non-cultist would know who David Miscavige is? Not how much money he wastes on motorcycles, not his pathetic voting record, not the mysterious death of his mother in law, just that he exists!???  It will be interesting to hear her further stories.After she quit she contacted AnonOrange and he told me about her. We have spoken of her many times but kept her existence secret until she bravely chose to go public at the BOS meeting.

Angry Gay Pope threatened with arrest in Hollywood
john travolta
The US government ordered Scientology to only use E-meters in a religious setting by a trained auditor (as shown above). Yet Scientology continues to put them on street corner "stress tests" manned by young volunteers.  It's all an attempt to sell Dianetics for $20 when it is practically being given away at online booksellers.
JULY 22, 2011 4PM:  I came across two stress test tables at Hollywood/Highland at the entrance to the subway but I didn't have my camera. First a very handsome young man gave me a card for a free stress test so I took it.The lady giving the test asked me the typical questions ready to prove that a needle on an emeter jiggling would indicate "stress." I watched the meter and deliberately held the cans just right so the needle barely moved. She got flummoxed, finally seeing a tiny wiggle and announcing "stress!" I complained that I could control the needle by squeezing and she said "so what squeezing is not allowed." Eventually I started discussing Shelley Miscavige and Heber Jentzsch and she got upset.They wanted me to leave but I would not, keeping it upbeat and waiting for the cops to arrive. This took quite some time. I said a lo of things they didn't want to hear. The woman in charge hissed that I should go away. "When was the last time you saw your family?" I asked? She pursed her lips, looked concerned and walked away.The woman who gave me the stress test pointed to a tiny mark on her hand. "I'll tell the police you attacked me and gave me this mark" she announced. I really wished I had my camera with me to catch that but I didn't.Eventually the cops arrived and she lied to them and said I roughed her up. They said they could arrest me as a citizens arrest and that all the others were witnesses. Because I had no camera I couldn't fight that and I decided to leave. If I had captured her intent to lie on camera I might have let them arrest me since I had evidence to the contrary. If I can catch them filing a false arrest report some day they will be in trouble.The cops did the old "why won't you let them practice their religion?" stuff. They didn't care about emeters being used illegally so I left.

German documentary team tours Twin Peaks with the Angry Gay Pope, AnonOrange and lawyer Graham Berry
German Camera CrewJUNE 2011 - Today AnonOrange, Graham Berry and I took five German journalists, including reporter Frank Nordhausen for to Twin Peaks and Gold Base for a story they are doing for French/German TV. They have travelled the world visiting Scientology locations and were almost beaten up by a cultist in Germany.Yesterday they toured the Hollywood/Sunset Blvd. properties and today we drove up to Twin Peaks in two cars. The cult appeared to know we were coming, probably because they had been at Big Blue yesterday. But who knows, they may have intercepted our emails or phone calls. Yesterday the Germans were followed from Big Blue. A yellow tape saying "do not cross" was stretched across the driveway and several cars were parked by the side of the road. This prevented us from parking as the space was taken (something I had never seen before in this isolated area).When we got out a couple goons immediately appeared yet could do nothing but watch as we walked the fence line. We were within the easement, or public right of way, which extends 35 feet from the center of the road. The cult's large microwave transmitter had an ugly rip in it which they had not repaired.

We showed the crew the fence and the crappy landscaping they did to try to stop us from going there again. The put up half-assed barriers and wires. It makes the landscape look incompetent. They planted a bunch of small, thorny trees, but nothing stopped us from checking out the buildings, the fence/UltraBarrier, etc. Two new security cams had been erected and rotated to watch us. But when the Germans pointed their cameras at the security cam it rotated and turned away as if embarrassed. A camera is camera shy!They called the police and a single car showed up. The cop was curious what we were doing and told us to move the cars as we were blocking the entrance. He was nonchalant and told us not to go on the property. I assured him I was on the easement. His main concern was that nobody get hit by a car on this windy road with no sidewalks on which vehicles travelled at high speed. Then he left.

 angry gay pope twin peaksWhile we were fence walking the folks at the cars amused themselves watching a bear dumpster diving. It spent half an hour digging through the cult's trash container of yard waste before pulling out a blue plastic bag and wandering off with it. People were stopping cars in the road to see the bear and it became a safety hazard. I missed it all! The plaid shirted goons walked back to the rear entrance as the crew recorded the trucks and propane tank there. Eventually we tired of mocking them and left. They followed us in a maroon car. Our two vehicles played silly games with their until eventually we lost them. But at least the Germans got good footage of being fair gamed.

