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scientology guard captain handsome band aide Since 2008 this parade has been dangerous for protesters as the opening shows. The first Hollywood Xmas parade since the COVID pandemic cancelled outdoor festivities. Politician Mitch O'Farrell is caught squirming when asked about Scientology. What little "Winter Wonderland" that exists this year was guarded by Capt. Handsome and Gorgeous Green Eyes. Sadly the rest of the Church turtled up the moment I arrived. Some "Welcome Center." How brave of them!

NEWS: Is Scientology dying from COVID?  I say "YES" and so does this insider!

NEWS: DDOS attacks on my website have declined substantially this year

NEWS: Scientology's "Chase Wave" banking scam collapses

gavin o'fearraigh scientology
Actor Gavin O'Fearraigh is not a Scientologist ... but he plays one on TV. Yes he is one of dupes who took a job pretending to be a Sci for one of their infomercials.  Now he tells me that since I "nametagged" him on the description of a youtube video that he is having trouble getting work. It is affecting his career. WHAT CAREER?  His filmography is lame and mine is studio features and awards.  Sorry Gavin the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!  Gavin is attempting a takedown of my copy of Scientology's infomercial because I ID'd him. Will he succeed?

He was probably hired because he is handsome and has a European accent which makes them sound more global. They are running out of handsome Scientologists to appear in the videos because, if that person blows the cult, the video is worthless or must be re-edited.

scientology winter wonderland 2021 rear view What a wonderful place to manipulate the cult and the police. The Pirate balloon is probably being "handled" or "wrangled" by Latino WOGs. Unfortunately things were very understated as there is no real Winter Wonderland 2021.


KENDRICK MOXONheber jentzsch smiling
RARE: This is why Scientologists don't give interviews anymore unless the Angry Gay Pope or his winged monkeys or various passersby just barge in and say "HELLO". This is the only known public interview of Church lawyer Kendrick Moxon and President Heber Jentzsch. Sixty Minutes documents the death of CAN, the Cult Awareness Network. I still remember seeing this, and the concurrent Time Magazine story, Scientology And the Cult of Greed.

NEWS: Scientology whistleblower Jeffrey Augustine has created a new site on CROOKED COPS AND PRIVATE EYES

scientology guard chris hgb 2021 novel coronavirus 3d art
OCTOBER 2021: Two Gaythiest harpies the Angry Gay Pope and Nasty Nathanial, descend on Scientollywood Boulevard only to find slim protest pickings. There is very little cult to protest at this time. However OT powers are finally demonstrated on camera when a guard shut security doors without touching them. It seems that the four horsemen of the apocalypse have done what LAPD could not. Control and dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form.

The Hollywood Guaranty Bldg. is discussed regarding cult leader David Miscavige's ability to be served papers there. Karen De La Carriere provides a comedy cutaway regarding the issue which is set in this very building. HGB is the global address of the Church.

The tall guy at the Christie Hotel has been here for years handing out worthless personality tests. About Chris the guard at the HGB very little is known but he has a foreign accent.

We briefly talked to guard Andy Knapp on the intercom but he was, as usual, too cowardly to come out.


NEWS: All three seasons of SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH now on Netflix!
NEWS: Flakey Scientologist actor Eddie Deezen arrested for harassing waitress/cops in psychiatric "incident"


delphi academy los angelescoronavirus covid-19
OCTOBER 2021: This is a big deal video long in the making since the school infiltration of 2019 pre-pandemic was recorded. It was held until I judged the LA school at max weakness due to COVID-19.  The Scientologists have various schools. From Oregon to San Fernando to Clearwater the Church  just keeps indoctrinating kids. Get them while they are young Evita, get them while they are young. You'll find out about their bizarre, and bizarrely expensive, education practices. You'll meet the Osmons, a narcissistic mess of a Delphi LA academy family and, of course, tour the facility undercover.

