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hubbardL. RON HUBBARD In the late 1970's great and infallible leader LRH bought the Gold Base property north of the then much smaller town of Hemet because he needed an arid, isolated area people couldn't walk away from. Plus he could get the land cheap. That's because the base rests atop an earthquake fault and a floodplain. In a worst case scenario of an earthquake during a rainstorm about half the property would sink into the ground in a process called liquefaction.  The mountains above the base are also geologically "young" and have risen above their angle of repose.  A strong earthquake would send the rocks sliding down crushing everything until the mountain reached a stable angle. Like when sand in an hourglass bottom constantly adjusts itself.  Blueprints for the property over the years have multiple warnings that proposed buildings would require code waivers to construct.  For these reasons there are no other large developments anywhere around the property. No one else is crazy enough to build much more than a house there.

Over the years Riverside county has developed to the point where the towns are crowding in on Gold Base and it's easer to reach freedom. If you get past the fence and security bikes.  Maureen Bolstad, a woman whose protest name is 'Twin 1,' told me she used to do cult leader LRH�s laundry when he was at Gold. He hated perfumes and soapy smells. So they would have to do his laundry practically by hand and hang it out to dry in the middle of the night. His obsessions meant a lot of meaningless extra effort by the staff.  Although he himself had stinky cigarette breath he was very sensitive to perfumes and hated them. More on Hubbard.
DAVID MISCAVIGE Living cult leader.  The abusive environment of cult priesthood the Sea Org made him what he is.  He is no longer the public face of Scientology and only shows up for Ideal Org openings, probably because he fears being served legal papers. It has been said the only part of Scientology he enjoys is staging public events.  Although he is registered to vote at Gold Base he rarely does, even during presidential elections.  Like Saddam, he doesn't spend a lot of time in any one place anymore as he has made his paranoid fantasies a reality. He is suspected of being a closeted homosexual/bisexual and is rumored to be sleeping with Laurissa Stuckenbruck.  Born in Philly and still an Eagles fan (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

He locks up co-workers who have offended him in an aread of Gold Base called "The Hole."  It is rumored he is spending a lot of time in Columbia setting up a Scientology in exile because that country has no extradition treaty with the US.

More on Miscavige.
heber jentzsch HEBER JENTZSCH MISSING - Former spokesperson now missing or dead. Cult founder L. Ron Hubbard loved him. But after David Miscavige took over and began breaking rules Jentzsch started questioning him. He may also be held at Twin Peaks or another isolated cult location.  Nevertheless he is placed here because the SP Hall at Gold is his most likely place to be. His wife, a public Scientologist, was kept at Gold Base for six months under house arrest. She is out now.

Heber as been under arrest for over six years!  Or he may be dead.  Not that he doesn't deserve to be in jail for the things he's done, but he deserves to be in a humane government monitored prison.

For a list of prisoners at Gold Base click here.
ken hoden KEN HODEN - MISSING - Ken Hoden, was the general manager of Golden Era Productions (the Church of Scientology's film production facility).  After the trial of protester Keith Henson he claimed that Scientology's allegations against Henson had nothing to do with Scientology's Fair Game policy, and that no such policy existed. 

Ken was the Gold Base public relations person who told the police a nonsensical story about how Stacy Moxon committed suicide. He claimed she went down to rescue a squirrel from the electrical vault and got toasted. He was punished for this failure to make up a better cover story.
muriel dufresne MURIEL DUFRESNE Gold Base Public Relations. Been at her post a long time.  She is the cult's local face and is on familiar terms with even the children of Riverside County Supervisors.  She makes donations to local politicians in the cult's name, often changing her title on each donation.  In 2009 donations to various Supers her title is listed variously as:  Partner, Golden Era Productions, Producer, Golden Springs Productions, Public Relations Agent, Golden Era Productions.

Riverside County has a terrible problem with corruption and, like the rest of America, has suffered from a crash in income. They need Muriel's "Green Grease" now more than ever!  Thank goodness she can be counted on to dole out the cash.  But watch out when she comes to demand a "favor."  You don't get something for nothing. Her last name is pronounced "Doo-fran".
CATHERINE FRASER Replaced Ken Hoden after he fumbled explaining the death of Stacy Moxon to the authorities.  She has spoken to the Riverside Country Board of Supers about protests at Gold.  She also had the police execute a citizen's arrest in her name sending two protesters to jail for "trespassing."  The DA later dropped the charges for lack of evidence but the cult got great pictures of people being arrested. 

