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gold base pole camera on public light poleEveryone who has protested at Gold Base, the Scientology compound in Hemet, CA knows there are cameras and microphones everywhere. But nobody knew of their power until, in the discovery process of my alleged pansy stomping, my lawyer obtained this footage of me stomping pansies.  It goes on for over forty five minutes but we were only given a five minute highlight reel from which the above stills were taken. It's easy to see that their pole mounted camera can view the entire entranceway.

Note the water on the ground from the sprinklers they turned on to try to make us walk in the street, soil our camera lenses and make my sign run. They can also zoom in all the way to see which brand of shoes I was wearing. Also on the video is the heading and pitch of the camera, the time of day and two different calendars. One of them is off by a month! Clods. Fortunately for me the issue before the jury is not "did I stomp pansies" but "am I on cult property". I am not, as the the property line is at the fence. Otherwise the cult would have charged me with trespassing. Or tried.  As they sometimes do. Even though it has never stuck. And I got great photos!

Scientology Hollywood Christmas Parade 2009 at L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland
The video WWP.Net is afraid of!

Santa, fake snow and autoerotic asphyxiation all figure prominently at the 2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade. All the action is at Scientology HQ: L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland! Unfortunately your humble narrator was the only protester who brought a sign or masks to this major event.

As other protesters just watched like tourists I was endlessly set up and enturbulated by a red sweatered monster named Mrs. Burpee! I would be very angry too if that was my last name. Do you know what it is like to have Mrs. Burpee constantly bumping against my thighs for an hour? Also apearing Patty Baber, Mark Lowell, Anonorange, Buddy, the LAPD and absolutely no Jesus. It's Christmas after all. An attempt by a friend to post this video on the popular site led to the thread being banned. Perhaps because it shows some local protesters in a bad light.

david carradine protest poster

This protest sign I dids't make from Internet photos shalt make the cultist mickel annoyed this holiday season methinks.

Scientology "handler" Patty Baber witnesses an argument between cult protesters. The two year conflict between effective Scientology protesters and people who sit on the Internet and complain begins to boil over at the 2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade. A homophobic anti-Papal protestor named Paula is confronted for her nastiness and runs away. Paula's contribution to protests is mostly just to stand around, not flyering, not protesting, not holding a sign. Although the cult ID'd her many months ago she still dresses as if she is in constant danger of being outed. Perhaps it makes her feel more important. Hopefully Paula now realizes she cannot make obnoxious comments on the internet and not cause a reaction in the real world.


scientologist eden steinNOVEMBER 5, 2009: I continue make most other LA Scientology protesters look like they are standing still. This trip on Guy Fawkes Day (Nov 5)  to Big Blue (Pac Base) in Los Angeles is a major cult outpost. After interviewing cultists like Hank Gould and Nigel Oakes the Pope gets a new handler, Chubbietta (at left)! I'm told her real name is Eden Stein and she is part of Pasadena Org (church). It is a real estate holding with no business and a whole web page here: PASADENA IDEAL ORG.

Then his holiness visits a local vitamin store owned by cultist Peter Gilham. He makes money selling Scis vitamin overdoses. Especially niacin (a B vitamin). They are told to take waaaay too much of that vitamin in the Purification Rundown. This causes them to sweat purple which they are told is the toxins coming out. No, they are getting gaslit. That is too much vitamin B running like hell to get out of you. Idiots!


In 2009 lawyer Graham Berry and his client protester AnonOrange served papers on the guard who beat AnonOrange. That incident was recorded here.

The police had refused to press charges against the guards despite the internal recommendation that they should. AnonOrange was forced to sue them himself. Here you see them being served at the heavily fortified but charmingly Swiss Gold Base/Int Base guard shack.

