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Protester AnonOrange
Protester AnonOrange

cultist catherine fraser sunglasses police
Scientologist Catherine Fraser is in charge of security at Gold Base.
Protester Anonorange shocks courtroom with tale of alleged arson
Burned out house side - law firm's current offices in brown bldg at rightRIVERSIDE CA 12/17/2010: I just got off the phone with protester AnonOrange who is suing the cult for beating him at a protest in 2008 as he stood in a field on the border of their property. A review of the incident is here. It has been very difficult for AO to find a lawyer because everyone in law is afraid of Scientology. His last lawyer, ex-cultist William C. Kennedy, came up at his court case today. AnonOrange missed a filing deadline because he is not a lawyer, has no legal representation and misunderstood the procedures. Worse, today he was given yet ANOTHER judge to babysit him as the case comes to trial. He thought "Oh no another judge, who is this old guy? Is he going to side with the cult? Do I have to explain everything from the beginning?" He has yet to communicate much with the judge assigned to the case, Sharon Waters, who is one of their lead judges.

So the substitute judge said "Why did you miss the deadline?" Orange confessed he was not a lawyer and had trouble getting one. Across the aisle from him were: Kendrick Moxon, lead lawyer of Scientology, Catherine Fraser of Gold Base and David Cantrell of the riverside law firm of Lester & Cantrell. Cantrell is just a figurehead lawyer in the case and rarely speaks. But in court today Cantrell went on and on about how this was all dragging out. The judge was unimpressed. When Moxon spoke he immediately lied to the judge (it's his M.O.) and said that Anonorange had FIRED his last lawyer.

AnonOrange was forced to get up and respond, saying "That's a lie. A few weeks after William Kennedy took my case his house burned down in a suspicous fire." There were audible gasps from the onlookers in the courtroom. The judge looked wowed. Anonorange pulled out photos of the building as evidence. Moxon crinkled his face up in disgust. Immediately the judge forgave the missed deadline and wrapped things up saying basically "your next meeting will be with Judge Waters in January to pick a trial date." Anonorange was very relieved and told me "Word of this fire has gotten out and it seems to be putting the judicial system on my side."

Although the fire dept. has not released any information on the blaze is is known that an accelerant was found in the rear of the building. Additionally, about the same time Kennedy's offices were burglarized someone tried to break into their document storage container. This is a large metal boxcar sized unit situated next to the office and next door to the burned house. According to Anonorange news of this fire has spread through the legal community and everyone thinks Scientology did it. Probably because they did!

delphi academy santa monica Today my lawyer Graham Berry and I were in court near LAX in Los Angeles to plead on misdemeanor loitering and disturbing the peace charges in my Delphi Schools protest trial. But first the cult's lawyer, the DA and my lawyer all went off the record and discussed with the commissioner the fury Scientology is feeling from my posting of an Aug. 4th protest video at the Delphi Schools Santa Monica. We were given a letter from the parents of the child I called "angry gay pope jr." complaining that his face was not pixelated and I had recorded him without permission. The letter sounded like it was written by Kendrick Moxon. In it the parents recount that, although they got my video deleted from youtube, they could not get it deleted from, the Russian youtube. Scientology was also furious that I posted Scientology internal memos with cultists names on them. These were obtained in the police report.

After some negotiation it was agreed that I would, within 48 hours, take down the video, redact the names and delete the police report until the trial is over. Feeling that without the video there was no story I simply deleted everything, including identifying materials I took from the school's own website. The judge reassured me that I could write anything I wanted on the story as long as I didn't use any names. This is where anon style nicknames like "angry gay pope jr." and "antishirtless lady" come in handy!

delphi academy santa monica teacher I was then offered a plea bargain. I would have to stay away from Scientology schools, do 30 hours of community service and take gobs of anger management classes. Can you imagine that? Welcome to anger management class. What's your name? I'm the angry gay pope. "Boy, we got our work cut out for us on this one" teacher would say! They had also contacted the Riverside DA where I am on probation for my PansyGate protest. If I took the plea bargain I was assured that Riverside would not prosecute me for a probation violation.

I plead "not guilty" to all charges, which had now doubled from four to eight. They are all variations on loitering and disturbing the peace. Charges based on events in the August 4th video starring AGP jr. are sure to lead nowhere. Not only is my loitering caught totally on video, it is only ninety seconds long! That's not loitering. That's not even an entire single "loit." Also, some of the charges claim I refused to leave when asked on Aug. 4th. Anyone who sees the brief video will note that nobody told me to leave at all.

Case goes to trial in late February.

LAPD massively overreacts to single protester at Hwd Xmas Parade Meet a lady whose family met L. Ron Hubbard and threw him out !
I was the only masked protester at Winter Wonderland. Scientology tried to entrap me at the 2010 Hollywood Christmas Parade using a cultist who has a restraining order against me. This caused LAPD to go bananas and massively overreact. Fortunately Santa and his elf come to save the day at the last minute. If there is a better sixty second description of Scientology I haven't heard it. This woman tells a funny story about her father and cult founder L. Ron Hubbard who was gelling his religion in 1958.
Sexy Scientologists schill their sh*t on Hollywood Boulevard
HOmeless hollywood kids hate scientology
A lot of good looking young cultists were manning the world's largest stress test table. They were looking for dupes to sell Dianetics to. I broke it up and left one cocky cultist drained of his humanity! A very funny video on Hollywood Boulevard the day after Thanksgiving 2010. The local homeless kids on Hollywood Boulevard gave me the scoop on Scientology Winter Wonderland. I don't want to give away the ending, but they hate it! Also, instructions on how to break into the building.
Hollywood Scientology slaves construct L Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland to my consternation
HOllywood boulevard flash raid 11/16/2010
Every year Scientology sends its slaves (called the RPF) to build their Winter Wonderland. Then they use Santa and his free toys to try to indoctrinate children into the cult. I caught up with these poor wretches working all night in unsafe conditions without hardhats. While I was protesting the sight of me and my camera leaning over the fence caught pedestrians attention.

I was amazed how interested people were in what was going on. They wanted to know why these people were working at night at what they were building. Unfortunately I didn't get much of that on camera but you can hear a female pedestrian suddenly go into "flash raid" mode as we begged the cultists to flee.

According to ex-cultist Chuck Beattie, who did time on the RPF, the balding gentleman is Anthony Auerbach, over 7 years on the RPF. He used to be in Bridge Publications.RPF = Rehabilitation Project Force - Scientology's gulag.  "The RPF is where you make it. The RPF is what you make it."
A Scientologist throws his coffee in my face. Another one seems to be almost sleepwalking. Plus a guard at the ABLE facility on Hollywood Boulevard and miscellaneous slaves build Christmas sets while violating OSHA regulations.

The BIG, BIG, OSHA NO NO is at 5:50. They're using a personnel boom lift to ALSO lift objects WHILE the person in in the basket. In addition, the person must have a safety harness and MUST be attached to the basket while in it.Ex-Scientologist Chuck Beattie on the overcaffienated coffee throwing loser: You just filmed ANOTHER (Rae Smith was first) jackpot LONGTERM Scientology staffer, James Byrnes, a very famous, 44 year veteran of the Sea Organization, and he's been demoted to Security Guard, what a joke for him after all his 4 decades in the Sea Org. Jackpot, you filmed a long term Sea Org celebrity, but he's been demoted to Security Guard!!!!! I sent this video to a lot of "old timers" who have known James for over 40 years! Excellent job capturing these Sea Org members on film.