She was married to ex-Sci Jeff Hawkins who blew because David Miscavige beat him.  Muriel plays "bad cop" to Muriel Dufresne's "Good Cop."  You can see that in action in the video at right where she yells at people wanting to visit her film studio which is not open to the public.  This is ironic since Scientology forced it's way onto the Universal Studios set of Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" to put up an annoying recruitment tent.
SHELLY (Michelle)  MISCAVIGE MISSING - Wife of cult leader David Miscavige. She was the mother of Gold Base and put out a lot of her husband�s fires when he would act extreme. She saw to it that the fatty, unhealthy food in the cafeteria was replaced with more nutritional fare.  She was apparently furious with husband David Miscavige for going on Tom Cruise and Katie Holme's honeymoon with them. She has not been seen since. For someone who is married to a very famous guy she has few photographs on the Internet. For a list of prisoners at Gold Base click here..
STACY MOXON DEAD - Daughter of cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon. Despondent over being held captive at Gold Base and unable to see her family and her boyfriend she wrote a suicide note in June of 2000. Then she got into an underground vault the electricians had forgotten to lock down. She came in contact with a transformer and 7,200 volts went through her, instantly boiling her internal organs. Her body exploded and bounced around the confined space.

The Scientologists at Gold panicked.  Their call to emergency services said there was a fire in the parking lot.  When the fire crew arrived they found no car on fire.  Instead the found Stacy's remains at the bottom of the vault.  They said it was the sickest thing they had ever seen.   It is theorized that firemen were lied to because the Scientologists at first wanted to destroy her remains in a flaming vehicle to eliminate evidence.

The electricians who forgot to lock the vault were severely punished.   Meanwhile Ken Hoden made up an absurd alibi for why Stacy was killed.  He told authorities she had entered the underground vault to "rescue a squirrel!"  He was taken off his post and replaced with Muriel Dufresne for that.

More on Stacy's Death.
DANNY DUNAGIN Cult guard who has violently attacked multiple protesters. Originally on the archive staff.  This loose cannon is widely loathed by many at Gold. A failed firefighter and coward, Dunagin was such a reliable source of screw ups he earned the nickname 'Danny Dunitagain'.  He damaged equipment, wrecked a rover bike and accidentally incinerated his own German Shepherd while burning garbage at Happy Valley. Gwen, his ex-wife, gave him a fat lip once. Basically dysfunctional, if it were not for the cult he would have nowhere to go. Once it falls he will be unemployable. The main gate security booth where he works is totally bulletproof and has a reputation for absolute safety. But during a drive-by shooting Dunagin cowered underneath the counter like "a scared puppy during fireworks". This was visible when security recordings of the incident were reviewed. He got in trouble for this cowardice since it meant he couldn't be trusted in a crisis. In the 1990's my sources tell me "Danny was in the main booth and some SP (critic) drove up to the guard booth and started talking smack to him. Danny came out of the guard booth and slugged the guy while he was sitting in his car. This was a big no no and CSI (Church of Sci Intl) got sued. The SP guy won and I think they ended up settling the case and the guy got a cash payout. Danny had to be out of sight out of mind and was out on as the night shift guard for about 10 years."
My sources don't think that they will offload or RPF (slave labor) Danny because he is a very unstable person.  It used to be, if you were restricted to the Int Base and could never leave, Danny was the person that would tell you where to go sleep or that you had to check in with because he was always the night guard at the Main booth. After so many people were being restricted there were no more places to sleep and you just had to find a spot under your desk or something. Danny treated you like crap and basically told you that you were a fuck-up and not having a place to sleep was your own damn problem even though security in most cases were the ones placing people on the restricted list. If someone blows the Int Base it is wholly blamed on the Security guards for allowing a blow to occur.