Danny Dunagin is quite the mess. He is famous for his cowardice and ability to screw things up. Danny "Dunitagain" the cultists call him. For example, he once accidentally incinerated his own dog. The guard shack he is in is reinforced to withstand a grenade yet he has been known to hide under its desk when alarmed. This was seen as an act of total cowardice.
pdf icon ANONORANGE CIVIL COMPLAINT COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES - Assault & Battery, Excessive Force, False Arrest & Imprisonment, Negligent Hiring, Supervision and Retention, Negligence, Nuisance & Occupier’s Liability, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, Abuse of Process, Malicious Prosecution, Violation of California Civil Code § 52.1, Violation of California Constitution Article 1, §§1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 13 plus MUCH MUCH more! WHAT THE HATERS WILL SAY:  Could this be any longer? The judge and the bar will be outraged. Your lawyer Graham Berry is insane, obsessed with Scientology and hangs around with losers like the Angry Gay Pope. That guy is a loose canon! Also his website is too Gay and purple . Hurts my eyes!

  fausto atilano bail bondsman  
politician jeff stone murietta courthouse sign sunshine FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2009 - MURIETTA CA COURTHOUSE - Today protester Anonorange, my lawyer Graham Berry and I were on PansyGate business in Riverside, CA. Orange skipped shaving to attend the trial and gave us a ride. As I walked to the courthouse I was amazed to see Riverside Super Jeff Stone being recorded by a cameraman in the public plaza. He was talking and smiling with another man I later learned was AnonOrange's bail bondsman from Fausto's Bail Bonds. This is the man who put up bail when AO was beaten and arrested by cult goons for allegedly trespassing at Gold Base in 2008. He had given Mr. Stone a $3,900 donation a few months earlier and they were recording something. Some kind of endorsement. According to my lawyer the Murrieta Justice Center has a ridiculously high 90+ percent conviction rate thanks to Stone's "tough on crime" attitude. I'm sure that brings a lot of business for Fausto so it's only right if he wants to reward Jeff Stone eh?

Orange says Graham announced "I'm going inside." Which was a smooth move.  I recall my lawyer saying later "You should have just ignored them." But Stone is rarely available for public comment outside the chambers. Last week he walked out during public comments when the kitchen got too hot.  So we simply had to say hello. Orange gave me his keys and I ran back for my camera. He waited till I arrived to interview the pro-Scientology politician. As you'll see in the video, things go downhill fast when Stone sees AnonOrange. By the time it was over Fausto Atilano Jr., AO's bail bondsman, took him outside where things went downhill even faster. He was arrested for trying to talk to Stone about his previous arrest. Fausto, Jr.  threatened to tase him, mumbled charges and discussed arresting me for recording it. Then he drove off with my friend leaving us without a car. If that is Fausto, Jr. what is Fausto, Sr. like? I hope he's not worse than the other one was! (Anonymous sources tell me Fausto, Sr. was killed in Mexico in another Fausto "bail bonds gone wrong" mixup.)

I returned to the courthouse and nervously stood in the security line. I was afraid of being arrested. I wanted to be uber-obedient. When the security attendant told me to step back I subconsciously overreacted. I accidentally stomped a sandal wearing woman's big toe. Later I was interviewed about it. They sent her a stretcher! 

pdf icon
Fausto's Notice of Subpoena
While in jail AO was told that because he did not call in to his bail bondsman weekly his bail was revoked. He was being rearrested.  Other bondsmen tell us weekly visits are not necessary unless stipulated in writing. His is not. AO's bail was extended three times and every time he visited Fausto's in person. In fact, he was taken to Fausto's Bail Bonds today and the receptionist lady recognized him from last year, looked him up and pronounced his file "fine." Atilano also needed to call the jail six hours earlier to tell them he was coming and to get the name of the jail worker he talked to. Additionally, he needed paperwork.  Paperwork??? Fausto!? When AO was presented to the jail they were of course puzzled. Nevertheless AnonOrange spent 9 HOURS in jail. Now Fausto is in hot legal water. Hey, who will bail THEM out? 

Even stranger, AO was released on his own recognizance which is not something you do for a man who has bail problems. Basically, the whole thing was a "get out of bail free" card!  Sounds crazy? Welcome to Scientology. In fact the whole episode was just like a typical cult flash raid. There are multiple cameras everywhere, its in a big public space and the subject flees while pretending we are not there.  Then something weird happens and people get arrested but not charged. If Jeff Stone is not a Scientologist he has his LRH Tech down! A few days later because of an unrelated matter the judge dropped the bail and allowed AnonOrange to be around Scientologists again. Uh oh!