He's "famous" because over the decades he's told and had his Sea Org exploits extolled and validated at group ceremonies. His photo and story is in one of the "High Winds" anniversary Sea Organization magazines. He's one of the first 100 or so Sea Org members, there aren't that many left, of the original ones. Most have quit.

Protester AnonOrange NOV. 3, 2010, RIVERSIDE CA:  Regarding Scientology the FBI has been the "Federal Bureau of Irrelevance" for years.  Scientology's many crimes have been ignored while  Scientology protesters have been treated like lepers when they show up at the Bureau's offices.  Most recently that happened in October 2010 to protester AnonOrange (left).

Now he tells me that based on a meeting he had today that attitude is changing.  For more on jury duty at Gold click here.  He returned to the Riverside FBI offices with two witnesses who can corroborate this story.

According to AnonOrange:  "I had been to the Riverside FBI on Oct 8 and the LA FBI on Oct 14. They both refused my docs, but the LA FBI kept the cover sheet and the DVD. On Oct 19th, I sent the Riverside FBI all my docs by registered mail to make sure they got them. So today, I went there to see if they enjoyed reading them, expecting blank stares and denials.

The opposite happened, they were HAPPY to see me!

At first they had me go though the normal procedure (fill out forms, etc.), but they they realized who I was and FIVE agents came to meet me, including one agent I met about two months ago at a city function. They assured me that they have my docs, that they are being looked at, and the LA office is in charge. They can't comment on the status of the investigation. They also told me that everything I supplied the Hemet and Riverside sheriff is now with the FBI. I understand it means the Riverside sheriff knows this is a big deal and they need the big three-letter agencies to help with this.

They also told me that they are receiving other complaints, so keep them coming. It is by corroboration of facts, particularly by people who have lived the situation with first hand knowledge that this will be taken seriously."

NEWS UPDATE:  As of 2012 the FBI has done nothing.
Click to enlarge
Scientologists cannot use this lush cult owned golf course because they cannot leave the main base next door.
GOLD BASE VOTERS GO GOLFING:  AnonOrange also brings news about the November 2 American election and voting at Gold Base, the cult's world headquarters.  Things like voting rights and jury duty are just chores to ordinary Americans, but because Scientologists at Gold Base cannot leave they are denied these rights. These are important wedge issues which can be used to get the cult investigated for abuses and human trafficking.  Previously the cult had run a polling place on their campus and locals were forced to go vote there. More important, the votes of Scientologists could be controlled and manipulated.  In a county with low voter turnout like Riverside being able to guarantee the 500 votes at Gold Base is a big deal.

AnonOrange discusses voting rights with the Riverside Board of Supervisors Nov. 2, 2010
AnonOrange: "THEY NO LONGER VOTE ON THE BASE! They vote at the GOLF COURSE! The top Registrar of Voters director went there today to ensure things went smoothly. They shuttle everyone by groups of 8-10 from the base to the golf course to go vote. I bet the security guards were busy today! My guess is that we will see at a great voter turnout at the base this year. I can't wait for the statistics to come out.

The denial of voting rights is a BIG issue. Last month I went to the Registrar of Voters to alert them about Gold Base vote shenanigans. That went to Barbara Dunmore, top person, who transferred the docs to the district attorney, who alerted the Board of Supervisors. It appears that this caused the commotion today at the base. I am confident that Golden Era management were told in no uncertain terms that everyone that wants to vote must be allowed to vote. Local people please report any problems you've had about voting at the base. Things like not receiving campaign literature, not being told there are elections, not being allowed time off to vote, being influenced who to vote for are examples of such problems. "

NEWS UPDATE:  As of 2012 the Gold Base is no longer a polling place. They have switched to "vote by mail."

catherine fraser
Scientologist Catherine Fraser is in charge of security at Gold Base.
muriel dufresne scientologist
Scientologist Muriel Dufresne's precedessor Ken Hoden got sent to "rehabilitation" when he failed to close GHS Road. What will her fate be if she fails?
cult lawyer samuel alhadeff riverside
Cult Lawyer Samuel Alhadeff handles their real estate issues.
riverside county supervisor jeff stone
Riverside Supervisor Jeff Stone is in the cult's pocket. He'll probably vote to close the road.
cult protester anonorange
Protester AnonOrange had his neck stepped on by cult guards. Now HE is the pain in the neck to the above people.
Map of Gold Base
This satellite image shows why Scientologists hate the existence of Gilman Hot Springs Road.  It bisects the property and, for them, that makes it a major continuing security risk.
RIVERSIDE CA OCTOBER 25, 2010 - On this day two years ago protester AnonOrange was beaten by Scientology guards at their world headquarters, Gold Base, on Gilman Hot Springs Road in Riverside County, California.  Since then he has learned more about Gold base, its buildings, permits, easements and landscapes than anyone else on the outside.  Now AnonOrange has broken the story that the cult is again trying to close Gilman Hot Springs Road in order to prevent protests and make it harder for cultists to "blow," or escape. 

November 3, 2010 the Riverside Planning Commission will take up this issue followed by a vote at the Board of Superivsors Meeting.  The first attempt at road closure was in 1998 and the second attempt was in 2004.ANONORANGE:  On Nov 24, 2009, they paid the county $10,762 to get the process started. The county has already spend $7,570 of that money as of the writing of the report.  Some points of note: The Planning Dept. does not support the closure of the road, but "The County Planning Dept and Transportation staff has concluded that a re-alignment of the subject section of the road may be reasonable. Re-alignment, means building a new road, including a bridge over the San Jacinto river.  The Transportation dept, in their memo takes a "Neutral" stand on the issue, which in itself shocking.

Neither takes a categorical stand like the San Jacinto city council did when they expressed "strong opposition" to any closure or change of classification. Things went downhill for them, several months after that vote.  Some interesting points in the documents. The word "Scientology" is not mentioned once in the County documents. Instead you see "Building Management Services" in Alhadeff's report.  There is no mention of the outrageous encroachment of the 100 ft. easement along most of the 2.3 mile road. If this easement was cleared, there would be ample space to make a 4-lane highway. That's why the 100 ft easement was acquired -- to allow adequate space for a Secondary Road 4-lane and why it's called SR-79.

The true purpose of the closure request is not hinted to at all in the reports. A county staff employee told me "They've had a lot of protests there", but that is not stated anywhere.  The other purpose to close the road is to block the public's view of the abuses going on there. It will also help prevent captive staff from blowing.  I also heard that David Miscavige hates getting woken up in the morning by the trucks that drive by. He once posted Ken Hoden and Muriel Dufresne out on the side of the road at 5:00 AM until they "handled" the situation and got the road closed. Holden allegedly got RPF'ed for having failed at the mission and he's still in the SP hall. I guess it's Muriel's turn now.