Also, in order to get off the list, Security had to attest and basically say that you were okay to go home each night. Danny Dunagin was the guy that would say yay or nay. One ex-cultist remembers being restricted to the base for about a year. He did not see his own bed for a year. He slept in a sleeping bag in an attic for months or under his desk. The only thing keeping him from sleeping in his own bed was Danny Dunagin and his personal vendetta against people like my source that thought he was a fucktard.  Now everybody lives there and can't leave anyway. "Danny probably has lost most of his ability or authority to inflict pain and suffering and AGP (Angry Gay Pope) is his only outlet" my source muses.  According to my spy "Danny is personally a very anti social person. He has been married at least twice that I know of and his last wife divorced him in 1999 or 2000 if I remember correctly. I knew them both and he treated them like shit. When he was with them he was 1% less asshole at the most. He gets physical with staff as well. He has physically struck staff members and been reprimanded for it. " 

That's pretty ironic since he is just slapping people around like head cultist David Miscavige is widely said to do.  Danny is also the one who had the K-9 dog at the base and lived with it in a trailer for a few years. Danny went to many training classes and was the dog's handler the entire time they had it. This was $15,000 trained attack dog that they had in the main booth. The dog was gotten for protection for Dave Miscavige. Clearwater and Celebrity Center in Hollywood also had these same kind of dogs. I think the only reason that Danny even was the one who got the dog was because he grew up on a German Air Force Base and speaks fluent German. Danny was so arrogant and started telling people around the Int Base how his dog was trained to kill on command. One day Danny was burning a huge area of trash in Happy Valley. His dog didn't realize the ground was actually hot ash and ran into the fire, promptly burning to death.
KEVIN CATAENO A guard. Called 'Casey' by his family. Has a sham marriage to cult bigwig Kirsten Cataeno who lives two hours away in Los Angeles.  A long standing OSA agent, she is one of the main dirty tricksters but he is just a lowly guard.  Scientology splits up families in order to keep people compartmentalized. There are a lot of marriages and a lot of divorces.  Plus ongoing shams like this relationship.  Keeping people apart in time and/or space keeps them from comparing notes and realizing they are being used.
TOMMY DAVIS - Scientology spokesman who lives at Gold. The wealthy son of actress Ann Archer (cultist). He is good looking and well spoken but out of his depth. Scientologists are supposed to be in it to save the world and they take a kind of vow of poverty. Not Tommy Davis. He drives a super-expensive high performance BMW street racer and gets away with it. That's because he has so much money and donates a lot to the church. When his father dies he will inherit even more.  Boy does he strike me as Gay even though he has a token wife. 

More than once Tommy has shown up at the door of ex-cultist "Happy Smurf" begging him to stop fighting the church.  I told Smurf to get a restraining order.

People are leaving the church so during 2009 Tommy was going around the country threatening to tear cult families apart unless they stay in line (disconnection).  Then he lies to his own mother about what he is up to. Since she is a celebrity who donates to the group she is kept in the dark about the Church�s bad behavior.  His rare interview with reporter Nathan Baca then of of KESQ-TV Palm Springs is not to be missed. He is suspected of being a closeted homosexual/bisexual.  Could you imagine a three way with him, Tom Cruise and David Miscavige?  Wow that would be hot!  But they all have dark hair. They need a blonde fourth.  I volunteer! 

Donating a lot of $$$$ to the cult has not saved  Tommy frome abuse.  Once, in the RPF, he was made to clean a garbage dumpster with a toothbrush.  He eventually routed out, moved to Los Angeles and divorced his wife.

More on Tommy Davis.
ronnie miscavige sr.RONNIE MISCAVIGE Father of cult leader David Miscavige. Plays the trumpet in the Golden Era Productions band. Outspoken aggressive and funny. Did not get special treatment for being DM�s dad. Wife Becky.  Both of them escaped from Gold base in mid-2012 after planning to get out for six months.  This is especially hard to do because everyone is being watched and encouraged to tattle on each other.  There are also many listening devices hidden inside and out making planning difficult.

After he "blew" the cult his son, David Miscavige, had him followed by heavily armed private investigators who were caught by the cops with a car full of weapons, according to the LA Times.  Then he wrote a book about it. OOOPS!  Now he has appeared on many media outlets denouncing his son.
TOM CRUISE A nice guy who came to Gold sometimes.  People were forbidden to talk to him and he never saw the abuses other suffered. Got pulled over by the cops for street racing. He is suspected of being a closeted homosexual/bisexual.  Cult leader David Miscavige went on Cruise's honeymoon with Katie HolmesMore on Tom Cruise. JOHN TRAVOLTA Considered a nice guy (who let his son die from lack of medical care instead of renouncing his religion). He came to Gold sometimes. Once, while being audited, Travolta found out he was being watched and recorded during supposedly private therapy. He was furious and had to have his ass kissed for days or weeks. Miscavige 'shot everyone involved' (metaphorically).  He is suspected of being a closeted homosexual/bisexual.  More on John Travolta.