That means there are interiors. Angry Gay Pope videos with interiors are the rarest, and often best, shows. Pasadena Ideal org, Inglewood, etc. That means it is an infiltration "Borat" style. The cultists involved were no doubt pressured or punished after I shot the visit in 2019. Now they will be punished all over again as the material is made public. That is the way Scientology works.  My projects are the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to torturing Scientologists. Assuming Covid 19 has not cost them their jobs anyway. Or killed them.

michael osmon stupidcult bike guard parker osmonThe Osmon family is used as an example of what not to do when educating cute rich kids. Parker and Jaden Osmon actually graduated from this school. In a class of ... eight? Maybe? Their father Michael allegedly spent so much on Scientology and Delphi that he stiffed his Orange County landlord over months of house rental. Too many cash drains? Delphi is very expensive. Especially the one in Sheridan Oregon. About $70,000 per year including room and board. 

This is how I helped bring down the Delphi Academy Santa Monica, but that is another story. And about seven charges.


leah remini college new york university

Scientollywood Welcome Center Reopens after Covid 19

masked scientologist hollywood info center
scientology christie hotel AUGUST 2021: The Church of Scientology's Welcome Center on Hollywood Blvd. has finally reopened. To pandemic and gun violence with police. Plus the Angry Gay Pope. Congratulations. The tall Sea Org worker in the video may have been there since 2015 wasting his handsome, hunky 6'7" life.

The only guests are almost certainly fake ringers. About six weeks earlier there was a shooting right at this location. Plus various passersby join me in mocking the hapless cultists.  Hollywood Boulevard is barely alive but at least street traffic is slowly coming back.


travolta jimmy kimmel taylor lautner
AUGUST 2021:  This story is a Hwd celeb gossip "twofer." Act 1 alleges John Travolta statutorily raped 14 y/o actor Taylor Lautner at the Celebrity Centre in Hwd. Act 2 is Lautner and his father being offered pills by Tom Cruise at the 2010 MTV movie awards promo shoot. Also in attendance were my source, John Travolta and Will Smith, who was a Scientologist at the time. To the best of my recollection this is what my Anonymous source attested to.  The clip of Travolta and his daughter Bella (left) discussing Lautner helps confirm my source's story.

This was a very hard video for me to create. I knew it would make my source disconnect from me both socially and business-wise. But I had to tell it. Otherwise these spoiled celebs would continue to get away with it.  My source has a beautiful house in Toluca lake. Perhaps she created it as a way to feel less guilty because it is the house that is allegedly built on money from a system that is very exploitative. "Yes," my source might say, "I'm making a lot of money from a greasy system, but I'll make up for it by living in a house that people are impressed by. And it will be my private retreat to stay sane in."

The Church's NY Ideal Org outdoes itself with an amazing, CGI heavy video short about how they need to dignify their fundraising by dressing like CosPlay/ComicCon idiots!

No other video has so perfectly captured how the cult claims to be a superior, world saving bunch ... in reality they are just a bunch of idiotic fundraisers wishing they were superheroes saving the world.

I'm almost certain the CGI was probably done in LA or Gold Base in unincorporated Riverside County CA. It is too slick. Or maybe they got somebody in NYC to do it.
Covid pandemic and a ship stuck in port won't stop Scientology from trying to force you to go there! In another bouncy, slick video full of staged scenes all the cultists are smiling. Don't they remember the measles outbreak on this very ship several years ago? I assure you the only time this boat is crowded is when they are shooting a commercial.

Anti-vaxxers, they never learn!

novel coronavirus 3d art
In this brief bit of patheticness the Church Of Scientology tries to seduce the USA July 4th w/patriotism. Actually they want to replace our government with an Iran style religious dictatorship.

They are so tone deaf in their bubble world they don't even know the music they chose, YAKKITY SAX, is a symbol of hyperactive nonsense comedy al la the BENNY HILL SHOW.