On the way to cult HQ Gold Base I was left, like Dick Cheney, at an undisclosed location. I am legally unable to go there until the end of the year (see court case Angry Gay Pope v. Pansies). When the Germans arrived the goons from Twin Peaks were already at the Gold Base guard shack. A third goon joined them. AO got into an altercation at the gate which I will post. But I won't be posting many photos or videos. Nothing happened that had not been seen before. The cult turned the sprinklers on them but the surround sound speaker system had been dismantled and was not used. Strangely, Gold base's fleet of vans were covered with white cloth protectors. I assume they are not using the vans to ferry people around very much. Several years ago there were so many people at Gold that cultists were housed off-site and bussed in. The first time I saw Gold there was only one bus. Then there were none. I assumed that meant everyone who worked at Gold now lived there and doesn't leave. The fact they are covering their vehicles with cloth makes me think this is even more true now. The sea org housing which had been half completed appears done and people are living in it.
click to enlargeJUNE 2011 - Journalist Markus Thöss was doing a documentary on OSA and his European video crew were being given a tour of two of Scientology's southern California prison camps when the cult's goon's decided to follow us in an attempt to "scare" us. Did it work? Frankly the most scary thing about them were their LOUD LOUD PLAID shirts. As a Gay guy I really really hate plaid! The incident happened in June 2011 and I held on to the footage until now. The documentary "Agenten für Scientology" to air on May 15 on ARTE the French/German TV channel. They have literally been working on it for years.
DOCMENTARY (GERMAN with ENGLISH subtitles when you click CC)
The documentary later aired on Germany's largest public TV channel 1 ARD in June 2012 with new sections on Scientology in Greece and Russia.

RIVERSIDE CA JUNE 13, 2011:  In 2008 protester AnonOrange was beaten by cult guards while standing in an open field next to their property line in Hemet California.  Details here.  He sued Scientology for damages and injuries.  The case went around and around in court.  The Scientologists made sure the process took forever in an attempt to drain him of funds.  They also subpoenaed or deposed many many people (including even his Holiness the Angry Gay Pope) who were not involved in the case.  The was designed to bother AO's friends and past employers  and make it harder for AO to get hired.  But the most dramatic incident was the alleged arson of AO's lawyer's property midway through the case. Eventually the Riverside judge saw how Scientology's main lawyer, Kendrick Moxon, really had no interest in settling. The case was also costing the bankrupt Riverside justice system a lot of time and money with endless court appearances and deposition requests.  The judge, Sharon Waters, recommended mediation. Today a mediator reached a settlement.  The terms cannot be discussed by anyone involved according to the confidentiality agreement of the Riverside Bar Association, Dispute Resolution service.  It was signed by CSI Legal Director Lynne Shape and all defendants including cult guards Danny Dunigan, Matthew Butler, Kenneth Seybold and Salvatore Meo. AO's ability to protest is completely protected.
Protester AnonOrange
Kendrick Moxon 2008
Scientology Riverside Lawyer David Cantrell

scientology beverly hills mission
9885 Charleville Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1638
(310) 226-2464   NO WEBSITE

actor david aranovich dumb pose
all about radiation book
Scientology's Beverly Hills Mission turns into Mission Beverly Hills for the Angry Gay Pope. I show how it is almost impossible to walk into their bookstore and actually buy a book, "All About Radiation." A Hubbard classic. Guest star handsome dumb wannabe actor David Aranovich stammers and ums his best propaganda until my cover is blown discussing the anti-Gay cult bible Dianetics. Hopefully he will get punished. The place closed a few years later. Hooray! This is an incredible and canonical work by myself. All that is left of this location is my video.