AnonOrange Supplemental Memo Ongoing Scientology trial opening Oct. 30th implicates Stone and pulls him in - Stage 1, lawyer's review of Fausto incident, Anonorange's version of the Fausto incident
Exhibits A-C Fifty sickening pages of Scientology's infamous "Anonymous Handbook" Stone waved, Nathan Baca/KESQ TV web pages on cult
     Exhibits D-T Fausto's dirty laundry and bond info, Celebrity Karaoke judge Jeff Stone, Riverside DA destroyed evidence, Gold Base info, stills of Stone at Murietta courthouse that were shown to Supers Oct. 6, 2009
AO's Lawyer's Supplemental Declaration Hemet Police station destroyed evidence, resubmitted evidence, David Miscavige is Violent, L. Ron Hubbard Policy Letters (HCOPLs)
AnonOrange Bail Motion Declaration Exhibits Applicable facts, Scientology handling of "suppressive persons", bail should be reversed and case dismissed, controversy of judge's bail ruling


Protesters Angry Gay Pope and AnonOrange discuss making a citizen's arrest of Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone on charges of being an accomplice to kidnapping. This because of AnonOrange unlawfull arrest by bail bondsman Fausto Atilano. Scientology protesters had been arrested by the cult using citizen's arrests many times. Would the police be as eager to make a citizen's arrest for us?
faustos bail bonds stretch limo tacky


The Angry Gay Pope proves once again why he is the best at being legally aggressive. This time at the yearly Auditor's Day get together in downtown LA at the Westin Hotel. Large numbers of cultists were there, about 4-5 hundred. Many were brought on buses just to fill seats.

The Angry Gay Pope debates a Scientology cult guard, Jason True, who was born into the "church." Trying debating with that! Jason eventually stopped even coming out when I would arrive he hated being on camera so much. But I would hear his voice blaring on the other guard's radios

Scientology protester the Angry Gay Pope met "Brochure Dad" at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles. He wields his pamphlet like and weapon and he wants to let me have it!


BIG BLUE SCIENTOLOGYJULY 3, 2009:  My first video in over three months - chewing out cultists at a major yearly Scientology event! One of my most popular videos. It features a whos who of protesters and cultists: Tim Armor, Lauri Burpee, Jason True, Monamia, Odo Huber, Anonorange, Happy Smurf, Trevor Simington, LAPD and more!  This was at the height of the Anonymous V Scientology protest conflict.

Angry Gay Pope Allegedly Hits Patty the Handler! Police called! (again)

scientologist patty baber
Alleged victim Patty Baber Sea in happier days.
June 19, 2009 - Big Blue Pac Base - Local chimney sweep and Scientologist Patty Baber Sea was allegedly struck in the head by a masked man wearing a papal mitre and brandishing a flat piece of styrofoam. Police eventually called to the scene found Baber a sea of tears and reinforcements were sent in. Evidence will be forwarded to the District Attorney's office for further investigation.Tonight we all went out to Big Blue (pac base) for a protest during one of their "graduations." My camera batteries died so I couldn't shoot anything. The one time it's important! Well, wouldn't you know that I and several other Anons like AnonWolf and Casper D. Ghost were shooting the back entrance near the tent where about 200 people were being entertained and regged (hit on for money).

Handlers are cultists assigned to deal with protesters. Patty Baber, our head handler, was standing very close to me while I was looking inside. My foam core sign bumped against her forehead. Oh! She grabbed her head and said "that's assault!" and woozily headed on inside. All the guards got excited for a bit but we just smirked. Eventually she came back out again and watched us.

An hour later the police arrived and Patty was in tears telling them that I had assaulted her, we were terrorists, and I have a TRO against me and a "stay away" from Gold Base. She said she felt unsafe around me. They said "but why do you have no visible injuries?" Then they came over to me and asked me what happened. I said I accidentally bumped her head with my Styrofoam sign because I didn't see her behind me. Patty made a big show of being woozy and having to sit down, etc.