I got a music copyright claim just for re-posting it! And look how many of them are old. Soon some will reincarnate. I sure hope so! No young people join this cult unless they are born into it, just like North Korea! This video is supposed to be about how, even in pandemic, they are going to take over America w/their superior ways. Outsiders will probably not see it that way. Kill 'em Covid kill em! They don't believe in vaccinations anyway!

FUN FACT: The Las Vegas Ideal Org is briefly shown. Nasty Nathanial took a photo of that building and they have removed the Sci logo because it is too toxic! You won't see that in this video.

I AM FULLY VACCINATED: Don't be a Scientologist get Vaccinated now!
NEWS: Hollywood Reporter infuriates Scientology w/long article on actor recruitment

scientology junk mail story

scientology celebrity centre
JUNE 2021:  I, Scientology protester the Angry Gay Pope, also fix computers in West Hollywood CA.  Recently this June a man named RONALD randomly came to me for help. While I spoke to him I randomly brought up Scientology, which, as a protester, is my wont.  His only connection to Sci was, as a 1970s child, his father had a copy of Dianetics at his bedside for a while. But his father decided it was “bunk.” No contact since.

He told me that he had, just a few days before, brought up Sci at the Beverly Hills/Weho Bristol Farms market. He was talking to a 6’1” Caucasian male employee of the store.  RONALD somehow brought up seeing Nicole Kidman and husband Tom Cruise once across the street from hamburger stand Johnny Rockets Melrose. Ronald and the employee mocked the Church.  He went back to his car and drove home to nearby Weho.

Three days later a typed letter from the Celebrity Centre arrived in his snail mail. It was offering him a free personality test.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AND WHY?  I immediately called Jeffrey Augustine of SCIENTOLOGYMONEYPROJECT.COM. We brainstormed for thirty minutes. Was the employee a Scientologist? Was Ron’s cell phone broadcasting something? Finally Jeffrey had a best case scenario:  The Bristol Farms employee was too poor to be a Scientologist. Ronald’s cell phone was reporting his location only. It was not recording the conversation covertly in a way the Church could spy on later like they do to Jeffrey and I. They were doing it at that exact moment I assure you! They KNEW this article was coming out before you did!

Augustine believes that a Scientologist came out of the Beverly Hills upscale market and heard Tom Cruise/Sci being bad mouthed. This area is heavy with rich people, Trump voters and, I assume, Scientologists. It is a rich White people religion. Jeffrey posits that a Scientologist insta-reported their religion being "stepped on.”

internal revenue service sign washington dc

This cultist probably followed Ronald to his car and photographed its license plate. The number was instantly sent wirelessly via phone to the cult Secret Police (OSA). They looked up his license number. He was no longer anonymous. They sent the info ASAP to a Sea Org worker, probably at their printing press in DTLA. This tired, underpaid slave is desperate to make weekly stats. This person immediately sent junk mail to Ronald. They send so much mail they have a special relationship with the Post Office. WHY DO THIS TO HIM?

He will never join the cult. The incident weirded him out. COS did this, Jeffrey believes, to intimidate Ronald. To say “We are watching you.”

This provides a payoff to everyone but Ron. Bev Hills cultists win bonus points for reporting such things to OSA. The Celebrity Centre promoting Sea Org worker gets points for writing the letter. This will be reported by 2 PM the next Thursday. OSA gets points likewise reported by 2 PM Thursday. And they can tell the IRS that they have spent slightly more money “proselytizing.”

That means “spreading the word.” Which they must do as a tax exempt religion. Otherwise they will lose their IRS 501(c)(3) status. America is about the capitalist worship of $. The Internal Revenue Service determines who is a religion based on $. If they don’t “spread the word” they risk losing tax exempt status.

Scientology completely wins. How could they NOT do that? The loser is Ronald. He will be saddled with mocking junk mail for the rest of his life. People who live with him at the same address will be added to the mailing lists. When residents move they will be found again because he is a Suppressive Person (SP) and they were near him. They have a department devoted to just finding people.

