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David Miscavige suddenly looking gaunt in 2013
Cult leader David Miscavige is just about the sexiest guy I ever hated. Until this year. Oh I still hate him, but his appearance has taken a nosedive in 2013 for some reason.  Below is the first photo I've ever seen of the man where I didn't want to kiss him. It's a bit blurry but when you watch the event on video at thirty frames per second the issue becomes obvious. You can't airbrush two hours of moving images. His clothing is hanging off of him. Which means the weight loss happened so fast that his tailor could not keep up.

He's known for his great body and obsessive concern over fitness and his appearance. In the past he has kick boxed, obsessively analyzed his own diet, etc.

It is a bit hard to tell from these photos but DM looks a lot worse to me. On the left is a high definition airbrushed photo of him at an event event in March. On the right a low definition video screen grab. You can't airbrush video.  Although the screen grab is grainy (by definition) you can still clearly see the changes.

What is wrong with him? Is it because of:

1. HIV - it looks similar to HIV wasting in his face which lost its body fat. If he got infected and never got tested (likely) it might be too late for drugs to work
2. Asthma/smoking - Were you born with your breathing broken? Then why not smoke nicotine? Miscavige was born with asthma which is a disaster for smokers and he's smoked like a chimney for decades . Those years could have caught up with him. LRH smoked Kools ...therefore it is okay to smoke cigarettes. But LRH didn't use an asthma inhaler to start with! Those Kools were kool with LRH.
3. Stimulants - Is he high on uppers to give him the energy to deal with the growing chaos in his empire? They make you not want to eat. Meth is so popular ...
4. The brown liquors like scotch are not helping. Brown liquors are the worst for your body.
5. Other health issue ...

Whatever is causing this I could not be happier! What a present to unwrap this holiday season.

ARREST VIDEO - just the facts
hollywood wilcox lapd police station entranceGUY FAWKES DAY 2013: This brief video shows the interaction between me and the PR employee of the Church who charged me with felony stalking and put me in solitary confinement for three days

She told them I had been stalking her for years. Do you believe her? Her citizen's arrest caused me to spend three days in LAPD jail downtown unable to come up with $150,000 bail. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

A much longer video featuring discussions with the detectives and what happened after I was arrested is coming soon.  If you would like to comment then play the video and click the "YouTube" button to watch on YouTube and leave a comment there.  I look forward to hearing what people think.

 GUY FAWKES DAY 2013: This brief teaser video will whet your appetite for seeing the full length arrest. That video will coming very shortly.  In this one cult guard Franck Paolo runs all the way down the street to stop me from asking Sea Org members about their poor living conditions. They sleep with twenty people in one room that smells like dirty socks!  I was far from the building, and the woman, who have given me problems in the past. It was as if Franck was enforcing his own block long restraining order all by himself.  You'll also hear a portion of the argument with a female employee that led to my arrest but you will not see her face.  Even the final video will have her face "anonymized."

If you would like to comment then play the video and click the "YouTube" button to watch on YouTube and leave a comment there.  I look forward to hearing what people think.


pdf document explanation
After being falsely citizen's arrested by Scientology and having false evidence filed against me and spending THREE DAYS in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT I am safe at home again. Cannot say more at this time for legal reasons. 

You may have heard that Anti-Shirtless Lady had me arrested on felony stalking charges for doing no stalking at all on Guy Fawkes day.

November V
Scientology Legal Mess V
V for Vexatious

I am back home as of 7 PM 11/7 and doing better thanks to Graham Berry's legal loop de loops.

scientology guard frack paolo guy fawkes day 2013 hollywood boulevard
V for Victory! V for vendetta ... V for vexatious litigation.

Scientology loses for making bad PR for itself and embarrassing itself in front of the LAPD and the DA. But they still got something out of it as Graham will soon tell in Tony Ortega's blog.

We have given him the exclusive. There were a couple errors in Tony's story on me. The main one is I would NEVER stick my head in the Hubbard Museum or ever go inside. Truth of what happened much kookier as usual with the cult. My lawyer told him that in error.

Expect some great video of Anti Shirtless Lady lieing like crazy to the cops and boo hooing with full water works. But with me she was an aggressive, wicked witch. We argued like an old married couple. I enturbulated her Thetan and found her ruin. She called the police and made what I consider the following false charges against me.

he followed her home from work while taunting and confronting her on several occasions - threats implied

"[He] followed [her] home from work while taunting her and confronting her on several occasions.  [She] previously had a restraining order. [He] also found personal info about her and confronted her about it. Threats implied."