Sam Alhadeff, their lawyer, has hired the Civil Engineering firm Urban Crossroads. They should be made aware who and why they are working for. Engineering firms that do the cult's dirty work should get no more reprieve than their sleazy lawyers.

urban crossroads
Beth Dennis, Associate Principal
Urban Crossroads, Inc.
Tel.: 949-660-1994 ext 220
E-mail: [email protected]
Protester Xenubarb wrote a good overview of the road closing issue. Read it here.  "The road was closed for a week back in the early part of the decade, when Scientology PR representative Muriel Dufresne convinced the county that they needed to "film the night sky" from the center of the highway for a month. Forced onto a narrower, twistier secondary street that also terminates at the I-60 access, motorists raised a stink, and the month's closure was ended after a week of traffic jams and complaint. It is still not known who in the county authorized this closure.  Ms. Fraser claims that this new closure exposure is "premature." Yet Jeff Stone's representative has stated that Scientology reps have visited his office several times to broach the subject."This road closure project is a huge step backwards and waste of county staff resources. It will cost many millions to build and is totally unnecessary. Although the county staff hours until now have been reimbursed by the permit application fee, the resulting debates of public outrage, lawsuits, if this ever passes, will all be paid by the county.

The cult is totally mute about who's going to pay for this, but the Transportation dept. states that there will be no additional costs to the public. If the cult can claim that it is an improvement to the current road, then the County will surely have to pay for part of it. Building bridges and roads is expensive. Who will maintain them? Wouldn't it make more sense to find out WHY they want that road closed? How about sending in a sheriff officer, adult protective services to make an inspection? How about re-acquiring the 100 ft easement that has been encroached upon, without permit, moving their fences and berms back, so a true 4-lane highway can be re-paved as originally planned.  Additionally, the road would have to be built on a flood plain and would destroy protected habitat for native kangaroo rats, pocket mice and burrowing owls.  Local paper the Press-Enterprise wants the road to stay open.

highway bridge riverside county
Closing GHS Road will require a second bridge be erected alongside this perfectly fine one built in 1994.
Why is the county bending backwards to satisfy this crazy cult? The simple answer back on the day of permit application should have been: NO. County staff has admitted that that the Scientologists have been to Jeff Stone's office several times about this.  We have to encourage people to write to the county and/or attend the planning commission meeting of Nov. 3. The planning commission must take a strong opposition against this. The next step is the Board of Supervisor's vote.  YOUR DONATIONS MAKE THESE STORIES POSSIBLE

"... doubtful a conservative Riverside juror would sympathize with one who hides behind a mask" Asserts William C. Kennedy, Ex-Scientologist Riverside Cty Lawyer Allegedly Being Made An Example Of...
Riverside Attorney William C. Kennedy
Attorney William C. Kennedy"After I quit Scientology in the 1970's they tried to run me off the road."
Riverside Attorney Steven Pankratz
Attorney Steven PankratzAntiques collection and future business dreams up in smoke.
In the 1970's William Kennedy became a Scientologist, tried to go "clear", gave up and became a critic.  Soon they sent PIs after him. The PIs ran his car off the road in an attempt to scare or kill him. He told me (AGP) this personally when I was being deposed in Riverside. It obviously affected him for a long time.

Decades later, in 2010, protester AnonOrange was trying to find a lawyer in Riverside who would take his case in a beating which occurred at Scientology Gold Base.  Absolutely no lawyer in the county would get involved because it was Scientology.  Finally he met Mr. Kennedy and they agreed to work together.  I remember AO being very relieved he had finally found representation with Kennedy, Jimenez and Pankratz.AO brought his docs to their offices at 2392 University Avenue in Riverside.  It is a small brown building. Next door was 2379 University, a white two story house which the lawyers eventually planned to transfer their business to. Although the exterior was unremarkable they had lavished money and attention on the antiques filled interior.

AnonOrange tells me "This cute little house next to their office had been standing there for 100 years. They were in the process of turning it into an old style law office. They had furnished the place with antiques and were hoping that some clientele would like the old ways of doing things: a nice cozy office, comfortable chairs, couches, beautiful furniture and minimal technology. Mr. Pankratz had a lot of antiques and whenever I spoke to him, the conversation usually turned to them. I believe he was seriously affected by this loss. He spent most of his time with me going over what could have happened to his house. He thought the cause could be electrical, but was open to other suggestions.  The fire occurred in early September, but I kept quiet about it until now when they officially dropped me.

Protester AnonOrangeThe question now is 'will investigators find evidence of a fire accelerant in the ruins?'  I am researching.

This hardship along with recent litigation vigor by Lester & Cantrell on my case, plus the complexity of it has caused them to want to terminate their involvement. In fact, I signed the termination letter this morning (10/7/2010). I don't blame Kennedy & Pankratz at all. Mr. Kennedy is an honorable and courageous man. Mr. Pankratz is an ex-cop and insisted on being the lead counsel on this job. They were both willing to take on Scientology in court. For that alone they deserve our utmost respect and sympathy for their loss.  It's a sad turn of events, but I have to make a final decision over the next few days. I can fight a fair fight, I can play the game, but this game is no longer a 'fair game'. It has gone to a whole new level."

jeff stone fausto Termination of Representation
AO tells me that as recently as August 16 Kennedy was looking forward to representing him. By September 21st they told AO they were no longer interested. Kennedy's reasons behind dropping AO as a client are stated in the Termination of Representation document.  Although in it Kennedy highlights some important issues with AO's case the fact that his number one complaint is AnonOrange wore a mask to protests is ABSURD!  Of COURSE he wore a mask. Many people wear masks at Sci protests. Kennedy knew that from day one.  Yet he criticizes Orange's behavior saying "It is highly doubtful that a conservative Riverside County juror would sympathize with one who hides behind a mask. As I recall, you told us that you wore the mask for fear of being stalked by private investigators or others employed by Scientology. In the mind of a juror, he or she may think 'why did this 54 year old person subject himself to this risk in the first place'”?  The fact that Kennedy would put such a ridiculous criticism first makes me question the motivation of the other problems on his list.

October 7, 2010 AO went to the law firm to sign the papers officially terminating their relationship. He also took the two photos of the burned building you see below.  AO also informs me that Kennedy had an additional reason why he was dropping the case (besides the reasons in the termination of representation doc).  AO had given them a DVD of Scientology data relevant to the case. They told him that if they did not have time to read everything on the DVD it would put them in legal jeopardy.
Kennedy house before fire Burned out house front Burned out house side - law firm's current offices in brown bldg at right
angry gay pope la times los angeles times PAPAL PRONOUNCEMENT:  IF we assume this was arson THEN it went off at the right time.  If the fire had gone off in the middle of the night then people might have died. It could have spread to other buildings. This would have caused too much investigation. Instead, it started in the middle of the day when it could be reported faster. It would seem less suspicious than a midnight blaze. The fire allegedly started in the back of the house where it would be more vulnerable to arson. A firestarter could place a device there easily in the middle of the night and not be seen from the street. If the fire department finds an accelerant then I strongly believe that this fire was timer set on the direct orders of cult leader David Miscavige. Why has DM not burned down the homes of other anti-Sci lawyers the cult hates such as Graham Berry and Barry Van Sickle? Because they are merely outside protesters shooting arrows at the castle. Ex-Scientologists like Mr. Kennedy were in the castle and then turned on King L. Ron Hubbard. They are guilty of apostasy. Therefore they score much higher on OSA's calculations of who to harass. Kennedy was an apostate, a lawyer, practiced law in Scientology's home county of Riverside AND began legally supporting a known very suppressive person. I believe that caused a perfect firestorm against him. How could they NOT do it when their religion demands it, the victims were vulnerable and mathematics reinforced the belief that whoever pressured Kennedy would receive an incredibly high harassment score.  Scientology believes everything can be broken down and understood as data. They actually have a mathematical system they use to rank enemies and decide punishment.

