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I resort to civil disobedience outside the Delphi Academy Santa Monica

delphi academy santa monica exterior

I could theoretically get four years in prison for this 90 second video. I tried to intentionally disturb or disquiet the assemblage of people meeting inside this religious school. Except that the teacher claims it is not a religious school.  My trial is coming up and Scientology demanded that judge have me take down this YouTube video and it's Rutube copy. I have now put the video back up under the judge's stipulation that everyone in it become anonymous.

I deliberately engage in civil disobedience to draw unwanted attention to the Delphi Academy of Santa Monica. Why? Because LA County sheriff Lee Baca IS a Scientologist and would never prosecute Scientology. Because the air has gone out of anonymous protests and nobody wants to protest at a school, much less anyplace else. Because journalists are afraid to discuss Scientology unless they are hiding behind a court case. In other words, society, the police and the press refused to act. I was willing "take one for the team."  But I could go to jail for four years over this video also.

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The police arrive after my civil disobedience at the Delphi Academy. They naively allow me to record them for 17 minutes before asking to see my camera. What happened when the camera turned off? Find out below.

lawyer kendrick moxon The teachers at the Delphi Academy claim they are not affiliated with Scientology. And yet Kendrick Moxon, their main lawyer, knew all about my arrest just days later.  He interrogated me at length regarding my Delphi Academy incident during a deposition on an unrelated matter.  Moxon loves to abuse depositions and discovery (gathering legal evidence from the opposition). At first I refused to talk but my lawyer suggested I answer the questions. It made for some great videos and he never used the material against me. I used it against THEM!

Angry Gay Pope hated Delphi Santa Monica with a passion - now it is gone. Will AGP end up like Ronald Reagan without commies?? Only time will tell. Like in this presentation of Santa Monica's own Travolta fueled Scientology hive. The Travoltas were two of the sponsors of this school.

But the real enabler was the Episcopal Church, St. Augustine, which rented their school out to Scientology and sold out their ethics.

The Angry Gay Pope takes you right up in the faces of the employees of this defunct "school." Computer animation Anonymizes them since this was an illegal recording session.


There is not much more insulting that being rushed through a public speech in front of a bunch of rich Santa Monica politicians who don't care. One of them is a Kennedy, Bobby Schriver. Arrogant assholes! Other speakers felt the same and clued me in on the attitude of the council.

delphi academy santa monica teacher evil monster I approached the Delphi Academy of Santa Monica wearing a colorful, kid friendly rainbow shirt.  I deliberately recorded everything I could so there would be no questions or confusion as to events.Unlike last time, there were no children outside.  I photographed the inside of the classroom from the windows facing the street. There were no people in the classroom. I was looking for evidence of E-meters, study tech, Applied Scholastics, W.I.S.E. (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) and A.B.L.E. (Assoc. for Better Living & Education).  I entered the courtyard of the church next door. There was almost nobody around. The classroom doors were all closed. I saw two or three children inside.I began loudly informing the teachers of the problems with their religion, Scientology, using cinematic protest announcements.  These included “Scientology is a cult,” “You deserve a living wage,” “You should be ashamed to be Scientologists.”  I did NOT use any obscenities or discuss adult topics like “David Miscavige is sleeping with Laurisse Stuckenbrock.”  The Delphi Academy’s website is a love letter to cult founder L. Ron Hubbard so I also said “LRH yes Miscavige no!”  Surely they would agree with half that statementI walked along the edge of the courtyard and up the church stairs which allowed me to see more.  There was a man with what I assume was his son. I told him this was a Scientology front group. He seemed to not believe me or not care.  A woman came out and asked if I was leaving. I told her “No” while at the same time I actually did leave the courtyard to go back to the street and await the police.  As I was leaving the sanctuary of the churchyard I conveniently ran right into the cops.

They asked if I was the person the school had called and what was going on? They had me sit down next to the plants on the sidewalk while they had a long talk with school officials.  I have seen the police in Hollywood and Riverside arrest protesters without cause before and I am very sensitive to the behavior of corrupt cops. This was not the case here as they listened attentively as I discussed my issues with the cult. The only negative thing that happened was when a leaf from one of the plants kept brushing my ear. I turned around and snapped the end off. Immediately one of the cops, I’ll call him “Bad Cop,” threatened to charge me with vandalizing Santa Monica city property for breaking the end of the leaf off.  The other cops shushed him from his “bad cop” act.  The police asked me if I recorded things with my camera. I said “Yes I record everything.” At that time they were too naïve to realize I was recording them at that moment!  At around this time the police demanded to see my camera so I turned off the recording. They also examined my HD camera recordings of a bodybuilding contest I had been to that weekend. “Do you like bodybuilders?” the cop asked sheepishly? I said “Yes.”  It occurred to me that this was a good thing for the police to find because it showed I was sexually attracted to muscular, ADULT males.  This footage was not something a pedophile would have on him. Cultists have accused me of pedophilia on the street before.