The above poorly written message delivered on a goldenrod colored form was shoved into my holding cell on Guy Fawkes Day 2013. It literally took an hour to read the cop's handwriting on this potentially life altering document. This mostly illegible form could have gotten a guilty person locked up! Fortunately I was in solitary confinement for three days at the time and I had nothing else to read but two forms. Nothing concentrates ones mind like the gallows so I became a handwriting analysis expert.

I believe this Protective Order to be based on lies.  A church in America got a random citizen placed in solitary for three days based on lies plus a previous history of litigation spawned by vexatious litigation.

I don't own a car. She doesn't own a car. She goes home, I assume, on a big white bus with all the other Sea Org workers.  How would I follow her home? Why didn't she report it then? I was already a person of interest in her life and was banned from seeing her for three years.

Where are the cell phone photos of the alleged stalking? Where are the security camera photos taken outside her cult owned residence? The form's instructions say "give facts and dates." What dates? What factual threats were implied?

Why did she suddenly remember all this the minute I showed up and not before?

What was my motivation? Yes she had a previous restraining order against me years ago but that was also a result of vexatious litigation. 

I'm a Gay Man and my accuser is a straight woman who is just another sad story in a cult. Just another sad character on this corner of Hollywood Boulevard, Avenue of the Stars.  (Take THAT Century City.) A sad slave just like guards Frank Paolo, Alexi, Andy Knapp, Lewis Miranda. I've met them all. Those guys are trapped protecting a shrinking bubble world and becoming liable later for things they did the past few years on camera and off. Just like security worker Steven Meyer or lawyer Kendrick Moxon. They are all sad stories and there is nothing special to me about her compared to them.  She just sits at the front desk of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition so we interact when I pass by.  Few other Scientologists in Hollywood are so consistently on public view.

bed bug

I made a friend in the holding cell where they put you to cool your jets for a few hours. After I called my lawyer on the phone in the cell a bedbug fell out of the holes in the perforated ceiling and landed on me.  I smushed it.  They are thick and rubbery and very hard to squish.  It exploded with blood and God knows what was in that! Fortunately there was only one.
windows xp professional logo red buggy

Windows XP stopped being supported by Microsoft in April 2014 because it is very very obsolete.  This means that both the LAPD in Hollywood and the downtown jail are running an insecure operating system that no longer gets anti-virus fixes.  Why? They have no money to buy new computers and their system is complex. So I assume they also don't have enough money to pay for Microsoft's now super-expensive elite Windows XP update service either.

Kirstie Alley fat again? "Organic Liaison" store closing in Los Angeles Tom Cruise booed at LA Dodgers baseball game
kirstie alley fat again 220 lbs.As expected, without the exercise of being on "Dancing with the Stars" Kirstie Alley has become fat again, or so a tabloid claims. The tabloid the National Enquirer is not a trusted source of truth, but you can't beat their claimed recent photos of Kirstie. According to the paper she has ballooned up to 220 lbs. (10 pounds more than me and I am 6'3" (1.9m)!  Worse, the paper has close ups of her arms covered with marks and varicose veins the paper claims are caused by her incessant yo-yo dieting.  It tears the soft tissue right under the skin.

But there are other videos claiming to be recent that show Kirstie as thin. So the Enquirer may just be re-purposing old photos. The usual tabloid nonsense.  The photo at left is very old from her previous blubberification. 

The paper also has photos it claims are of a garage sale Kirstie had which was run by her children.  She got rid of lots and lots of exercise equipment. The paper claims she was even selling her own weight loss books for $1 each and nobody was buying.

organic liason store closingWorst of all, her Organic Liaison weight loss store in Hollywood is closing.  It was just a public relations gimmick anyway. They claim to be moving to another location. But when I called the number on the store sign at right (323-446-2180) they said they did not know where they would be moving to. They were busy just trying to find a tenant to replace them in the current location. That is Scientology-speak for "they are dead and won't re-open anyplace." But they are still emailing out lots of ads for their products featuring Kirstie at her slim best.