Protester AnonOrangeSEPT. 20, 2010, RIVERSIDE CA:  A long-term project of Scientology protester AnonOrange has been to get Gold Base back on jury duty. Why? Don't those poor people have enough problems without jury duty?  First some background.

About five years ago a prominent Riverside county lawyer named John Boyd, Sr. worked on a case for Gold Base getting the residents excused from jury duty. His own son was lawyer John Boyd, Jr.  He knew of the cult's bad reputation at Golden Era Productions. He was disgusted when he discovered the behavior of his own father. "Dad, don't you see what you are doing? Those people are probably prisoners!"  A list of people thought to be held against their will is here.

Since that time nobody at Gold Base has been on jury duty. AnonOrange compared voting records with lists of people known to be at Gold and there are 305 registered voters there who should be serving on jury duty but can't. Nobody leaves Gold for any reason except for a handful of high level leaders like spokes-bot Catherine Fraser.  Orange also took photos of the many vehicles and buses the Scis own and the bus stops nearby. This took three or four specific trips.  He took the evidence to many people: the police, the courts, etc. but only the jury system acted.
gold base ultrabarrier fence
Gold Base: More unpleasant than jury duty
Today AO called and told me that the Riverside County Superior Court's Director of Jury Services has had enough. They have ordered the cult to again allow its members to serve on jury duty.

The cult said "We don't have adequate transportation." But AO had already negated that complaint with his photos of the nearby bus stop, the vehicles, et al.  Not knowing he documented this transport, the cult had many Scientologists sign letters stating they had no transportation. These letters were signed under penalty of perjury!  That means the cultists were forced to perjure themselves and are now in hot legal water for that one as individuals.  Plus, all the organization's previous lies have caught up with them.  Now the cult has been ORDERED to provide transportation for any juror. And there is NO "ministerial exception" for these people. Even lawyers and judges must attend jury duty.  Breast feeding mothers can get a one time exemption.

AO has blown a cultist sized hole in the fence at Gold Base.  Eventually a single cultist will be given jury duty and leak out of that hole. This is a security breach so great it could destroy Scientology by enturbulating Gold Base, the cult's world headquarters. If a juror wants to flee then they can just wait to be taken to the courthouse and request sanctuary from the nearest bailiff.  With the cult forced to pay for gas!  Charges of inhumanity at Gold are nothing new.  All it will take is ONE PERSON from there to come forward and provide confirmation of human rights abuses on Gilman Hot Springs Road. The authorities will walk ten feet down a hallway to obtain a search warrant from a judge. Immediately there will be such an outcry that the base will be unable to withstand the scrutiny from justice, law enforcement, the media, protesters and the citizens of Riverside. It will cease to function properly as the hub of worldwide Scientology dissemination. And it was hardly functioning ideally before this.

Jeff Stone, Riverside Cty SupervisorIt is possible that some cultist jurors will be so afraid or brainwashed that they perform jury duty and return to Gold as expected. Nevertheless, with each additional juror requested the criminal justice system will make it more likely for somebody to bolt.  Somebody like Russ Bellin, who allegedly tried to escape in April 2010 but he set off a fence motion detector.  AO informs me that Riverside is very aggressive about recruiting jurors. They sent him forms five times.  Each time he told them he can't serve because he is French Canadian!  Everybody knows what is really going on at Golden Era Productions.. It would be smart tactically for the Jury Services officials to demand all 305 registered voters serve at once.  I can't believe Riverside county officials are finally cooperating! Oh, I forgot. Jeff Stone lost that election.  Maybe he is less able to enforce the bureaucrats' silence.HOORAY FOR ANONORANGE!  AND HOORAY FOR JURY DUTY IN RIVERSIDE SUPERIOR COURT!

Can you believe I just wrote "Hooray for jury duty?"
ON GOLD BASE VOTERS:  AO's review of voting records show a mixture of Republicans and Democrats at the base.  In fact, it functions as a polling place!  That's a great way to control the vote of several hundred people AND they can do it without anyone leaving the confines of the fence.  Not many people vote in Riverside (it shows).  A few hundred predictable votes are a relatively powerful thing. Strangely, cult leader David Miscavige is registered to vote but rarely does. Even in presidential elections.

UPDATE:  By 2012 Gold Base switched to "write in" ballots and was no longer a public polling place.

Kendrick Moxon 2008 SEPT. 17, 2010, RIVERSIDE, CA:  Kendrick Moxon looked up from his notes and exclaimed "He's writing on the table with sweat or saliva!"  That was probably the least annoying remark he made that day.  I am hyperactive which means, among other things, that my hands and feet sweat profusely. Especially under duress. So his hired hand assistant lawyer, David Cantrell, gave me a box of tissues. That was the only non-skanky thing that Cantrell did this day. Mostly he just sat there and doodled. Oh. And once Cantrell interjected "We're asking the questions here!"After much questioning a small pile of tissues built up. During a break I threw them out. When Moxon came back in the deposition room he demanded "What did you do with those tissues?"  "I threw them away."  "In that trash can?"  "Yes."On a later break I looked in the trash can. The tissues were gone.
Lawyer Graham Berry GRAHAM BERRY'S REACTION:  When Moxon exploded about the sweaty surface my lawyer Graham said "Look, there's nothing on the table. Look.  Point the camera down there and see. There's nothing!" While we were driving home I told him about the tissues disappearing from the garbage can.  He became very concerned that the Scientologists might use my DNA to frame me somehow.  Graham advised me "Make a public statement about this on your website ASAP so that, in the future, they cannot plant some kind of DNA evidence against you. Although it's unlikely, we can't discount one of their crazy schemes. Like what they did to poor journalist Paulette Cooper using her personal letterhead with fingerprints on it."
Scientology Protester Happy Smurf PROTESTER HAPPY SMURF:  Ex-Scientologist code named "Happy Smurf" worked with Kendrick Moxon in OSA and knows how he thinks. "Damn ... I wish I was there ... The psychotic douche bag hates gays and is terrified of anyone that has HIV+/AIDS. He was toying with you and trying to rile the people around him that you are a walking health hazard because you're HIV+. In Scientology mindfuck, it's called "introverting". He's playing you as someone that should be as bothered with HIV as he is. If I were in the depo and he played that game with me, I would have mock-sneezed on him (off camera) and played the slob with the tissues... dropping them around the room, leaving a few on Moxon's papers and in his briefcase. "
Protester AnonOrange PROTESTER ANONORANGE:  "I think that DNA of yours is gonna wind up inside Lissa Uvizl's butt.  They'll tell her "Okay, Lissa, this won't hurt. It's just a Q-tip.  Then maybe they'll say you had sex with her without a condom! (or worse)."  He was joking since I am, of course, Gay, and she has a restraining order against me. I can't get closer than fifty yards.  Also, I always use a condom when I screw men up the butt.
Angry Gay Pope GB and KM spent the first fifteen minutes of the depo in a nasty argument about what drugs I was on. Then what psych drugs I was on. Then whether it would be put on the record or not.  Later Graham excused himself to take a phone call. When he came back he mentioned it was a call involving legal work. Now, the cult has the right to garnish Graham's wages. Moxon threatened to analyze his income again and they spent another five minutes fighting about that. Moxon also wants to depose GB in the AnonOrange beating case. 