After Ronald dies junk mail will pile up on his grave until, six feet under, his coffin will inevitably collapse under the weight of all those dead trees.

I’m the only one who cannot stay on their junk mail lists. Oh how I have tried! Perhaps, if they keep mailing him, I just help him with this problem!

scientology irs win


scientology author services coronavirus shutdown
MAY 17, 2021: Nasty Nathanial and I discover there is no Scientology left on Scientollywood Blvd. to protest! Just a lone guard handing out "Way to Happiness" booklets. A $1 value! Are they vaccinated against covid yet? Did they all die? No cultist was willing to talk about it. In fact there were only two we saw in all of 90 minutes. Also, the cult is making it very hard for process servers to do their jobs and ex-Sci Ginger Sugerman shoots her mouth off.

NEWS: Sleazy Scientologist/LA Art Gallery Owner Izzy Chait reincarnates (drops dead)
NEWS: Sleazy Scientologist/Chiropractor Jay Spina gets 9 years for ripping off Medicare for $80,000,000
NEWS: Scientology shifting global wealth to Australia - where there are few believers
NEWS: Sleazy Scientologist/Actor Danny Masterson's rape trial goes to CA Supreme Court

scientologist parker osmon laura gluchowski weddingscientologist lara gluchowski
2018:  This event happened some time ago but Anonymous has only now learned about it. Scientology bike guard and recipient of Nasty Nathanial's misguided Homoerotic interest Parker Osmon married a female Scilon named Lara Gluchowski. We did not find out until April 2021. Like most Sea Org marriages this is gonna be a disaster.  Why?  The cult keeps married couples apart in the Sea Org in order to keep them from comparing notes and realizing they are being used by a cult. I don't know if she is in the Sea Org but, with Parker's long hours, I guarantee she will see very little of him.   Meanwhile Parker gives off a serious Gay vibe in some of his public media posts before he joined the SO and became a bike guard.

Hopefully they were not forced to marry. By that I do not mean she was pregnant.  I mean at least Scientology is not as bad as the Moonies who tell you who to marry.  This happens sometimes in Scientology such as when Elvis's daughter married Michael Jackson (ick) because they told her to. Sci wanted his money, especially his Beatles catalog of songs. But forced marriages are less common with Scilons.

Forced abortions? Oh that is another matter! 

Lara Gluchowski has done very few courses according to the public record.  The only thing she took was "How to read the dictionary." Sheesh!  She has a minimal Internet presence.


nathan sironen mug shot arrest

MARCH 2021:  My protégé Nasty Nathanial brings me sad news about ex-cultist Nathan Sironen. This Scientology apostate who protested with us during Cinco De Measles a few years ago was shot by Las Vegas cops during a failed Las Vegas home robbery in December 8, 2020.  Two officers shot him six times with their Glock's when he refused to put down a hammer and threatened the home owners.  This family has Florida ties I have heard but it is unknown if those ties involve Scientology and that fact has not been verified.  I get that he lived in Vegas but why was he robbing homes with a hammer and why this one?  Guns are really easy to get in Vegas you know. Why arm yourself with a hardware store item?

LAS VEGAS SUN: In an instant, two Metro Police officers shot and killed a burglar as he appeared to try to strike a homeowner with a hammer, body-worn camera released Thursday shows. The shooting unfolded shortly after police showed up to find Nathaniel Sironen inside the home, holding the homeowners hostage in the 5100 block of Spanish Heights Drive, in a gated southwest valley neighborhood.





He appears immediately in ORANGE in the Measles video. We were helping a homeless person as the scis did nothing for an man lying in a sun baked gutter. Nathan comes across great in this video altruistically helping an anonymous possibly homeless Black man the cult ignored deliberately.. But that is all I know about this service industry worker.