"Radiation" was supposedly co-authored by Hubbard's personal physician Dr. Gene Denk.  Believe it or not the books seen in the video are not for sale.  They are not even to be opened. They are just there to look good all shrink wrapped.  Books are meant to be purchased in huge, expensive collections, not browsed in a bookstore.  That is practically giving them away!  Why would you want to look inside a book before you buy it anyway?

Protester AnonOrangeRESEARCHER ANONORANGE 5/30/2011:  Based on the research I did with Riverside Jeff Stone's political contributions list, the results are shocking, yet somehow I'm not surprised.  I correlated the entire list of donors to Jeff Stone's 2010 Cal Senate election campaign with Google searches of scientologists. 34 are confirmed Scientologists, 11 are suspicious donors (Out of state, or some possible Scientology association), four considered "illegal" donations and about a dozen "interesting" donors.

It is not illegal for scientologists to donate to Jeff Stone, of course. However, it appears that there was a lot of influence applied by Corporate Scientology to coerce people to donate and THAT would be illegal. Sometimes we see multiple small donations from people that live out of the district. The Mormon church got in trouble for doing something similar with Prop 8 and had to pay a fine.  In addition, if executives in CoS are indirectly making donations from Church coffers (because they earn no salary), then that's illegal too.

Those are some of the things we must expose. The sooner this is done, the sooner the human right abuses at Gold Base will end.

Please spend some time to check though my list to see if I may have erroneously categorized someone or if I forgot a donor from the original list (attached).   If you are aware of illegal activities by any of these donors, please advise. I'll make good use of the data, but will keep my source secret.  This info, once properly vetted will be submitted to the CA Fair Political Practices Commission.  There's a meeting on June 9.

I will announce these findings at the next Board of Sups meeting of June 7, 2011. Illegal campaign financing need to be brought to the light of day.  Please post and distribute far and wide.
country legends magazine

jeff stone out of state contributions
jeff stone scientology contributors

Corrupt Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone may regret his attempt in 2010 to run for CA state senate. First, he lost.  Then in 2011 one of his donors, James Larry Minor, got caught money laundering his donations to Stone and had to pay a $60,000 fine.  A few months later Stone himself was fined $16,000 for not reporting donations properly. His accountant claimed he didn't know the rules despite the fact that they are printed on page ONE of the state's campaign manual. Stone is very important in the fight over Scientology because his district in Riverside is home to Scientology's world HQ Gold Base and they hold great sway over him. Although Stone has denied being a Scientologist he is known to hang around with members of the failing Temecula Org. His life is also organized into a series of front groups and charities very similar to Scientology.  Now protester AnonOrange has found evidence that Scientologist Nancy Cartwright donated to his Republican campaign even though she is a Democrat and lives hundreds of miles away in Los Angeles.  Stone's campaign tried to hide this fact.

Protester AnonOrange ANONORANGE:  Yes, actress Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, gave Jeff Stone money for his failed 2010 senate campaign!! And now Jeff is in trouble for failing to report it in time (DOCUMENTS See Page 5, item 1).  Scientology has illegally funded Stone's campaign though various indirect means: (Churches cannot fund political candidates). Muriel Dufresne and Catherine Fraser (who admitted in the IE weekly they earn NO SALARY), cult lawyer Samuel Alhadeff (through Buchanan, Ingersoll law firm of PA).  There's others I'm trying to track down like Steve DiMemmo of San Jacinto, who may contribute under a corporate name.Other illegal contributions:Bail Bondsman Fausto Atilano illegally paid $3,900 for his Senate campaign. Bondsmen cannot fund political campaigns of sheriffs and local politicians.  Also Fausto told me he does the Scientology purification rundown.  That pretty much means he's a Scientologist.We need to look at the list of his contributors carefully. Scientologist Oliver Schafer personally told me that his employees would help fund Stone's election.  Stone claims his accountant made the mistake. The law is clear. Was Jeff trying to hide his Scientology connections? I will go check with the registrar of voters and find out who files Stone's political contribution forms. If it's NOT his accountant, then the good Jeff Stone will be in trouble again. 