Kirstie's weight loss company is a scam just like Scientology is. You buy into her program and send her money every month for food.  Whether you lose weight or not she still gets cash every thirty days.  She concocted the scheme with some of her fellow Clearwater, Florida cultists.  She no doubt noticed the huge amount of money Weight Watchers was making when she was briefly a spokesperson for them.

kirstie alley sells weight loss equipment garage saleThis very predictable ending is in contrast to the glitzy, loud opening Organic Liason did in March 2011 which annoyed the neighbors with it's curfew breaking festivities.

Eventually Kirstie rejoined the Jenny Craig family and they agreed to sell some of her weight loss products, a caffeine drink. Then they dumped her again. Boo hoo!
tom cruise booed at dodgers game conner cruiseBeing a super-wealthy 1 percenter Tom Cruise has an expensive skybox at Dodgers Stadium but that lofty perch just left him more humiliated recently.  He and son Connor attended a baseball game in October 2013 and, when the jumbovision camera focused on him, he was promptly booed by the crowd.  The DJ then played "I wish I was a little bit taller", a song by "Skee-lo" to maximize the humiliation.  This event was pointed out by live bloggers who tweeted the story.

Americans (especially Angelenos) tire of their celebs first even as the rest of the world continues to buy tickets to their movies.   But the foreign movie market now decides which big movies get made. And foreigners love him. So fear not TC, you still have three big budget movies in the works even though the American public is openly hostile to you. After all, he is a Scientologist and a closeted homosexual. And he scores last on the list of trustworthy celebs, so don't expect to see him doing any product endorsements like his ex-wife Nicole Kidman does. Not that he needs the money. But he needs the attention ... BAD.  Which is why such bad attention at a Dodgers game must really crush his ego.

I know if that happened to me I would be upset, humiliated and paranoid.  And TC is ALREADY known for his paranoia.

The more you near your destination the more you're slip sliding away .... then you reincarnate ...

Check out the story right here.

The group that owns the rights to this photo kept pestering me to take it down it was funny.  Like shooting TC and a public event is seeing Bigfoot. They eventually gave up. You know I have lawyers!


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Any other twitter handle which sounds like that is actually a false account run by the Church of Scientology.
I know plenty of people want to see more in-the-moment confrontational "Angry Gay Pope Videos" not just historic Karen de la Carriere's "Surviving Scientology" videos. More of those AGP adventures are coming! So subscribe to my twitter feed to find out when. Want me to post them faster? Then donate something. Karen donates regularly so Karen gets her videos done first.

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NEWS: "Comedian" Daniel Tosh throws missing cultist Shelly Miscavige a bone in this throwaway gag from his show


we stand tall 2010 musical number shrine auditoriumHUMMABILITY FACTOR:  HIGH
The Church of Scientology shows why it has made it in Hollywood for so long with this elaborate production number worthy of an Oscar telecast. From the 2009-2010 New Year celebration at the Shrine Auditorium. The very same room the Academy of Motion Pictures recorded so many Oscar telecasts.

Featuring a large supporting cast of non-Whites hired especially for the occasion.

For more Scientologists singing just click right here.

NEWS: Great new photos of "secret" Trementina vault base right here
NEWS: Whistleblower Leah Remini re-ignites search for Shelly Miscavige, missing cultist
NEWS: Karen de la Carriere interviewed at Radaronline over Leah Remini blowing COS

Hey Scientologist? Buy this book!
JUNE 2013:  The Angry Gay Pope heard that the Scientologists in one of their most secret organizations, OSA, are stuck selling Sci books instead of doing their job terrorizing others. That's like the CIA being told to stop finding terrorists and get people signed up for Publisher's Clearing House. So the Pope check out if the rumor is true. Plus we see sexy cult guard Franc Paolo and a bizarre semi-homeless tranny. Also a trip to the Gay bathhouse The Hollywood Spa and a silent movie security rundown. OSA, when your enemies know you are too busy selling books to do your job, that is when your enemies will strike.