He showed up at the protest and I thought he was a male model handsome guy with a sledgehammer jaw. He seemed a good protester for an average apostate person.  Ex-Scientologists are a product of a flawed system and so you have to give them some "emotional slack."  Not that some Anonymous protesters are any better!  We walked around Big Blue.  I got him to debate whether we should be bad mouthing the founder of Scientology or just the current management.  He was a productive protester.  That day. Then he later flaked and hit on us on Facebook with CBD scams and Homophobia when we rejected him for his later eccentric behavior. We did not want to protest with him again or invest in the trendy marihuana extract cannabidiol (and I'm a pothead). He called Nasty Nathanial a "two faced faggot."  Yet he seemed to have no problem protesting with me, the world' biggest Gaythiest, when I was with him. It reminded me of when author Jenna Miscaivge Hill recounted her difficulties trying to get a job after leaving the Scientology Sea Organization.  Other Scientologists did not want to hire her because of her past. They considered SO workers to be too unstable to be reliably employable.  Shouldn't that have told her something?  She later figured it out!

After he protested with us and he failed to find a living in Los Angeles (see below) he apparently moved to Vegas and went downhill.  This is why I stay on the Sunset Strip, the prototype of Las Vegas. His criminal history there includes destruction of property. In May 2020 he pleaded guilty in a case of possession of stolen property and theft, Las Vegas Justice Court records show. He got credit for serving a couple of days in jail.  He was a really misbehaving person but ex-Scis like Aaron Smith-Levin say things like "Boo hoo this poor guy is just a victim of a cult hate group."  Tell that to the skulls of the people that he almost bashed in with a hammer!  Lots of folks have been damaged by Scientology without acting this way.  The world has a surplus of bartenders especially in Las Vegas.  He was an awful person and the overpopulated world is better off without him in my opinion.  Not that I would dance on his grave or anything like that. I'm saving that honor for human scum Kelly Preston!

nathan sironen ex-scientologist apostate

nasty nathanialNASTY NATHANIAL ON NATHAN SIRONEN:  When I met Apostate Nathan he kept telling me how he desperately needed a job so he could stay in LA. I talked to my employer and ended up getting him a job almost immediately. Apostate Nathan worked one night and then never showed up again. It made me look bad because I totally vouched for apostate Nathan. I told my work what a good guy he was and a hard worker and blah blah blah blah blah. When I confronted Apostate Nathan about this the only thing he said to me was "I'm pretty sure you didn't get in trouble over me." He was also spamming Pope on Facebook so disconnecting from him was a no-brainer.


nasty nathanialtom cruise condominium clearwater scientology
MARCH 13, 2021 CLEARWATER FL: Nasty Nathanial protests Scientology at the Mecca of Clearwater FL (FLAG LAND BASE).  He made this visit to Tom Cruise's mega condo. Cruise is liquidating his real estate purchases and has moved to Clearwater. Scientology is consolidating there for the end of times (their own!).  Scientologist Kirstie Alley has also sold her CA mansion and moved to FLAG.  John Travolta already lives in nearby Ocala, FL in a house so large he parks his giant jet in the driveway!

Why don't I go to FLAG?  I have no money, I'm self employed so I can't take time off because time = money. If I even ordered a plane ticket with my credit card they would be alerted immediately.  Then a plan concocted years ago would immediately swing into action to get me into legal trouble and lock me in the court there for months even if over nothing.

NASTY NATHANIAL REPORTS: In this edition of Life On The Beat w/ Nasty Nathanial I find myself in the Sunshine State where I am teaming up with fellow auditor Rights Crispy. Together we are taking a look at the property that houses Tom Cruise's super penthouse. Located right smack dab in the heart of downtown Clearwater, Florida, the property is just a stone's throw away from Scientology's Flag Land Base. But will will staff, management and security respect our constitutionally protected right to record in public? Will we see Tom himself? Watch and see.

