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Nowhere else on Teegeeack is there so much Scientology to protest

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This website is in an unfinished lower condition, a condition of un-havingness. Your donations help complete this page so it can be more uptone.

Scientology Protester Angry Gay PopeANGRY GAY POPE
Fair gamed, four restraining orders, one misdemeanor vandalism prosecution, two depositions. One restraining order dropped, misdemeanor vandalism charges reduced (plea bargain). Sole remaining restraining order expires May 2013.

More about me here.

Scientology Protester Anonorange ANONORANGE

Fair gamed, beaten at Gold Base, assaulted at Big Blue, arrested four times, assault charges at Hollywood Christmas Parade, assault charges Gold Base, trespassing charges Gold Base, deposed for days. Relatives harassed and spied upon, excessive subpoenas show cult abusing legal discovery. Cats poisoned.All charges dropped.

Fair gamed, declared a "vexatious litigant," legal career ruined, owes cult money, deposed. Life occasionally considered "in danger."

PENDING LITIGATION:  V for Vexatious trial on appeal.

Scientology Protester Mark BunkerMARK BUNKER (WISE BEARD MAN)
He has a long history of exposing and being dicked over by the cult see Clearwater, Florida.  He explains:  "Beginning in 1997, I started using my background in film production to help inform people about Scientology's harmful practices. Scientology has not been happy about the exposure. They've attacked me on many fronts starting with a webpage set up to smear my name. In 1999, I created the website XENU TV which features streaming video about Scientology. The site lay dormant for a couple of years as I moved to Clearwater, Florida to join with Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks at the Lisa McPherson Trust where I produced videos for LMT Media.

While working for the LMT, I traveled to Chicago to film an interview with two dentists who were trying to obtain a large refund from Scientology. To disrupt the interview, Scientology hired off duty police officers who arrested me for trespassing even though I was on a public sidewalk. More than a year later, I stood trial and was acquitted of all charges. One week after this arrest, I was assisting a German film crew as they shot a documentary about Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. While videotaping, I was attacked by a man who struck my camera with a hammer. The man was ultimately arrested and sent to jail on unrelated charges which were uncovered during the investigation of the hammer attack.  The time I've spent covering Scientology has been, to say the least, interesting. Since the LMT closed in late 2001, I have been working in TV news.

In 2006, I won my first Emmy Award for a story on Border Issues in the San Diego area.

Scientology Protester Resistance is Futile RESISTANCE IS FUTILE
Fair gamed, deposed. Almost arrested by mistake at Hemet Sheriff's office when they thought she was protester Xenubarb.

Scientology Protester Happy SmurfHAPPY SMURF
Fair gamed, visited numerous times by Tommy Davis and other visitors who beat him or offered him incentives to stop protesting.  Born a Mormon he got his mother into Scientology.  When he left he had to disconnect from her. She died in Scientology and willed her estate to them. While in Scientology Smurf rose in the ranks of OSA until he was working for Kendrick Moxon and doing his dirty tricks. Then they asked him to kill people. 

In his own words: "I testified under oath in several court cases, including one which Graham Berry defended, about Eugene Ingram & Rick Moxon's direct complicity in a secret project in which I was directed to go to Chicago and murder Cynthia Kisser (then director of the Cult Awareness Network) & her child to send a clear message to the cult's critics end all criticisms of the cult. I was advised to protect the cult at all costs, and if my identity became known to law-enforcement, I was to commit TKO (total knock-out.. putting a loaded gun into my mouth upwards toward the gums & pull the trigger). Why was I commit suicide in this manner? I did not know it at the time, but was informed by Ingram that shooting myself in this manner assured the brain stem was severed and I would most certainly die, thereby, protecting the tech & cult.

Later, I was ordered to murder Ford Greene, an attorney in Marin County, who is a longtime opponent of the cult and of whom Moxon hates to the core. I testified to the orders given, who ordered the hits, how I was to carry them out and because one involved cutting the brake lines to a van (which I had no clue how to do), I was taught how to do so.

Moxon, Mike Rinder & David Miscavige, of course, claimed these were lies, as they have declared in every suspicious death, and their have been many, which occurred at the hands of cult members or on their properties. It should be noted as well, that I gave this sworn testimony in a taped, 17-day deposition which took place over a 62-day period (because the cult repeatedly tried to stop me from testifying about my role in OSA's activities in the cult.. with endless motions which were eventually overruled). But, soon thereafter, Graham Berry's law firm abruptly ended their legal battles with the cult (after digging up extra-marital dirt on Graham's boss and using a paid legal whore to convey the blackmail to his boss)and doing so without Graham's knowledge and while he was on vacation at the time). The cult's paid whore, John Quinn, had an article written about him: Caffeinated, Aggressive & Brash, Esq. - John Quinn - Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges | Fast Company.

Because of the numerous problems Moxon endured with the court case Graham was defending a client in, Moxon's associate Tim Bowles was routed out of his in-house job and the infamous Bowles & Moxon law firm was renamed Moxon & Kobrin. Though Tim Bowles, now in private practice in Pasadena is as complicit in ordering the hits on Kisser & Greene as was Rick Moxon.  It should be noted that after Graham's law firm folded due to the blackmail scheme, Bowles & Moxon were successful in having my sworn, videotaped testimony & hundreds of documents & photos entered into evidence, filed under court seal by federal Judge Harold Hopp. It remains sealed today & Moxon has made known that the cult will do whatever it takes in time & money to keep my testimony under seal.

