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holiday handlers
My videos have been caught in a global purge of anti-Scientology and anti-Kendrick Moxon videos from YouTube. Many protesters have gotten Moxon related videos yanked from YouTube just before Christmas. Scientology has gotten me banned from YouTube permanently by having three videos pulled for legal reasons in six months.. Although the videos are just conversations the cult has a restraining order against me over the incidents. That means they qualify as "harassment" by legal standards and that violates YouTube's terms of service.  I guess. There is never an explanation of why footage of me being handed legal paperwork is objectionable or why the cult suddenly took an interest in banning videos that had been up for months.  Many videos posted by others are completely innocuous except to a lawyer.

Anti-Shirtless Lady Palooza! - (AngryGayPope)
Operation Barney - Anti-Shirtless Lady (Lissa Uvizl) - (AngryGayPope)
Moxon Madness: Pope is served TRO - (AngryGayPope) All YouTube tells me is "Because this is the third violation of the Community Guidelines in six months and you have received previous warnings, your account has now been terminated. Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts."

These videos were pulled because they are about legal issues, but theoretically the cult could pull any video of a cultist punching someone because that shows violence. Another protester was beaten by cultist guards and had his video on YouTube pulled even though the violence was against HIM, the poster of the video.  The cult also pays YouTube a lot of advertsing money and has a major channel on YouTube.  That can buy a lot of influence. palm trees in the snowI'll re-post lots of video to vimeo including my upcoming Hollywood Hollidaze video featuring the "Holiday Handlers" pictured at left!  Hopefully many people will-repost my work.  Until then almost every video on this website will be temporarily unavailable. Even if they ban me across the net you can always come to for updates.  My upcoming Christmas videos will be a hilarious January treat for the fans. At right is some of the artwork I'm doing for the show.

(Praying didn't work)

Can you donate to help the Pope's fund? It will help with current projects like the Winter Wonderland Goon incident, AnonOrange's being attacked at Gold Base, the family denied entrance to Subway, etc. What have previous funds been spent on? My lawyer's bar license renewal fee, legal fees, office fees for copying evidence, cab rides to emergency protests, sign printing materials, hard disks for video editing and backup, replacements for impounded camera memory, etc. A wacky free gift awaits those who do the Pope's holy bidding. We are working to get a real group fund together but that requires a certain lack of anonymity shall we say?



The cult hired a huge goon to harass lone protesters and get them arrested. He was surrounded by Scientologists ready to say they saw anything and make a citizen's arrest. One protester, AnonOrange, got caught this way. A huge police presence whisked him off to jail. Too bad nobody came to press charges in the citizen's arrest. The guys was too busy being seen in my videos one hour later trying the same thing on me!  Other protesters were also threatened with arrest by Officer Griffith who confiscated the signs. At the station Orange was also not allowed to fill out a police report. I was quietly holding a sign in the crowd. No one was complaining (except the cultists trying to cover my sign). That's where this video begins. The 275 lb. goon lunges at me, I turn on the camera. He tries to punch my camera, makes two threats of bodily harm, violence was confirmed by a witness and Officer Griffith of the LAPD did NOTHING but threaten ME with arrest despite his being involved in both incidents. He refused to watch some of the very video you can see right now. scientology thug bald goon christmas parade 2008Nothing puts more more in the spirit of the holidays than to be lunged at by a thug and have the police treat me like I don't exist. The tinsel, the carols, the threats of arrest. Welcome to "L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland."  Can you unravel the mysterious mysteries and fantastic fantasies before the LAPD Internal Affairs Office does?

scientologist stefano boniciscientologist francesca palaThe gorgeous couple in the video were probably Scientology plants. We think their names are Francesca Pala and Stefano Bonici. She tells me it is wrong to be so aggressive and there are better ways of doing things. Then she slaps me. Hmm. Do YOU think she is a cultist? Of course it is Stefano Bonici and Fransesca Pala. These Scilons are older than they look in the video and older than I remember them. But they showed up in Europe peddling nonsense stay young forever junk. Don't get me started. Losers! She punched me for no reason to be an agent provacateur but I did not fall for it. I'm 6'3" 210 lbs. It will take more than that to scare me. Especially when they immediately drive away on a motorcycle. Oh please, are we Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? Pathetic.