The male officer had me fill out another FI (field investigation report) as I have done before so many times. His female partner came over and quietly said to him "This is crazy." The officer called his supervisor and told me to stay put until the super arrived. This took about an hour (which tells you how important the super thought it was). In the meantime the Scientologists struggled to find incriminating video of me hitting her. This theoretically should have been easy since they had been shooting me for HOURS sometimes with THREE cameras. The same number of cameras used to shoot an episode of Friends!
styrofoam scientology protest sign
The weapon - a Styrofoam cutout. Could one of these be lurking in your home endangering your children?
They were unable to provide any evidence and the police super appeared. Patty came out along with a parade of security guys and OSA agents who had been going in and out. They talked to the police and the cops told her they didn't want her filing a citizen's arrest (the usual tactic because it forces the cops to arrest us). They told her if she did that with such flimsy evidence she would really get in legal trouble.

So the police said the evidence would be sent to the DA's office and they would decided whether to prosecute or not (Try ... not!) But my lawyer Graham Berry is just praying they go ahead with trying to get me because the case is so pathetic. "They shouldn't have used Patty for this" Graham told me. "We have so much footage of her instigating these kinds of things that a jury would not look kindly on it."

After AnonOrange was arrested at Christmas and no charges were filed and after Doug Owens and Mark Bunker were arrested and the DA refused to file charges it's pretty easy to see which way this one is going to go.

So the police had to ask me to leave because I was now on record as allegedly assaulting her. We told them that we wanted to leave some time ago but the cops told us to wait for the LAPD super to arrive. So we joked a bit with the cops and even Patty was joking with them. Then Graham and I left as it was after 11 PM and we had been there three hours.

When we exited the area we passed Bridge Publications. For the first time ever their desk area was dark and empty. They are working in there 24 hours a day usually. We think the workers that would have been there all had to go to the graduation ceremony to fill in seats. Some of the old people we saw leaving the ceremony also looked oddball. As if the cult was demanding all sorts of old members show up crowd the tent. We also noted that the security people we met were pretty long time senior members. Maybe they are running out of other people to do this work?


More cult craziness from the Scientologists in Southern California. See spokesmodel Tommy Davis, Hemet, CA" Golden Girls" Catherine Fraser and Muriel Dufresne who run Gold Base. Plus grubby cult "handlers" Patty Baber and her staff of satan's spawn. Even a paper mache volcano that got the cultists to stage a false fire alarm.


The Scientologists at Gold base claim they are good neighboors in Hemet, CA. Yet the waste so much water during a drought they even manage to spray protesters with it!


Click here for more on this bit of civil disobedience


Click to enlarge
Riverside Board of Supervisors

UPDATE APRIL 2009:  The DA has dropped all charges against both men for lack of evidence.

Feb. 24, 2009:  This morning the Riverside Country Board of Supers (above) passed an ordinance that in theory gave Scientology what it wanted but did not prevent protests at Gold.  Realizing they had exhausted that avenue they seem to have decided to "invent" a citizen's arrest similar to what they pulled at the Hollywood Christmas Parade. There Anonorange was subjected to citizen's arrest and then nobody came to press charges. But it did let the police take his signs and get him out of there.

Upon arrival at Golden Era Productions I was dropped off and went over to the guard shack to tell them we were going to protest. This guard who you will see on video jumps out and hassles me and my camera. They were very touchy about trespassing and I recall him spouting some legalese about why I would be arrested. Didn't get that on vid.

Meanwhile down the hill my lawyer Graham Berry, Mark Lowell, and Wise Beard Man arrived and parked in the lot where protester AnonOrange was beaten for trespassing. Also along was a lady who once lived in the cult for years here at Gold. She spoke to the Riverside Supers that morning of how she had a twin sister still Scientology but she didn't know if the woman was still alive.

Of course they parked right where they should not as it was too close to the curb, and a security risk because we always park there. There is a nearby dirt road sci's pop out of and mess with the vehicles that they know are always there. If I had been there I would have parked farther from the curb or someplace else.