The law requires that political contributions made 90 days before the election date be reported within 24 hours. Here's why this is important: During Stone's campaign, I often looked at his contributions, but never saw Nancy Cartwright listed. That's because it was filed late. Now I know why I couldn't find Cartwright's contribution to Stone. I had to re-download everything and look at each submittal one-by-one until I found it, but it was originally IMPOSSIBLE to locate. This is the same Nancy Cartwright who cut a check for $10 million dollars to the "Church" of Scientology some 3 years ago, but here's why I could not find her:1) Nancy paid her contribution on April 6, 2010, but Jeff Stone reported it on June 2, 2010, almost two months later and a mere 4 days before the elections! He was required to report it within 24 hours.2) The other trick is he filed her contribution as a "Late Contribution Report", on PAPER instead of online, which requires the Registrar of Voters staff to process them manually, redacting the addresses with a black marker and (most importantly) making Google searches impossible.3) The Registrar of Voters generally reports contributions twice a year. The documents show up approximately one month after the closure of the reporting period.  Reporting period ( 01/01/2010 to 06/30/2010 ) will show up in late July.  Reporting period ( 07/01/2010 to 12/31/2010 ) will show up in late January the next year.So even though the contributions were filed four days before the elections, there was NO WAY TO SEE THEM!! They only showed up AFTER the elections. 

I consider this a pretty serious and a clear violation of election laws.  On the other hand, it is true that it was his accountant that filed the reports, but why did he wait two months? I'd love to see that accountant being recorded during a deposition. You can see the name of the accounting firm at the top of the PDF file  Kubler, Prudhomme & Co. which was sent to the registrar of voters on June 2.

Nancy Cartwright is most likely a Democrat and funds Democrats.

nancy cartwright political contributions

Why is she suddenly funding Republican Jeff Stone, a guy that's not even in her district? It's clear Scientology influenced her to do this. I attach the complete list of Stone's contributors for his senate campaign 2010. Note THIS guy:


Also, I found that Steve Di Memmo files contributes though his wife Kristine.  There are a LOT of donors that were not even in Stone's district. Many are from Los Angeles, Glendale, Sherman Oaks, areas which are heavily Scilon infested.  If someone has the time, (I've spent enough on this + I'll make a speech at the Board of Supers), I'd love it if we could correlate each donor to the Scientology Completions list database. I bet there's a dozen Scientologists on that list of around 500 donors.
Riverside Supervisor Jeff Stone

nancy cartwright erika christensen

country legends magazine
Fausto Atilano
Fausto Atilano of Fausto's Bail Bonds

country legends magazine

scientology santa monica delphi academyFeaturing a video of my August 2010 raid when I caught teachers at the Delphi Academy lying, Part 1 of my September 2010 raid, Part 2 The Police Arrive. Read what happened next here.  Also featuring a deposition video of cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon interrogating me over the incident.

Invitation to Wiesenthal Center I have never been flushed with niacin. But I turned as purple as this website when I heard that the Simon Wiesenthal Jewish Center was honoring Tom Cruise for "humanitarian work."  How can they give an award to the planet's number one promoter of a religion which wants to replace Judaism? Don't believe me? Check out the photo at right from the 1994 Scientology Handbook.  It shows how a Sci, armed with Hubbard Tech, is superior to Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and more.
Scientology better than jesus, mohammedNot only has TC promoted the scam of Scientology, he has also benefitted from the labor of their slaves.  Ex-cultists complain they were paid $50 a week to customize Cruise's motorcycles, his private jet hanger and more.  Scientologists are also Holocaust deniers, preferring to blame the event on "psychiatrists."  Cruise is a close personal friend of cult leader David Miscavige who many have accused of being abusive and dangerous.  Plus the cult has formed an alliance with Jew-baiter Louis Farrakhan and his group the Nation of Islam.  guests arrive The local paper The Jewish Journal was not happy about this situation. Seems to me the Wiesenthal Center just wants to throw a bash for Tom Cruise to get him and his rich Hollywood friends to show up and write more checks. An appearance by TC is an event that is easy to sell tickets for. There are a lot of people infuriated over the Center's actions. I was the only protester at the event is May 5 in Beverly Hills.
JEWS SCHMOOZE TOM CRUISE - Angry Gay Pope protests the event alone