Hon. Richard E. Rico
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90012 - Friday October 24th, 2008 - 8:30 AM
angry gay pope graham berry big blue
The Angry Gay Pope and his Angry Gay Lawyer celebrate his legal victory by protesting  where he had been banned from. We shut Scientology down for an hour.
melissa uvizl scientologist
Her restraining order was upheld.
Here's the scoop on what happened in court. The judge basically "cut the baby in half" leaving both sides somewhat unhappy. I guess that's called pragmatic leadership.  However, I got 80% of what I wanted and Scientology only got 20%. And that 20% is mostly abstract. That is, it won't affect my ability to protest in any practical way.

I don't have to stay 100 yards from Lissa Uvizl's work and home, but I must still stay fifty yards away. I can't protest near the Hollywood Guarantee Bldg. or on one side of the Celebrity Center for three years or until the cult goes bust, whichever comes first. Snicker.  I have to be a little nicer to cultists and not follow them if they say "don't follow me."

Even though I lost to Lissa Uvizl I DO NOT have to pay her court costs which lawyers tell me could have been as high as $25,000 . "I consider court costs a wash" the judge said as he legally absolved me of paying but also prevented me from receiving.

Lewis Miranda was totally defeated and the judge agreed with the anti-SLAPP motion. This means Judge Rico believes that I was being legally harassed by the church while trying to conduct my constitutionally protected speech/conduct. He believes the cult brought this lawsuit against me not to win but to exhaust me legally or psychologically or financially.  This opens up RICO Racketteering issues (not to be confused with the judge's name).

I can now go and protest on LRH Way at the Big Blue Building, which we promptly did! We shut down their campus today. Everyone was locked inside! Pics and videos forthcoming but don't expect a lot of drama. But frumpy guy and Patty Baber showed up! We think Frumpy Guy never changes his clothes and his name may be "Jude."

The judge allowed all of Graham's evidence, including lots and lots of damaging data about the cult, into the public record. It can now be quoted and analyzed by the press. In fact, google has scanned the docs from my website and phrases from the documents show up now in searches!

adobe acrobat
The difference between the two is that, in the Uvizl case, she told me to go away and I didn't and I said caustic remarks, aka I "annoyed" her. My lawyer told the judge "but the purpose of a protest is to annoy SOMEBODY." Also Miranda footage was taken at a group protest, not a flashraid like Uvizl's footage was. Miranda did not tell me to go away and in fact shoved my camera and did not appear annoyed.

This is an important point if I appeal as it's constitutionally iffy that annoying Lissa Uvizl  is enough to warrant a TRO. So the judge threw the cult a bone. He appeared to be nervous to some observers. He didn't make a lot of eye contact with the lawyers while they were talking. Some speculate he just wanted Scientology out of his court. If Scientology won both cases I would have owed court costs and we would have had to appeal. If I won both cases Scientology would certainly appeal and be furious with the judge (lock your pets up). The judge mentioned his ruling will "save trees," aka prevent endless appeals. By winning one and losing one the judge cut me some slack and negated my having to pay court costs but still gave Scientology a minor victory. But as moxon said "there are over 300 other places he can protest in California."

My fellow anons and I visit L. Ron Hubbard way to celebrate my no longer being banned from it. We meet Patty Baber Sea and Frumpy Guy Jeff plus much much more! Most sane people enjoy being banned (in their own minds) from going here. Nevertheless I enjoyed it at the time.
An appeal may have some warrant but we have thirty days to think it over. As well as to raise about $400 in legal fees to register an appeal. Already the lawyer dealing with Wollersheim wants to handle my appeal. But, for legal reasons, this would involve opening up the Miranda case again too.