But meanwhile I wet myself, or so I thought, because SPLOOSH! Sprinkler tech! The cult that couldn't stop us with the surround sound speaker system has now added their sprinklers as crowd control. Perhaps if they could synchronize the sprinkler spurts with the the speaker sounds you could have a sort of "waltzing waters" effect. But I digress. By the end of the episode the water had gone on and off several times and left a river in the gutter. This was annoying in that my lens kept getting wet. Since my thing is to tough it out and trudge through the mud and water I ended up quite soggy. And in my dress up clothes I wore to the Supers meeting to boot! This wetness will be more pleasant when it's really hot out in the desert and I'm not in squishy dress shoes.

As the other protesters started coming up the hill they got sprayed with water designed to keep them off the curb and in dangerous traffic. I watched two Riverside Sheriff's dept vehicles pull into the gate. Usually they park outside and talk to us first. Cult bigwig Tommy Davis and Gold Base lady Catherine Fraser talked with them for a while inside. I realized later she was telling them she wanted a citizen's arrest and she pretty must wanted it now. I yelled "Scientology cannot cure homosexuality ... Tommy!" Well that cult cutie pie just whipped his head around when he heard his name. And this was the second of three times I mentioned his closeted status to him today!

The two sheriff's dept officers drove out to where we all were. They parked in front of the guard shack and one gave us the "don't block egress and ingress" speech. But then he said "pick a side" meaning you can't walk on the public road at all. We argued back and forth. I'll have to check the vids but eventually it came down to "anybody who walks really slowly or stops for even a moment in the roadway in front of the shack will be arrested. Gold leader Catherine Fraser came out to oversee as Tommy Davis went back and forth. He is sooo gOrgeous in person! Tiny but handsome and a zillionaire! I really wanted to see him up close. I have been waiting to meet him for some time. Oh, right, the narrative ....

Everyone got annoyed with the cop who appeared to be acting like a tool of the sci's. He kept making ridiculous demands about not blocking the enormous right turn lane either. He wanted us far from the guard shack. At one point he tried to push us far uphill away from the guard shack towards the Sea Org residences we are forbidden to target! We photographed everything and Graham began taking notes. I mentioned to the police that the only people blocking egress and ingress really were the cops with their parked cars in front of the guardhouse. Mark Lowell had been recording slowly as he walked across the gutter of the public road we had all walked on before. But he started walking too slow, and even though there were no cars for us to block, and even though he was not far from the curb, for a moment he was barely moving. And that's when Catherine stuck out her finger and said "him" and they came over and arrested him. At this point everything was about egress and ingress (not blocking exits) so I assumed they were going to pretend he was blocking the way. Of an empty drive.

This has been recorded and I will edit to the wee hours to get it out tonight and we can get a clearer picture of events. In the mean time check out the documents Catherine was holding at the time in the post above.

So we are livid. They arrested him for being on public property. Graham and Wise Beard Man (Emmy award winner Mark Bunker) tried to work out where the property line is based on the curb. Property lines at Gold base are always unpredictable. Then Mark Bunker walks out into the middle of the walkway where the two police cars were parked. He pauses while recording. I think to myself "Here it cooommmmeees." Officer Morales arrested him. I assumed Wise Beard Man was blocking egress and ingress but when he came out of the Hemet Sheriff's Office an hour later the charge was for "602.1(a) PC Trespassing" - a misdemeanor. They will both have to show up in court in Murrieta April 24th. Ugh, there goes another schlep waaay down south again. Anonorange will be appearing there in June. We need to get nearby San Diego anons more involved. Go Xenubarbitol!

Up until the end we thought the cops were arresting our people directly. But at the Hemet Station we learned that the Scientologists had made a citizens arrest and the cops were forced to act. It got the protesters out of their hair ... for today. How many other people will be arrested for nothing at all before this is over at Gold?

At the police station the officer was eventually kind of apologetic and wished us the best. But earlier he seemed a lot like a tool. Later Anonorange called and told me he went back to the Riverside Supers and to our only real ally on the board, Bob Buster. Orange told Buster's assistant of the arrests and the news was relayed to the Board.