NEWS: Will Smith's Scientology school goes belly up without his money
NEWS: Cult leader David Miscavige's sister arrested for pot, dui, worse -- OOPSIE!


donatella kevenaar 2008 sunset boulevardScientology's secret police, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) has freaked out over this video by Karen de la Carriere.  It was deleted by YouTube from her account and it was deleted from my account also.  The crime?  Showing silent video of Scientologist Donatella Kevenaar (at left) which I shot in 2008 and has been on YouTube since 2009 in another video.  Scientology also got YouTube to take down all THREE of my videos from 2009 showing Donatella. Donatella was shot on a public street and there was no reason for youtube to remove the video but they did anyway. They said it violated YouTube's terms of service but did not say why. So after a year of almost no video takedowns the killed four of my videos in one week. That would have been enough to destroy my account but YouTube did not penalize me. In fact they have not penalized me for a takedown in years. It shows you how two faced they are. They do just enough to make Scientology happy. After all, the cult has an expensive video page on YouTube and is a major advertiser there.

Well, the internet reacted to the takedown and dozens and dozens of people on Youtube alone have mirrored the video by uploading their own copies!  The church's attempt to muzzle this video is a complete failure and there are now about fifty copies on just youtube.  Check out how many here!  If they had left it alone there would only have been two copies.

Why is the cult and Donatella Kevenaar so furious with this video?  Because it exposes her as the second in command of OSA.  OSA is Scientology's fear-mongering enforcement arm similar to the KGB.  But while she was busy plotting dirty tricks on people and covering up suspicious deaths like Alexander Jetzsch's her own son was a homeless drug addict. She was too busy hurting others to notice that he was living in his car and had a $100/day heroin habit.  This makes Scientology look particularly bad as they market themselves as the leader in getting people off drugs and a major exec has been exposed as having a junkie son. Karen covers all the details in the video above, one of the many new secondary copies.


scientology earthquake logoscientology code violations Ex-Scientologist Jason Barclay outlines the ridiculous number of safety violations occuring at the cult's Big Blue complex on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles.  Scientology is above the law so they have no motiviation to treat their workers with respect. In fact, abusing workers and making them feel worthless is part of the cult's psychological strategy. This video is Karen's first directing job and contains a huge amount of computer animation by me.

NEWS: Karen de la Carriere's youtube videos being translated into Spanish and Italian

delphi academy santa monica teacherIn May 2013 the last of my four restraining orders expired.  I can now go to protest on L. Ron Hubbard way without fear that the cult will call the cops and claim I was violating my RO.  They have tried that in the past.

Meanwhile the folks at the Delphi Academy Santa Monica have to put up with my many protest videos on youtube about their school.  Thanks goodness those videos are up there. Nobody else has protested that place in LA besides me.

To find out what the protest was all about check out the video below in which I catch employees of the school denying that they are Scientologists even though their own website says otherwise.


scientology beverly hills mission entranceMAY 2013:  Shown at left is the Scientology Beverly Hills Mission in happier times. Happier meaning "they existed."  I walked past them in May 2013 and the place has gone under just as I predicted.  As of two years ago they didn't even have a web page. What organization doesn't have a web page? One year ago vandals kept defacing their sign and it looked miserable.

Like almost all Scientology Missions the place was on life support. But even though it failed the mother church still makes money off of it through their licensing deals.  Scientologists are instructed to take their business to the Sherman Oaks Mission at 13517 Ventura Boulevard (818) 995-3460.  Their answering machine calls the mission the "Mission of Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills."  How it can be the Beverly Hills Mission while not being in Beverly Hills is a mystery only Dianetics can explain. 

In review:  Santa Monica Mission failed, Melrose Mission failed, Beverly Hills Mission failed.  New westside mission coming "real soon now."  Check out the video below for glimpse back at the good old days when I infiltrated them.

beverly hills mission abandonedbeverly hills mission abandonedbeverly hills mission abandoned

NEWS: Narconon Georgia raided by cops in criminal fraud investigation!

surviving scientology logo greyscaleIntroducing "Surviving Scientology" a new Youtube Channel featuring videos directed and produced by me for Karen de la Carriere, a Scientology whistle blower. In these first two segments she tells the very sad story of her son Alexander's death from lack of medical care and how it made news around the world.  His father is the president of the Church of Scientology but he has been incarcerated in a secret Scientology prison called "The Hole" at Gold Base.