I had a blast here. So glad I decided to come to Clearwater. It was really nice to meet all these legendary SP's and to get to hang out with them and talk all things Scientology. The Scientologists just scattered and went on lockdown. Aaron Levin was super nice. We talked for a long time about Scientology and he even gave me a ride back to my hotel.


l. ron hubbard headshothubbard birthday hollywood 2021HUMMABILITY FACTOR:  VERY HIGH
Scientologists (above) sing their version of "Happy Birthday" to deceased founder L. Ron Hubbard (left) on March 13, 2012. On this day in 1911, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born in Tilden, Nebraska. This celebration was recorded in Scientology Mecca Clearwater, Florida (FLAG Land Base). I believe the lead singer is an Australian woman born into the cult (aka a totally imprinted and mindf*cked Scilon who cannot be reasoned with).

MARCH 3, 2021 HOLLYWOOD:  Scientology Hollywood (right) was still almost completely boarded up except for the HGB building. They are now accepting deliveries at a location across the street instead of the Ivar St. entrance. Why would anyone care? Because the Ivar Street entrance is where the Church claims, in legal docs, to be the place process servers should go to server great leader David Miscavige. He is a popular target of theirs. It sounds to me like they are trying to redirect that process server process across the street to further confuse everything. In reality the front entrance of the building on Hollywood Blvd. is the true main entrance and true legal center of the global Scientology machine.
Meanwhile (and with Sci I always emphasize "mean" as they are vindictive) the Church is continuing to block vaccination parking at the hospital right next to their Big Blue facility. This sappy banner lords over the people attempting to get innoculated next door. But the church has plenty of parking on its lot.


scientology banner kaiser permanente vaccine
coronavirus covid-19
MARCH 2021:  "Don't waste this brief breath in eternity (getting vaccinated)" the Church of Scientology seems to say.  Right in a pandemic raged city where the Kaiser Permanente neighbors wanted to use LRH way for parking for people awaiting vaccines for COVID 19.  My video producer Jeffrey Augustine saw what was going on there at Big Blue. Although the Church rents its parking lots to the local hospitals, of which many surround the campus, they won't allow extra parking on LRH Way for  vaccine recipients.


Bottom Line: Scientology was pushing the “fear of death” button while sending the message “Stay off our street!” Such mixed messages are typical of Scientology:

What Scientology says: Something can be done about it.
What Scientology does: Take $4 million in PPP loans when it has >$1.5 billion in IAS reserves.

What Scientology says: We are the most ethical group on the planet.
What Scientology does: Cover up for alleged serial rapist Danny Masterson.

What Scientology says: We believe in religious freedom.
What Scientology does: Force rape victims into secret religious arbitrations where the victims cannot have a lawyer with them.

What Scientology says: Claims to have helped in the pandemic by passing out brochures on hand-washing, social distancing, and wearing masks.
What Scientology does: Refuses to help senior citizens with parking while getting their COVID vaccines.

NEWS: Scientologist David Gentile arrested for alleged $1.8 billion Ponzi Scheme
NEWS: Jazz musician Chick Corea dies and his "thetan" promptly reincarnates as a worm on Mars


Scientologist Leigh Dundas flees to Mexico after egging on DC rioters Liberal Southerner Corey Hates Trump Narcissists
Lawyer Scientologist Leigh Dundas, a Trump loving anti-masker and anti-vaxxer, egged on the crowd that stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6th. Then she ran to Mexico as others were arrested. Is she hiding from alleged sedition charges as other protester yahoos are in jail?  She also openly advocated killing any "turncoat" who disagrees with her!  So Scientology, a narcissist with delusions of grandeur who loves conspiracy theories yet is one herself!
Southerner Corey Ryan Forrester expresses his distaste with his fellow American's DC exploits in this intense two minute take I have "sweetened" with audio and video enhancements. Enjoy!
For all my videos TOO HOT for YOUTUBE:

NOVEMBER 2020: West Hollywood celebrates the Biden win in a day full of helicopters circling and other signs of impending anarchy. Meanwhile Never Trumpers wonder what they will do without their favorite villain. Three separate narratives weave together in just three minutes. Here come the comments on this video. Prepare yourself.


(Praying didn't work)
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