Moxon paralegal Phillipe Pedersen lied about his name again, calling himself Floyd Patterson when the videographer asked him to ID himself. Then later I caught Moxon calling him "Phillipe".  I called Moxon on it and got yelled at by Cantrell, the sleazebag lawyer (redundant). Pedersen will correct the spelling of his name for the paper transcript as he did last time.Moxon makes it hard for me to even read my own depo. Ordinarily this is mailed to the opposing lawyer as a courtesy. Moxon makes me go to the court reporters office just to read it. I can't take it out. I have to sign it there in the presence of a notary.

Happy Smurf says the average depo costs $4/page. The interview went on for over four hours and a paper copy of it could cost up to $1,000. Even the video will cost almost $300. Moxon & Co. found it funny that I would be so cash strapped to as to be unable to afford it. After all, I am just an unemployed feature film computer animator whereas they are unbelievable skanks. Only Cantrell makes any money. Moxon works for peanuts to benefit the cause. I mean, COS.  Your donations help me afford these legal docs.
MOXON'S QUESTIONS:  What drugs are you on? Who is Sock Puppy?  Did you make this video? Is this you doing what you are doing in the video? Is that you saying what you are saying in the video? Is that AnonOrange in the Barney the Purple Dinosaur costume? Did the police tell AnonOrange not to trespass in this video?  Did the police tell AnonOrange not to trespass in that video?  What about your lawyer Graham Berry? Redundant questions I answered already in my previous 27 minute deposition.
MY LAWYER'S REACTIONS:  Objection, relevance.  Objection, calls for speculation. Objection, attorney/client privilege.  Objection, argumentative.  Objection, lacks foundation. There is nothing on the table. It is completely dry.
MOXON:  Play "Anti-Shirtless Ladypalooza".  Play "the Kirstie Alley diet."
MOXON:  Did you want to disrupt the religious services of this location? Did you want to disrupt the religious services of that location? Did you want to disrupt the Scientology Horse Ceremony? Did you want to harass him by saying he was Gay? Did you want to harass her by saying she was fat?AGP:  I was there to enturbulate and educate. LRH defined enturbulation as "The creation of turbulence." I define it as "more than annoying but less than harassment."  Scientology is supposed to cure flaws. If people still have them then I am pointing out that they are not "at cause over life." (aka Scientology doesn't work).
MOXON:  Did AnonOrange ever say he wanted to hit a guard? Did he say he wanted a guard to hit him? Did he say he was so tough the guards couldn't hurt him? Did he say he hated Danny Dunigan?  Did he say he hoped he would be attacked so he could get money? Did he say he wanted to have sex with Lissa Uvizl? Did he say he wanted to rape Lissa Uvizl? Is he wanted in another state?
MOXON:  What do you do for a living?
AGP:  I'm a feature film animator who last worked in 2008.
MOXON:  Were you fired?
AGP:  No.  I am also a professional investigative journalist researching Scientology. I am paid with donations off the internet using Paypal.
MOXON:  Who are your donors?
AGP:  I'll never tell.
MOXON:  We'll get a second "motion to compel."
MOXON:  What is your small business name? What are all your internet aliases?
MOXON:  You made a comment on your Scientology Horse Ceremony video's YouTube page "We were tipped off by a spy inside Scientology who told us about this IAS horse related event so thanks for making this possible mystery person!"  Who is this mystery person?AGP:  There was no "mystery person." I lied. I gave deliberate misinformation in order to fool you. We were just passing by and saw it.  (Later my lawyer said "They got you to admit you lied on camera!  That won't look good to a jury."  I told him "They got me to tell the truth in deposition about a lie I told outside of deposition. A true lie!")
MOXON:  I want all your footage of Pasadena and the "Horse Ceremony."AGP:  Don't you want the CST Twin Peaks videos too?  It was on the same day? (July 31, 2010)MOXON:  Oh, okay, sure that too.
MOXON:  That hard disk you submitted as evidence had a trashcan full of pornography.AGP:  I deleted it.MOXON:  Well then I guess we'll have to delete it ... better. (I assume that means they threw it out instead of returning it because I should have had it back by now.)LET THAT BE A LESSON KENDRICK. DON'T DUMPSTER DIVE ME.
THINGS MOXON DOESN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT:  David Miscavige, The Church of Spiritual Technology/Twin Peaks.THINGS THAT PISS MOXON OFF:  The continued existence of protester AnonOrange. My referring to his legal co-worker Ava Paquette as a "dehydrated Lesbian." The Pasadena Ideal Org infiltration. My lawyer Graham Berry. Gays/Lesbians. HIV. Sweat.
More comments posted soon as I remember them. But you won't get to see the real depo video unless you donate!  Period.  The last video was almost $150 and only lasted 27 minutes. Longer videos cost more and the actual text document costs much much more.  Ordinarily a copy is sent to the lawyer as a courtesy so we can review it. Moxon refuses to extend that bit of humanity. I have to go to the Hutching's Court Reporter office far out in east Los Angeles. I live on the West Side. I have to inspect it there and take notes. I can't take it home for more thorough review. Then it must be signed in the presence of a notary.

protester anonorange headshot camera
Garry and Thelma Grant Riverside ActivistsProtester AnonOrange was in another article in the Inland Empire Weekly. He convinced the paper to do a story on elderly political activists Garry and Thelma Grant.

I met them at one of the Riverside Board of Supervisors meetings. They said "We are here to recall so and so."  I said "We are here to charge Jeff Stone with being an accomplice to kidnapping."  They laughed and we got along great. Later we were amused to see news of my actions being passed around the BOS members.

Thank goodness America has seniors like them who are political activists and who vote.  Riverside has a terrible government because those who don't vote get the government they deserve.  It was important for IE Weekly to do the story now as Thelma has cancer and it is important for her to get the attention she deserves NOW.

One of my funniest vids
scientology flag land baseWhat did she say? Are they talking gibberish? Do they really believe this? Of course they don't. But they are making money off people who did believe it. It's a pyramid scheme and the people at the top of the pyramid are willing to say the stupidest things to get you to sign up under them. Then they get a cut of whatever you spend.

Stupid things Scientologists say in promo videos is compared with the stupid things they say in real life. If your reaction is "WTF?" then you got the idea.

Debbie Cook Baumgarten, the blonde woman in charge, ended up blowing the cult, got held captive, and now is rebelling against cult leadership. Want to tell Debbie she's an idiot? Check out her website here.

The guy in the beige suit ended up having a stroke and was dumped in an old folks home to die forgotten.  Notice how his left arm never moves?  It may have been damaged by previous medical problems.