Tom Cruise experiences niacin flush in a candy store
katie holmes purple hands niacin overdose
Katie Holmes with Purple hands
nicole kidman red hands niacin overdose
Nicole Kidman with red hands
Paparazzi recently caught Tom Cruise red faced in a candy store. Was he embarrassed to be seen in a sugar shack so elite the lollipops cost $115? No, it was Scientology. Their quack medical treatment the Purification Rundown demands they take vitamin overdoses, especially niacin.  This causes painful flushing and red or purple discoloration.  The side effects are explained away as "toxins being flushed from the body."  Some people even sweat purple in saunas. I think it's just another way the cult robs it's members of themselves. In this case, an actor's most valuable asset, his face. The outside world thinks that too much niacin is bad for the liver.  In May 2011 a medical study of high doses of niacin was halted because it didn't work.

Mark Bunker flies over gold base/int baseIn late April 2011 Palm Springs Station KESQ-TV told YouTube to take down a video I had posted about two years ago. They claimed they owned the copyright to the video. That station did an expose about the cult which many protesters have placed on YouTube because they liked it.  But I shot my video myself. Shaky and unprofessional.  KESQ reporter Nathan Baca and his cameraman show up briefly. That was enough to make the TV station put up a copyright claim against my vid. Too many YouTube takedowns and your channel gets pulled. That is just what happened to long-time protester Mark Bunker's channel. He was penalized for uploading two of Nathan Baca's expose's to his YouTube channel. Mark discusses this on his website.  What is wrong with this station? Why are they penalizing people who want to promote their work? What if the station had a YouTube channel and they split the revenues from advertisements on it with YouTube? Sheesh! Now Mark has lost his subscribers, his videos and all the comments. Sometimes these visitor comments are very valuable. Many people who had uploaded KESQ videos report being infracted by YouTube.  It's just what Scientology wants.
NEWS UPDATE:  My video has been reposted and Mark Bunker has been told his YouTube page will soon be reinstated.
KCET STUDIOSSUNSET BOULEVARD, APRIL 27, 2011:  The cult has made yet another real estate purchase in the Hollywood area.  As the LA Times reported their purchase of the studio of the former PBS affiliate KCET gives Scientology a second big production facility.  The other is their "Gold Base" world HQ in Riverside County.

I snicker every time the cult parts with cash to purchase major real estate which can't be unloaded easily if they need to liquidate assets. Like a production studio. They brag that Gold Base is the greatest of studios. What are they going to do with this one other than make videos nobody ever sees?  Fortunately here in LA we get yet another location to protest at. What an embarrassment of riches!

kirstie alley fattestScientologist Kirstie Alley's party for her new weight loss store Organic Liaison gets crashed by protesters.  See how fat Kirstie's ass it at this point in time, meet her son Parker True, various cultists and lots of security.  Featuring go go girls and protesters Mark Bunker, Happy Smurf, Kirstie's Angry Neighbor and, of course, the Angry Gay Pope.  Thanks to our sponsor, Adultcon! One of my all time great videos. It has it all. Celebs, sexy people, a neighborhood reporter, LAPD, Happy Smurf, Kirstie and Son!


I could theoretically get four years in jail for this video. Outside the Scientology affiliated Delphi School of Santa Monica the Angry Gay Pope tries to intentionally disturb or disquiet the assemblage of people meeting inside. For the cult view of things watch this video.  My trial is coming up and Scientology demanded that judge have me take down this youtube video and its copy. I have now put the video back up under the judge's stipulation that everyone in it become anonymous. Small "a" anonymous. Or are they? I say that their use as pawns in the fight against Scientology makes them capital "A" Anons! But then, I get excited easily and am prone to too many exclamation points.
The link to the Delphi Academy Santa Monica in the article has been removed as per court order.
greyscale angry gay pope
This tedious two minute deposition has only one fistfight and seven discussions of porno/ejaculation. Yes its just another day for the Scientology legal department as their main lawyer, Kendrick Moxon, interrogates protester "Angry Gay Pope" in this "teaser video."  There are many sometimes hilarious videos in this gallery so click on the link at left. Kendrick Moxon does his best to harass and intimidate me. But it didn't work.