Eventually I was silent. A cop I will call “Good Cop”  tried to talk about the weather. I said “You don’t have to make conversation.”  The police brought a woman out. I assume she was with the Delphi School and not the church next door.  The police said “Listen to this woman.” The woman told me she did not want me to come back. The police re-iterated “She doesn’t want you to come back.  Do you understand?”They decided to arrest me. I “assumed the position” as they went through my things. They confiscated all my memory chips:  1 – the camera I used in the raid, 2 – the bodybuilding footage from the HD camera, 3 – a memory chip in my bag (don’t remember if it held anything).   "Do you like ... bodybuilders?" the cop asked sheepishly.  They found my medical marijuana and asked about it. They found my HIV and psych med Effexor XR and asked about those.  I was handcuffed and placed in the squad car. Then the police began to confer and, apparently, get cold feed. Outside I heard them debating and one cop said “He admitted he did it!”  I said “C’mon let’s go!  I’m not gonna arrest myself here!”  When the cop got in and began driving me to jail I told him I wanted this to go quickly or the Scientologists would arrive with their photographers and use the pictures of me being arrested as propaganda for their members. As we drove to jail the cop mentioned that Santa Monica was a very liberal place where protests occurred often. He also told me that a lady from the school had had me "citizen's arrested."  That is important because it means that if I am found not guilty in court I can sue her for false arrest.

Although I had heard people complain that jails have revolving doors but it looked like an ordinary door to me. At the jail my USB memory stick was also confiscated from my keychain. My belt, shoelaces and anything else I could harm myself with was taken away. I was placed in a holding room whose toilet flushed every time the door opened.  The guard lady said this was to prevent people from flushing evidence away. The policeman from the school told me that, because I take a psych med and HIV meds they were going to let me go without having to post bail or be incarcerated until the next day to see a judge. “That will save you some money” he said. I thanked him. I was held for about four hours “cool off” time, fingerprinted, allowed to call my lawyer, and released.  The phone cord in prison is very short so nobody can strangle themselves with it. I used the time to tell the police about Scientology, which interested them.  While being let go I told the jailer I had a habit of buying websites about Scientologists without their knowledge, thereby stealing their Internet identities.  “Man I wouldn’t want you mad at me!” he joked in what sounded like an Australian accent.  As the female jailer let me out the exit she pointed at the landscaping and said “Now no stepping on the flowers!”  I laughed and said I only step on them to make the police arrive, and, this being a police station, they were already here!  They seemed to enjoy this rare visit from a “political prisoner.”  Also I heard them all laughing a lot. I'm sure it is pretty boring in there as they only get three or four people arrested a day.

The next day my medical marijuana, psych med, HIV meds and bag were returned to me. My cameras and memory chips were not. Without the camera I could not protest Scientology. After some effort my lawyer eventually got those back. However, copies of the memory chip from the raid camera took many months to obtain. This concerned me because Scientologists love to steal evidence from evidence lockers. They have done this several times in Riverside.

2010:  Today my lawyer Graham Berry and I were in court near LAX in Los Angeles to plead on misdemeanor loitering and disturbing the peace charges in my Delphi Schools protest trial. But first the cult's lawyer, the DA and my lawyer all went off the record and discussed with the commissioner the fury Scientology is feeling from my posting of an Aug. 4th protest video at the Delphi Schools Santa Monica. We were given a letter from the parents of the child I called "angry gay pope jr." complaining that his face was not pixelated and I had recorded him without permission. The letter sounded like it was written by Kendrick Moxon. In it the parents recount that, although they got my video deleted from youtube, they could not get it deleted from, the Russian youtube. Scientology was also furious that I posted Scientology internal memos with cultists names on them. These were obtained in the police report.

After some negotiation it was agreed that I would, within 48 hours, take down the video, redact the names and delete the police report until the trial is over. Feeling that without the video there was no story I simply deleted everything, including identifying materials I took from the school's own website. The judge reassured me that I could write anything I wanted on the story as long as I didn't use any names. This is where anon style nicknames like "angry gay pope jr." and "Antishirtless lady" come in handy!