Now the cult is heading into racketeering/mobster legal territory (RICO) because they have lost an Anti-SLAPP motion, a strategic lawsuit against public participation (definition). To me this is the big deal (after avoiding legal fees of course). Graham will have more to say on that.

In addition, Moxon has made several legal faux pas. He threatened me with legal action in a way that violates CA bar rules. This is why he tried to have one of my videos pulled from YouTube which showed this happen. He also knowingly entered false evidence involving Happy Smurf AFTER the deadline had passed to enter new documents. Graham says it's possible Moxon could be disbarred over that! Apparently they are both consumed with trying to disbar each other!

More later. Thanks to all the folks who donated to my legal fund or showed up at one of my court appearances. The judges ruling will be posted as soon as my lawyer scans it in. Court transcripts coming soon too. Check back at for more updates.

So Cal Anon protester Anon Orange Assaulted on L. Ron Hubbard Way
October 12, 2000: VIDEO BY PROTESTER CASPER. Protester AnonOrange was assaulted by a scientologist named "Alfredo" who came out of nowhere and hit Orange hard enough to break his mask. He's shown above after police were called. They called 911 and the Scientologist was arrested as you see above.

He suddenly broke down and began crying when he realized that he had been told to do something illegal. Meanwhile cult uber-lawyer Kendrick Moxon appeared and Orange, his face sore but undamaged gave what is apparently an very dramatic speech full of lots of finger waving an inch from the sleazy legal eagle's razor sharp beak. According to Orange "Here's our Scientologist, Alfredo trying to weasel out of his dire situation with the police. Watch at about 2/3 into the video how the LAPD tells him that hitting people in the face, unprovoked is the wrong thing to do.

I need to state that the LAPD officers that handled this case were very professional, totally fair, well reasoned and very polite. We could not ask any more from from any police officer.  Officer Honor, who handled my case was just wonderful.
"Legally abusing me and physically abusing Agent Orange is exactly the sort of thing people who run afoul of racketeering laws do.

September 27, 2008

Scientology Gold Base Rings & Rings! - Turn Volume Down Before Playing
A group of anons including myself and Agent Orange went to raid the Cult of Scientology's inner sanctum, the Gold Base outside Hemet, CA. When we got there I barely had time to notice the big black speaker near the entrance. That's when the video at right happened. We were met with a polyphonic multi-speaker surround sound system designed to mute us! Sci's don't want us shouting things. They want us to go away. During the few times of silence I heard similar speakers going off within the compound spouting a slightly less irritating noise. That was to deafen the cultists. The noise you heard was to mute us. Please, turn the volume down for this one.

The tone was polyphonic, so even if you held your ears the highest notes still played in your head like a mosquito.

Funny, though. When the noise was turned off the event lost it's "magic." It was just a dusty country road. But with the noise on there was a melodramatic sense of urgency and irony. It will be really good if they play the noise in the winter when most people have their car windows down.

Please note in the close up of the fence at 2:30 you can see the sharpened barbs facing INWARD.

CA Hwy Patrol was somewhat hard assed and pretended to enforce the letter of the law but nobody got tickets. It was posturing.

(Praying didn't work)
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angry gay pope shouting
Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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I've been documenting the history of this bozo religion's decline since 2008.  My videos have a lot of conflict and yelling in them but fans tell me they watch them to RELAX. Relax???  I think they like seeing an all powerful organization exposed and made fun of by just one (very motivated) guy. This is an in-your-face look at America's most infamous and powerful cult.  You'll meet bozo Church guards, befuddled slaves, major Church figures and the worst lawyers in the world.  Plus Kirstie Alley's oversized butt. 

My work is included in major Wikipedia entries, seen in local newscasts around the world and used in several European documentaries.  And it's all stored for posterity on my website You can donate in increments of $5, $10 and $15 dollars which are pledged monthly and you can cancel at any time.  So don't slip into a lower condition of withholds. Be at cause over MEST (matter energy space and time) by donating today!

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