Flag = Clearwater, Florida
OT = Optimized Person
The Bridge = Their religious levels
Auditing = talk therapy/interrogations
Auditor = talk therapist/co-therapist/interrogator who sometimes works for free just for the experience
Word Clearer = someone who translates Scientology jargon into real world defintions
Cramming Officer = someone who aggressively degrades you until you learn/do something properly
Ethics Officer = Someone who enforces loyalty
Rundown = series of procedures
Dynamic = one of the Eight levels of life from yourself to infinity
Theta = good
Thetan = Soul
Solo NOTS = New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans
Out Int = ???

Anthony Building Scientology Housing
5165 Fountain Avenue.
NEW GALLERY!  On overcast days there is a sickly gloom about the Anthony Building made worse by overt security and pus colored paint. No outside world buildings ringing this complex have such cameras, concertina wire, fencing and key card access. The harsh security lights come on automatically if the day is too cloudy. The building is getting run down looking from behind and everyone knows how tacky concertina wire looks when white plastic bags get stuck in it. Let's keep that wire sparkling people! The people who park in the real church next door's parking lot have to look at that. internet snitch rae smithThe most infamous resident here is Rae Smith the "internet snitch." She logs on to anti-cult message websites making sure that Scientologists don't access them. She doesn't post. When she finds evidence Scientologists are reading or posting things on the internet she takes this info to OSA for "handling." This building apparently also houses Colin and Marta Thorne, the parents of long time cult security bigwig Kirsten Caetano. - MORE

Santa Monica Scientology Mission Closed
2716 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA
(310) 460-2342
3,900 square feet
[email protected]

Exec Director Vikki Walker explains why her business plan can't fail
Santa Monica Mission Grand OpeningScientology's Santa Monica Mission is no more.  It started out with high hopes in 2006 when the Chamber of Commerce presided over the grand opening shown at right.  Now it's just another empty shell on Wilshire Boulevard.  Mission Holder Rohn Walker and Executive Director Vickie Walker probably didn't make their money back and had to fire Jason the professional Dianetics auditor and even Ariana. Cultists living on the west side will have to travel farther to have their Body Thetans un-mockedup.  What a sham. I mean, shame.

A pity it had to close now when, according to their blog, they were having real Auditing successes with case gains across the board.  A person named only "J.F." relates "Initially I recalled an incident from age four with both my parents. I then was able to trace the same experience back to the womb. I now connect with my mother and understand more about my sadness relating to her and even the roots of my skin disorder."  Wow, now thats auditing!  Thanks for sharing that, "J.F." anonymous skin disorder sufferer who can't be independently verified.

How could this endeavor have failed when Hubbard tech clearly gives you the tools for success?  Therefore it can't be the tech's fault. It must have been Rohn and Vickie who failed. And if they can't run their own lives successfully how can they teach others to run theirs? Rohn & Vikki still own the rights to the Sacramento-area Capitol Mission and a consulting firm called International Executive Technology.  Hopefully with the help of those ventures they can still "turn it around." 

Entity Number: C1659809
Date Filed: 03/08/1990
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Agent for Service of Process: ROHN WALKER
Agent Address: 9915 FAIR OAKS BLVD STE A
Agent City, State, Zip: FAIR OAKS CA 95628

It seems OSA, the Scientology secret police, have made a complete infiltration of the main protest website.  While browsing Sunday 8/22/2010 at about 10:30 AM Pacific Time I saw this post by "SoCloseSoFar":

Within minutes "soclosesofar" was indeed banned from Clicking on the link to the thread produced this message:
no thread on

The original poster did get something wrong. The post was not deleted. It was placed in the Thunderdome (a sort of Rehabilitation Project Force) to be mocked and ignored. But first I saw it. And despite being forbidden from the website I went straight to the dome to read the site reaction myself. How did I get in there when I was banned? I'm the Pope.

In the 'dome' the poster was harassed, called a Scientology plant and then attacked by the following moderators:  Rufus T. Firefly, CaptainAdderall, Silmeria, Skeptic1337 and various "anonymous" posters. The endless negativity encouraged by OSA has led to a 95% drop in the board's visitors since January 2009 and the death of Jett Travolta.  Just what they wanted. And successful protesters like me, AnonOrange, Tory Magoo, blah blah? BANNED! We are just a bunch of "leaderfags" and "egofags" who are doing it wrong.  Recent studies verify the "you're just jealous of AGP" arguement.

Oh those internet nerds. Ridiculous!  Lately the site has been plagued by hacker attacks. Excellent! Oh, by the way. Here are the email addresses of the traitors who run  [email protected] and [email protected] . Why not email them and let them know what you think?  Have you noticed that in this discussion my website has never linked to their website except for the email?  Yes, be sure to check out, a website vaguely about Ethernet bought by squatters because the above named idiots couldn't get their act together.

I am being forced into a second deposition in the AnonOrange beating trial but this time terms are reasonable. I am allowed to have my lawyer Graham Berry there, it will be in LA, not Riverside. The judge also tossed out their $7,000 damage request so I don't have to pay that. In the courtroom you are supposed to be silent but Moxon could not resist enturbulating protester Mark Lowell who was there. Outside he did it again and I said "This is not a deposition. Save your questions for then!" Most important, AnonOrange has gotten a new attorney who used to be a Scientologist in the 1970s. Then he wanted to quit and they tried to kill him by running his car off the road. For some reason he has carried a grudge ever since! AnonOrange was deposed again after the court meeting in a session which lasted over five hours and will certainly produce another two inch thick transcript.
CULT REPLY TO AGP OPPOSITION TO SECOND DEPOSITION Intro, Argument, items conceded by AGP, Lack of Legal Counsel Does Not Prevent, Riverside is an appropriate location, Brief was Appropriate, Pope's Mudslinging Incorrect, Refusal to Meet Necessitated Motion, Conclusion, Declaration of Phillipe Pederson (cult paralegal) Regarding Anti-Shirtless Lady Lissa Uvizl

scientologists at pasadena ideal org
Photo Gallery, Videos, Cultist profiles and more
Click to Enter
Ultrabarrier, concertina wire and dead landscaping

The cult earlier deposed protester AnonOrange in his civil trial against them.  Then they used a "demurrer" to object to parts of AnonOrange's lawsuit. He decided to remove all those sections unconditionally because there was plenty of good material left. Now they are vexatiously demurring and deposing again.  They want him to remove even more portions of his lawsuit and submit to another interview.

Cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon has also vexatiously subpoenaed twenty-five individuals and businesses in the AnonOrange beating case while ignoring subpoenas for people who were at the event. Besides protesters Glib, Casper, Resistance and myself they are evening demanding info of the costume and sign companies AnonOrange used for his protests. Most significantly, they are demanding info from three rental car companies. How did they find out about the rental car companies? They probably looked up the license plates of the cars he has used. In CA that is illegal I believe. Only the police can do that I think. Or they got into his financial records. That's also sneaky.