To put this in perspective, Graham was delighted that the had happened and called it a slam dunk case. Then he was told that this was a "citizen's arrest" not a "police arrest" and he said "Wow I was wrong this is a double slam dunk!" He is sure they have really overstepped their bounds and are perhaps going to get a wrongful arrest suit. He is musing about calling Board Super Jeff Stone as a witness. Others just want to protest outside Jeff Stone's house. Hey kids, be sure to stay 30 feet away from the property line. And no saying of anybody's name who lives in Jeff Stone's house. Especially Jeff Stone! Unfortunately Anonorange tells me that Stone lives in a gated community. Of course Orange had already looked into this sort of scheming months ago. Much more effective would be protests at Jeff Stone's place of business, his pharmacy, or his non-residential properties. Don't picket residences! It's just a mess. Really really a mess.

Meanwhile people who want to protest sex offenders in Riverside are now feeling hamstrung and very angry that Scientology has come out of nowhere selfishly hijacking their rights. It's also feared perverts will flock to Riverside to live because it's harder to be protested there.

LA Times Attends Three Person Picket

Protester's Sexual Orientation/HIV Status Publicly Smeared - Reporter Offended Various Ways

los angeles times, angry gay pope, irfan khan

Photo: Irfan Khan - LA Times
map of riverside countyJan. 8. - LA Times reporter David Kelly went to Scientology HQ Gold Base with Graham Berry, Happy Smurf and myself on stats day at 1 PM and he mentioned it in the Times. Stats day is when they turn in their reports on meeting critics so we decided to crash it.  Currently the new picketing rules are not being enforced. At least two Riverside County Supers are against it and that will kill it.  We got five cop cars and many police, plus cult schmearmeister Muriel Dufresne who smeared me with my own medical history.  She told the police and the reporter that Smurf and I were both HIV+ (true) and that we were a danger to the residents inside. Why? Would I prick my finger on the endless barbed wire surrounding the property and bleed biohazards all over some cultist's open wounds? Her behavior left the cops and the reporter feeling embarrassed and offended at having to bring it up with us as part of "fact checking."

TUESDAY UPDATE:  Riverside Cty Ordinance curtailing Scientology protests suspended
SAT MAIN ARTICLE:  Scientology foes blast new Riverside County Law
FRIDAY TEASER: Scientology opponents bristle at protest limits in Riverside County | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times

Times scribe Kelly was amazed at the number of cops who showed up for a nothing demonstration by three middle aged men. I was also offended when the cops refused his press ID, demanded his drivers license and made him feel "interrogated" which NEVER happens. Now he is enturbulated and that will motivate him to follow up.

This whole circle of enturbulation that keeps going around in Riverside does nothing but give the protesters more free attention. And makes the cult look stooopid Stone like a doormat. And they are rewarded with a protest every time it comes up because I'm not lugging my ass out to Riverside and not going to Gold in Hemet as well.

All they needed to know to tell the LA Times about my medical records was any mail or debit card transation involving the words AHF. Google AHF. Aids Healthcare Foundation. Golden Era Productions, or "Gold Base" in Scientology slang, is the inner sanctum of the cult. They will do anything to prevent protests there. That's because Scientology allows no internal dissent and cultists who are at Gold during protests can be de-brainwashed when they hear protesters or see signs.  Click the link at left to see and hear the half-mile long surround sounds system they built to drown out protests.   They also violently beat protester AnonOrange on 10/26/2008 as seen in the video at left. The police have finally, after several attempts and a news crew later, accepted his charges. They say they are starting an investigation. For a detailed map of Gold Base click here.

Everything about Gold Base is fishy. Locals say "It's a place people go in but don't go out." According to AnonOrange's research  the property line is mysterious, various construction permits were faked/phony, the fence is on public property, the fence has inward facing spikes, private cameras on public poles, radio transmission towers hidden in chimneys. The weirdness is endless. Apparently, LRH got the property cheap because the whole "castle" area is on a floodplain AND a fault line runs nearby. Huge risk of liquefaction if a quake strikes esp. during the rain. Also, the mountain is at high risk of sliding down onto the buildings.

FUN FACT: It was probably my cohort Happy Smurf who told them of my HIV status. He was a known two-face. He later tried to convince me to cry before the Riverside BOS but I refused. He did it anyway.


(Praying didn't work)
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Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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