I was then offered a plea bargain. I would have to stay away from Scientology schools, do 30 hours of community service and take gobs of anger management classes. Can you imagine that? Welcome to anger management class. What's your name? I'm the angry gay pope. "Boy, we got our work cut out for us on this one" teacher would say! They had also contacted the Riverside DA where I am on probation for my PansyGate protest. If I took the plea bargain I was assured that Riverside would not prosecute me for a probation violation.

I plead "not guilty" to all charges, which had now doubled from four to eight. They are all variations on loitering and disturbing the peace. Charges based on events in the August 4th video starring AGP jr. are sure to lead nowhere. Not only is my loitering caught totally on video, it is only ninety seconds long! That's not loitering. That's not even an entire single "loit." Also, some of the charges claim I refused to leave when asked on Aug. 4th. Anyone who sees the brief video will note that nobody told me to leave at all.

Case goes to trial in late February.

MAY 9, 2011 LAX COURTHOUSE LOS ANGELES:  Today my lawyer Graham Berry and I went to the courthouse for about the fifth-sixth time because my trial was almost scheduled to start.  The longer you wait the better your bargaining conditions can be I have found. That's because the criminal justice system is starting to collapse.  There is no money.  The Santa Monica City attorney's office is closed every other Friday now. The Riverside justice system is emptying jails because they have no money to run them.  Throughout California the justice system is closed for a day sometimes to save money. Now Gov. Jerry Brown wants to shove state penitentiary convicts into local jails to ease overcrowding.   When you are scheduled to go to trial on a certain date that is "zero day."  The courts have 30 more days to give you a room, a judge and jury. If you don't get them justice is not served and you might not even go to trial at all.  So my day zero is somebody else's day 30 and the court puts that case on priority.  So the DA is much more likely to settle once the clock starts ticking.  That is what happened in my Pansy Stomping trial in Riverside and it happened again here.  This morning I told my lawyer Graham Berry I wanted to take this thing to trial but he warned me against it. "Yes most of the charges are bogus.  But they will still get you on one or two and that's all it takes. There you are doing it on video and they'll play all those other videos of you yelling. The DA says that if you want to go to court, good you'll go to jail."

lawyer scientology

Outside criminal defense lawyer hired by cult. In person she looks like a cross between Carly Fiorina and a non-green wicked witch.
In the courtroom there was no cult paid lawyer present. This was annoying because they cost hundreds of dollars per hour and I really like ringing up expenses for the cult.  In the past Vicki Podberesky of Nasatir, Hirsch, Podberesky, Khero & Genego showed up to observe.  In 2022 she is with Andrues Podberesky. She looked annoyed to have to be there. She has more important scumbags to deal with like Bruce Beresford-Redman a TV producer who allegedly killed his wife. Another time an older lawyer observed.  Why were they not there now? Did they forget? Did the cult not have enough money?  At any rate, two female DAs who looked like supermodels conferred with my lawyer. They offered to drop six out of eight charges which shows you just how bogus they were.  The two charges I felt were most difficult to beat, disrupting a school, were kept.  I would have to stay 100 feet away from all Scientology schools for two years. I found this hard to swallow since the point of my first video was that the Delphi School teacher denied on camera they were affiliated with Scientology. This bit of illogic the government gladly overlooked as it always seems to do with Scientology. But there is a cult schoolhouse on L. Ron Hubbard Way and I would have been unable to protest Scientology's main location if I had to stay 100 feet away.  This was rectified with a stipulation that I could stay just thirty feet from the school, Mary's Schoolhouse. I would not have to take anger management classes but I would have to do community labor for fifteen days. This was annoying because community labor is no day at the beach.  I will be at the beach keeping it clean.  Also, I am on probation in Riverside for pansy stomping but the Riverside DA seemed not to care.  They are overworked and hated us pestering them the first time I was in court there.

I agreed to these conditions because it prevented my lawyer's biggest fear: that I would lose my case and be banned from protesting all Scientology locations.  He told me "I would hate to lose you as there aren't very many protesters in LA and you are one of the best." For example, I was the only one to show up and protest Tom Cruise at the Wiesenthal Center.  It galls me that the DA who never prosecuted Scientology (especially their preposterous Santa Monica Mission) could order me around. But by November my manual labor will be over and my Delphi videos will still be up and I will still be able to protest and my community labor will be over.  I have re-uploaded the original video of the Delphi School denial.