It is my firm belief that Rick Moxon's daughter, Stacy Grove Moxon-Meyer, was murdered to keep her quiet. And her sociopath father was complicit in her murder by doing nothing to challenge the findings of "accidental death." There is evidence that Stacy was not happy at Gold & wanted to leave & was making plans to do so. As complicit in her death as Rick Moxon, was Stacy's husband, Derek, who is still in the cult, and who remained quiet after her death."

protester glib GLIB
 Fair gamed, deposed. Present at Anonorange/Xenubarb beating.

Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii Nasty Nathanial was once the part of the cast of a Hawaiian television show called "Shaka Shakedown". He's traveled extensively in the Philippines where he has participated in crucifixions during the country's Holy Week, sponsored a "Miss Gay" beauty pageant for inmates inside of the Manila City Jail, and even climbed on top of the roof of a burning building to film Filipino firefighters attempting to put out a massive structure fire. He currently films and writes for But mostly recently ol' Nasty Nathanial has had his eye on Scientology ever since falling in love with a PAC Base bike guard. I guess you could say he was bit by the Scientology "Love Bug."

sockpuppySOCK PUPPY
Present at Anonorange/Xenubarb beating.  One of the few truly anonymous protesters.  The cult never found out who he was.  Or they never admitted it or acted on it.  In other words, while the folks around him were getting subpoenaed he got away with everything!

protester xenubarbXENUBARB
Fair gamed, threatened with arrest. Beaten at Gold Base with AnonOrange.

 Fair gamed.

protester tory magoo TORY MAGOO (TORY CHRISTMAN)
From the Village Voice:  Tory Mago (Christman) was once such a dedicated Scientologist, she called herself "Queen of the OSA volunteers." She was so determined to help out the Office of Special Affairs -- Scientology's intelligence and covert operations wing -- she went online to do battle with the church's critics. But in the year 2000, the skirmishes being waged at the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology were fierce and frenetic -- how would she be able to make a dent? Her strategy was to post relentlessly, day and night, and under the moniker "Magoo." She wrote so often, defending Scientology by making vicious attacks on its critics, other users of a.r.s came to believe that Magoo was really a team of OSA employees working around the clock. The truth finally came out in spectacular fashion, when on July 20, 2000, Tory announced to the world her real identity, and that she was abandoning Scientology. It turned out that while she was doing battle with church critics, their arguments had begun to give her doubts, and a caring overture by Andreas Heldal-Lund made her question her deepest beliefs. Tory's defection seemed to symbolize the dire threat a connected world posed to an organization built on secrecy and control.  If Tory was a relentless church defender, she's been an even more relentless critic since her famous escape.

MARK BUNKER ON TORY:  I met Tory when she was still in Scientology. I encountered her and her then-husband Harold Bezazian at several protests in which she tried to handle critics of the group. She and Harold were good people. I could see that then. I enjoyed my encounters with them. Tory was feisty but sweet and Harold had a nice sense of humor. He looked a lot like Wayne Newton, too, so it was hard to think of him as a badass. A year later in 2000 Tory left the group and came to the Lisa McPherson Trust for help. I wish I had been at the airport when she arrived in Clearwater because Scientology was waiting to try to snatch her up before she could join us and the police had to intercede. We didn't want our camera there because we didn't want Tory to think we were out to exploit her situation. Ironically, it didn't take long for Tory to decide she wanted to speak on camera and she hasn't stopped since.

We took her to a protest in Boston and she was so pissed off by Scientology's actions that she got out of the car to join in. Since that time, Tory has given numerous speeches about her experiences and she always charms the crowd with her natural warmth, her good humor and her ability to connect with people one on one even while in front of a large group. She instinctively picks out a person in the group and explains how a process like disconnection can affect that one person and makes the experience something to which we can more easily relate. Her first speech at the Center for Inquiry West has several good examples of that technique. When she left Scientology, her entire world evaporated. Her husband, her friends, former co-workers all disconnected. She found a new family online. I got Tory a webcam and walked her through how to use it and she makes almost daily videos to post on YouTube. The power of these videos is pretty staggering. There are millions of videos online but Tory has cut through the clutter. I've been around the world with her and seen people stop us in the street because they recognize Magoo from her videos. The most amazing incident was when we were walking outside the BBC in London with John Sweeney. We passed some dude who could have cared less that a nationally renowned TV journalist was standing there with us. It was the sight of Magoo which stopped him in his tracks. Tory also talks about her experiences every day with people in restaurants, and shops. She hands out cards with URLs of sites like and and posts her phone number online so people can call her and get answers and advice. I only wish I had her energy. There's no stopping Magoo.

Frisked by police under suspicion of "terrorism."






ida camburnIDA CAMBURN
Ida Camburn (1923-2010) lost a son to Scientology, and she began fighting the organization so long ago, references to her were found in church documents seized in the 1977 FBI raids. I came to know her because, back in the day, you couldn't write about Scientology without hearing from Ida Camburn. Living right in the shadow of Scientology's secretive desert headquarters, she would send encouraging e-mails and pass on tips, and nothing ever seemed to discourage her. As I said earlier this year, when documents became public that showed Ida had been duped by a Scientology mole to gather information about journalist Richard Leiby, that revelation made me very angry: "No one, in the 16 years I've been reporting on Scientology, was more pleasant and helpful than Ida Camburn," I wrote. She is missed.