Uh oh, Moxon, did you go too far?  Evidence is here:  PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 3

Not on those lists:  Parker Aerospace, Long Island NY, Telephonics, Long Island, NY. These are his previous employers the cult are trying to annoy so they won't hire him again.
ANGRY GAY POPE DEPOSITION My deposition with cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon May 28, 2010. kendrick moxon deposition
MOTION TO COMPEL DEPOSITION OF ANGRY GAY POPE Scientology memo of points and authorities, Declaration of David Cantrell, Declaration of Kendrick Moxon.
OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO COMPEL AND FOR SANCTIONS My memo of points and authorities, statement of facts, argument, Declaration of AGP, Declaration of Graham Berry - August 8, 2010
SECOND AMENDED COMPLAINT Shorter complaint from AnonOrange with portions redacted as demanded by the cult defense.
SECOND DEMURRER Scientology demands further deletions: intro, the parties, statement of facts, argument, conclusion

Angry Gay Pope Walks Out of Deposition With Cult Lawyer Kendrick Moxon

The Angry Gay Pope gets fed up with Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon's inane or personal questions and walks out of a deposition after 27 minutes. The case involves the beating of protester AnonOrange at the Scientology Gold Base near Hemet, CA in 2008. AnonOrange and Kendrick Moxon can briefly be seen at the end of the video.  Protesters accuse Moxon of subpoening people frivolously. A transcript of the full deposition is available here

He later threatened me with about $7,000 in fines for walking out but that went no place. His motion to compel, however, forced me back into deposition.  The second deposition "show" can be found here.

At the time Moxon was waiting up in the building we were to meet at watching the parking lot. Why? Because, when we arrived, AnonOrange took out  a bicycle from the taxi trunk. He had bicycled to the train station in Riverside to meet me and we then took a taxi to the law office.  Moxon wanted to see if AO was able bodied because the protester was suing the Church. If AnonOrange was strong enough to lift a bike and use it then it could weaken his case against them in Moxon's view.







ANGRY GAY POPE DEPOSITION riverside lawyer david cantrelleKendrick Moxon has filed a motion to compel my deposition in the AnonOrange beating case. That means he wants me to come back in and answer more questions. And he is demanding $7,230.91 in compensation for himself and his "lawyer's lawyer" David Cantrell (right).  We will see if the judge wants to continue a deposition which ended with Moxon demanding to know about AnonOrange's medical history.


scientology protester jasonette hockey mask
Protester "Jasonette" physically detained/harassed, almost arrested by cult goons. Why? For wearing a mask at Hollywood & Highland near a Scientology Fundraiser July 10, 2010. For forty seconds.  But what would you expect for an event where "all OT powers are aligned." Her identity in this photo is partially concealed as per her request.

Nobody knew at the time that Jasonette was actually an off duty police officer. It was her first protest and then this happens to her!  Members of Anonymous come from all over society. And to think a mall cop strong armed her like that!

Protester "Angry Gay Pope" Threatened With Arrest/Ejected from Kodak Theater

angry gay pope shouting ot summit 2010 poster icon
I was not wearing a mask. I was only holding a sign and dressed like I work at the Gap. This was to look like a Sea Org worker. They dressed like that at the time.  Now, I know that's pretty "Gap" gross but boring clothes are not even a misdemeanor.

Nevertheless despite holding a protest sign I went all the way up to very near the event floor and screamed propaganda (entheta) before being "led" downstairs and off the property.  I thought I did a good job "LEVEL COMPLETE." The problem was the cult's security hornet's nest had just been kicked.  So the moment AnonOrange and Jasonette

Meet cowardly Scientologist Pam King (White Shirt Lady)
pam king scientologistMeet "White Shirt Lady" Pam King.  She's the Barney Fife of Scientology! She is too busy leaving her lens cap on and sticking her finger on the glass to notice Shelly Miscavige and Heber Jentzsch are missing. Miscavige may be held at the secret vault at Twin Peaks, near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Unbelievably, I'm told she's a member of OSA, the Scientology police/dirty tricksters.

In August 2010, a few weeks after the above video, she was spotted among protesters at the annual Hollywood Celebrity Center anniversary gala. I'm told she looked terrible. Has she been punished for her performance in the the video?  I sure hope so.  She wouldn't be the first. The Scientologists do much worse things to each other illegally than I could ever do to them legally.  Scientologists are regularly denied food, sleep and companionship when they screw up.
chuck beattyEX-CULTIST CHUCK BEATTIE:  The "White Shirt Lady" is Pam King, the DSA (Department of Special Affairs, which is Department 20, in any Scientology church Organization, their job is deal with "flaps" and legal threats and "suppressive" stuff they think will distract their staffs in churches from doing their jobs). She's about a 25 year Special Affairs staffer, "low" as far as the spiritual levels, she's NOT an "Operating Thetan Level 3 or above", and thus she will likely run away if you discuss "body thetans" or "Xenu."


Free scientology tutoring

Are your federal taxes paying for "Free" Scientology Tutoring?Look what I found being handed out at a blue line rail station south of downtown Los Angeles. Getting the Feds to pay for study tech via Applied Scholastics. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! I wonder if they are after stimulus money.

Mr. Moxon,

I oppose the depositions on my son and my ex-wife. They are unrelated to the case and only serve you as an attempt to intimidate, playing right to the Scientology Office of Special affairs policies.

You will need the Canadian/Quebec courts to compel these depositions, and I don't expect these actions to be very productive to you. FYI, my son is traveling the world for a year and is now in South America.

Likewise for the out-of-state depositions on my previous employers, who have absolutely no connection with my case against Scientology, I don't believe they will lead you far. I never discussed the topic of Scientology during my employment with these employers. I believe you may be doing this to harm my future employment prospects with these organizations. -- ANONORANGE

KENDRICK MOXON DEPOSITION Moxon's deposition by Graham Berry in the V for Vexatious case lasted several hours on June 17. But Moxon refused to cooperate and could not even recall if he had been an unindicted co-conspirator in Operation Snow White.  With lawyer Barry Van Sickle present via speakerphone Graham tried to call the judge during the depo to discuss Moxon's recalcitrance. But the judge was unavailable so Graham must now go back to the judge and get a Motion to Compel  to force Moxon to testify at his deposition.