Karen is one of the highest ranking people ever to leave the Church and spill the beans.  She knows where the bodies are buried and has already made some great tragedy and comedy videos.  Be sure to subscribe to Karen's new channel Surviving Scientology to see all her videos first!

chuck beatty ex-scientologist EX-SCI CHUCK BEATTY ON KAREN'S NEW CHANNEL:  Thanks to whoever is helping with the editing (brilliant editing) of this YouTube site, for Karen Jentzch de la Carriere's videos. Karen is an impeccable quality Class 12 Case Supervisor and Auditor, and articulate way beyond normal Scientologist. And she's probably the best Scientology high level practitioner, but the sanest Scientologist critic of official Scientology. Any media or scholars wishing to interview a cream of the crop Scientologist, in or out of official Scientology, and one who knows Scientology history and free to speak, I recommend media people seek out Karen de la Carriere. (She was one of the few Class 12s, back in 1975-1976 when I was a lowly Clearwater Flag Tech Training Corps trainee, she was warm and unpretentious and one of the few Class 12s who'd chat and speak with us bottom of the training lineup "TTC" trainees! Thank you Karen! Thank you all who interviewed Karen and edited this great video. Please Karen, keep up being interviewed! ! - Chuck Beatty, ex Sea Org and promoter for ALL ex Scientologists and Scientologists to SHARE history, big and small cheeses.

In this funny but also shocking video a Scientology "reg cycle" is demonstrated. Scientology whistle blowers Karen De La Carriere and Tory Magoo improvise a typically harsh method of getting money out of people. it's the hardest of "hard sells" and your eternal life is on the line. Video directed by me.
This youtube channel is all new and all Karen so be sure to subscribe to her!

NEWS:Narconon flagship drug treatment center sued five more times!
NEWS: Jenna Miscavige promoting her new book with a media tour and appearance on Piers Morgan show
NEWS: Wrongful death at Narconon Georgia case settled by cult at last minute
NEWS: Bob Buster loses election in Riverside and Anonymous loses a friend on the Board of Supers

big blue gallery title graphic
A new gallery of photos and new videos is here! My site has about four galleries dedicated to Scientology uber-security. Now there is a fifth.

The new gallery features photos of ALL the visible security cameras on their property at Big Blue, the cult's Hollywood megachurch.  Over forty!  Plus infrared sensors, floodlights, security keypads and more.  The scientologists are spied on like prisoners.  Many of the photos are featured in the long-form video above whicht also visits the cult next door the "Self Realization Fellowship" and discusses Jenna Miscavige Hill's new book "Beyond Belief." It's my longest video ever! 
NEWS: Scientology sued for fraud in Federal court by ex's
NEWS: Scientology buildings in Canada are falling apart
NEWS:  John Travolta fondled me on set says pro-wrestler Kevin Nash

NEWS: LA ABC Eyewitness News interviews LRH's great-grandson Jamie DeWolf
NEWS:  NBC's "Rock Center" on Scientology defectors
NEWS:  Discovery network does excellent re-enactment of the life of ex-cultist Nancy Many

tom cruise david miscavige gold base castle

JANUARY 9, 2013:  Scientology PR gal Karin Pouw will have a hard time preventing this Hollywood Reporter article from being published Jan. 18th. The reporting is based on Lawrence Wright's upcoming book. And there are a lot of books coming out soon. Hooray! The Travolta article is here.

Unlike the previous Scientology tome, Janet Reitman's more cautious and scholarly "Inside Scientology," Wright is dishing more dirt here with the kind of stories that sell papers and expose injustice.  Here's just one quote about how Travolta's female assistant got out:


Big Blue LA Ideal Org"It wasn’t obvious how she could escape. She had been placed in RPF in March; now it was September. She didn’t know where to turn. It didn’t occur to her to call her parents because she was so apprehensive that she might bring shame on Scientology if anybody knew what had happened to her. Even if she did escape, she realized, she actually knew very little about what was going on in the world. Since she had joined Scientology at the age of 14, she had never read a book that hadn’t been written by Hubbard.

Taylor managed to slip away to visit her 10-month-old daughter in the Child Care Org across the street. To her horror, she discovered that Vanessa had contracted whooping cough, which is highly contagious and occasionally fatal. The baby’s eyes were welded shut with mucus, and her diaper was wet -- in fact, her whole crib was soaking. She was covered with fruit flies."

Scientology PR person Karin Pouw is known for name calling and hanging up on journalists so I doubt she'll be handling this latest crisis with much aplomb.

river of vomit logo ias card angry gay pope


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