Happy SmurfHAPPY SMURF'S COMMENTS: The start of the video (60 MINUTES) refers to a false declaration filed against the National Director of the Cult Awareness Network attesting to her having been a topless dancer. Rick Moxon is a psychotic liar. Actually, Moxon ordered his chief private investigator, Eugene Ingram, a former LAPD officer, to pay a female drug addict in Colorado $50 to sign a false declaration. Nothing has changed in Scientology in the last 20 years. Moxon continues to thrive as one of the cult's major scumbags.


Int/Gold staff have been summoned for jury duty and 7 people have been picked to be on a jury panel. As of 2009, there are 305 registered voters on base. The officer confirmed that these 7 people were on the list I submitted.

Out of the 73 people summoned, everybody had to call in. A smaller percentage had to physically come in to the court house, to be part of a group of available jurors who waits in a large room all day. There are televisions in the room. Out of this group. 7 were picked to be on a jury panel. I don't know how many had to physically go to the court house, but it's between 7 and 73 people.  The investigator was not at liberty to tell me what were the dates of attendance or their names, which is confidential. The summons rate (73/305) is 24% and seems much higher than normal. It appears that they have put the residents of the base at the top of the list for being summoned.

All 305 were eligible to be picked in 2010, on a one-year cycle. In 2011, the remaining 232 are left on this eligibility list. Assuming summons were sent starting April 2010 at 24%/year, I estimate that 74 new jurors from the base will be summoned in 2011, for the entire year. (There are different ways to calculate this, based on when you start in 2011)  Hopefully, this temporary respite off-base, while meeting new people will help them see that life outside the base is not all that bad. The $15/day while they are on the jury panel will beat the $38/week that they probably don't get.

I consider this a win and it was not too difficult to execute. Please repeat this action in Clearwater, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Dundas (Australia) and wherever there are known scientology staff being prevented from attending jury duty.  I thank everyone that helped providing me with lists of people on base.


AnonOrange's trial against the cult guards who beat him at Gold Base in 2008 is now awaiting a trial start date.  Cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon, Gold Base security chief Catherine Fraser and hired legal hand David Cantrell were present for the defense.  The cult had thrown endless demurrers at the case in an attempt to whittle down the charges into nonexistence.  The judge, however, pushed aside the attempts to derail the case and now AnonOrange is merely awaiting a trial date.

Afterwards Moxon, Fraser and Cantrell stood in the courthouse for half an hour conferring on what to do next. Later Catherine Fraser was seen looking concerned and talking on the phone for twenty minutes, probably with cult leader David Miscavige.

In October 2008 protesters AnonOrange and XenuBarb were attacked by guards in an open field near the property line of Scientology Gold Base, their world headquarters located in Hemet, CA.  Details of the event can be found here.

Protester AnonOrange


(Praying didn't work)
donate to angry gay pope
angry gay pope shouting
Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Feel frustrated when the super-rich Church of Scientology bitch slaps society and the government doesn't care?  Now you can do something about it!  Just donate to me, the Angry Gay Pope. I'll take the heat for you. 

I've become the main Los Angeles Scientology protestor and investigator.  You'll be sticking it to the Scis while you help fund the Pope's daily enturbulation affirmation.  What is enturbulation?  You'll know it when you see it in my videos. And they are pretty slick. It takes a lot of time to edit the implosion of the Church of Scientology into entertainment Besides making hilarious and educational videos I've exposed the Church's illegal work conditions, the cops they pay off and secret cult locations like Twin Peaks that few media visit. 

I've been documenting the history of this bozo religion's decline since 2008.  My videos have a lot of conflict and yelling in them but fans tell me they watch them to RELAX. Relax???  I think they like seeing an all powerful organization exposed and made fun of by just one (very motivated) guy. This is an in-your-face look at America's most infamous and powerful cult.  You'll meet bozo Church guards, befuddled slaves, major Church figures and the worst lawyers in the world.  Plus Kirstie Alley's oversized butt. 

My work is included in major Wikipedia entries, seen in local newscasts around the world and used in several European documentaries.  And it's all stored for posterity on my website You can donate in increments of $5, $10 and $15 dollars which are pledged monthly and you can cancel at any time.  So don't slip into a lower condition of withholds. Be at cause over MEST (matter energy space and time) by donating today!

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