The civil case by protester AnonOrange entered a new stage as various So Cal protesters were called in by Kendrick Moxon to the Riverside law firm of Lester & Cantrell for deposition. This is really a "front group" law firm using the same offices as the firm they "split" from:  Lob, Cliff & Lester.  It's possible this trial was too hot for the main firm and they broke it off into a seperate entitiy  for some legal or financial reason. David Cantrell of Lester & Cantrell was present and conducted part of Glib's depo.
glibGLIB:  Accompanied by an attorney who kept her from answering off-topic or personal questions. Cult lawyer David Cantrell gave up on those when he heard that personal info about Glib had been posted on pro-cult sites.   Moxon got an important call and left at lunch. This is unusual as the same lawyer is supposed to do the entire deposition since it is legally as if one is on the witness stand. During lunch Cantrell read through her email evidence submitted and questioned her during the afternoon. Overall both Orange and Glib said it went pretty well and Cantrell was playing "good cop" to Moxon's "bad."
casper d. ghost anonymous protesterCASPER:  Was not even at the beating in question in Hemet, CA in 2008. He also wasn't even at his own deposition. This protester totally blew off his depo and has not been contacted again. Clearly his interview was just an attempt at intimidation.  Moxon could barely remember who he was at my deposition.
angry gay pope iconAGP:  On May 28 I showed up many hours late and without a lawyer because Graham Berry was forbidden to help. I protested I had no representation and I, like Casper, was not even at the 2008 event in question.  After a fifteen minute discussion ranging from Sharon Stone to Medical Marijuana to Orange's bicycle I walked out.  "Are you on psych drugs?" asked cult lawyer Moxon.  "To quote Tommy Davis, 'this interview is over'" I told him.  Cantrell just sat there. Two weeks earlier I gave up about 27 gigs of video files of any raid AO was at.  The cult has given up no data.  Also present was a videographer, a court reporter and Moxon's paralegal assistant who gave his name as "Floyd Patterson."  It's really Phillipe Pedersen  To get me back on the stand the cult will have to go to a judge and explain why they need more time to ask me about my drug habits, my lawyer's finances and why Orange took a bicycle out of the cab trunk. Before I arrived Moxon waited at the window, probably for about five minutes, to see us approach the building down below.  Moxon is currently trying to haul me back in and demanding almost $7,000 in compensation/lost wages.
resistance is futileRESISTANCE IS FUTILE:  "My deposition was taken today [06/09/2010] by Mr. Moxon. The event was attended by Mr. Mark Lester from the law firm and Mr. Barry Van Sickle on my behalf. AO was not there. The deposition was a rather low key affair during which Mr. Moxon was pleasant for the most part. In fact, at the end of business I lamented about not being able to come back and report to you how mean and nasty he was. Mr. Moxon's response: 'That's the breaks.'"
XENUBARB:  Was not deposed even though she was there and I was not. She was also attacked. You would think Moxon would like to talk to her, but he did not. Since he is only out to intimidate us I guess he judged  her un-perturbable. sockpuppySOCKPUPPY:  Was not deposed even though he was there and I was not.  He shot the video showing Xenubarb being attacked and AnonOrange dogpiled by guards.  Scientology still doesn't seem to know who he is and so he is one of the last few true "anons."

KENDRICK MOXON.COM LEGAL ISSUES Cult lawyer Ava Paquette tries to take down with yet another AvaGram. But it's my first one, and that makes it special.  Who doesn't remember their first AvaGram.  The website has been moved to another server.

angry gay pope twin peaks protest

v for vexatious trial



Despite being considered an unindicted co-conspiritor by the FBI Kendrick Moxon has never been deposed (interviewed for a trial under oath). Now the lawyer for Anonymous, Graham Berry, has Moxon cornered. He must undergo deposition or he risks being held in contempt of court. So he could go to jail for that or for his many actual crimes he will be force admit during depo. Whoops! Graham's latest document forcing him to testify is here.Meanwhile several protesters including Casper and Resistance have put off depositions. Glib submitted material and was deposed by the cult in the Gold Base Anonorange Beating Case. Recently my lawyer Graham Berry had to recuse himself from the case as my representation due to conflict of interest claims by the cult's lawyers. My deposition has been rescheduled for late May. Personally I find it absurd that I must be deposed and surrender all documents about Anonorange due to a beating event I was not even present for!

inland empire icon



No Scientologist at "Big Blue" on Sunset Blvd. in LA wants to talk to the Angry Gay Pope. Will this elderly lady in a walker be any different?

She has been identified by Ex-Scientologist Chuck Beatty: "Jenny Sue Alexander, long time Sea Org member, former Int Base staffer, mom of Todd Alexander and Julie Conroy. Todd, the son, works at INCOMM last I knew. Her husband was also in the Sea Org."
INCOMM is their internal computer systems including blackmail files on all kinds of people all over the world going back decades.

GAY POPE RUINS CHRISTMAS FOR CATHOLICS AT WEST HOLLYWOOD CHURCH - footage finally released (now that it can't be used to influence a jury...). If you like pissed off Scientologists you'll love Catholics George (SHUT UP!) and Marjorie (Esquire). They didn't like the Angry Gay Pope reminding them that their priests fuck kids. Regularly.

zip logo
Feb 17, 2010 - Cult protester AnonOrange sent me this today saying "Yesterday I went to the LA Assessors Office to get data required to investigate improper real-estate and corporate transactions by Scientology in California. The attached file contains almost 200 screenshots of the data.

Just unzip, sort by filename and watch sequentially. Enjoy!  You will see a list 14 pages long of tax liens, mechanics liens, shady deed transactions, non-religious front groups, puzzling transactions all relating back to the Church. I gathered info about their various business entities such as "Church of Spiritual Technology", "Author Services", Building Management Services" and other innocuous sounding names. I found many new front groups associate with CST. I also got neat stuff about Moxon and Abelson, like Moxon's $32,000 IRS tax lien on his house." Kendrick Moxon and Elliot Abelson are Scientology's main lawyers.

zip icon
Records of mechanics and tax liens in San Bernardino indicate they don't even pay contractors that build their "secret vaults." Kind of defeats the purpose of making secret vaults in the first place doesn't it??
February 12, 2009 - A Scientologist dumps manure on protesters at the bus stop outside Gold Base in Hemet, CA. Gosh, what a bummer I'm legally unable to protest there! The things you miss out on ... especially poop!

bulldozer full of manure menaces protesters

AnonOrange Complaint Complaint for damages against Church of Scientology
Anonorange First Amended Complaint First amended complaint for damages against Church of Scientology
Scientology Motion To Strike Portions of Anonorange's first amended complaint
Scientology Request for Judicial Notice Lobb Cliff & Lester, Moxin & Kobrin
Scientology Motion To Strike Points and Authorities Scientology Memo of Points and Authorities in support of motion to strike portions of Anonorange's first amended complaint

pansygate logo



(Praying didn't work)
donate to angry gay pope
angry gay pope shouting
Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Feel frustrated when the super-rich Church of Scientology bitch slaps society and the government doesn't care?  Now you can do something about it!  Just donate to me, the Angry Gay Pope. I'll take the heat for you. 

I've become the main Los Angeles Scientology protestor and investigator.  You'll be sticking it to the Scis while you help fund the Pope's daily enturbulation affirmation.  What is enturbulation?  You'll know it when you see it in my videos. And they are pretty slick. It takes a lot of time to edit the implosion of the Church of Scientology into entertainment Besides making hilarious and educational videos I've exposed the Church's illegal work conditions, the cops they pay off and secret cult locations like Twin Peaks that few media visit. 

I've been documenting the history of this bozo religion's decline since 2008.  My videos have a lot of conflict and yelling in them but fans tell me they watch them to RELAX. Relax???  I think they like seeing an all powerful organization exposed and made fun of by just one (very motivated) guy. This is an in-your-face look at America's most infamous and powerful cult.  You'll meet bozo Church guards, befuddled slaves, major Church figures and the worst lawyers in the world.  Plus Kirstie Alley's oversized butt. 

My work is included in major Wikipedia entries, seen in local newscasts around the world and used in several European documentaries.  And it's all stored for posterity on my website You can donate in increments of $5, $10 and $15 dollars which are pledged monthly and you can cancel at any time.  So don't slip into a lower condition of withholds. Be at cause over MEST (matter energy space and time) by donating today!

Since 2008 hundreds of different people have donated safely and securely over the Internet without any interference from the Church.