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A massive security presence distracts from the lack of stars or outside media showing up

Scientology finally opens it's Media Center movie studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hwd. And Angry Gay Pope has made his first "big budget" video of the year! As befits such a noteworthy event as this. Later videos will delve into my library of unreleased data and the history of this five acre property. Wanna see that story? Donate! But for now enjoy previous characters OSA-bot Ken Long, Anti-Shirtless Lady, and Riverside's own Catherine Fraser in a story about the security of this event. Too much!

When his Horniness the Angry Gay Pope approached this event's VIP entrance a triple conjunction of legal restraining order issues confronts him! Plus a visit to the cult security loading zone. Where Scientologists had to wait for hours for a security check before being loaded into the buses to be taken to the "begging for your money" events.

Your donations make these videos happen! If AGP does not do this ... nobody is going to record this. Forget it. Investigative journalism has collapsed at the conventional sources.

scientology media productionsMAY 28, 2016 SUNSET BOULEVARD:  Scientology had been working on this building for years at the glacial pace they have done everything.  But it was finally ready to open after fits and starts and rumors.  Jeez I recorded them hanging the curtains six months ago.  The publication of Ron Miscavige's book RUTHLESS delayed this event for several weeks but the big day was finally here.  I gathered with about ten other protesters before we headed out. They went  to Big Blue where the buses were loading and carried signs reminding cultists of the pain that disconnection policies have. They looked just like the "Call Me" billboard protesters erected on a road not far from here.  I have a restraining order against me there so I went down the street to the Media Center itself to protest.  My signs included an image of Ron Miscavige's book, other critical books, and a photo ex-LA sheriff Lee Baca who is a Scientologist and is fighting six months in jail for lying to the feds regarding his uh "job performance."

angry gay pope and protesters wait to do our thingThe Big Blue complex slowly filled with people because they had been warned to come up to two or three hours early. Protester Fred G. Haseney and others took photos of the people in this area and got to mingle with them. This was because the Church, for some reason, had not gotten a street closure for this bus boarding area. That was odd. Security must have been amazing since cultists were not even told where to park until they arrived at Big Blue. Then they went to their assigned parking blocks away  just to be bussed from parking areas right back to the registration tent.  Then they had to pass through security and prove they were not critics or spies. Only then could buses be used to take them to the event which was so close by the vehicles were not even needed.  Why did they have them? Because organizers didn't want their followers meeting protesters on the short walk over. Slowly the crowds grew and people began to board buses with the blackest tinted windows I have ever seen. These helped stop bus occupants from noticing protest signs.

When I reached SMP I found that, as expected, all sidewalks touching their property were closed.  The other side of Sunset Boulevard was also closed and blocked off with large fake bushes the Church always uses to block views of protesters. These were even seen inside the event to cause visibility gaps and prevent the outside world from being seen by those within.  Security was everywhere: off duty LAPD probably from the Scientology owned Northeast Division, GSG Security men, rent-a-cops directing pedestrians away, other outside security, Scientology goons, OSA agents, Scientologists told to just watch and monitor, the fire department, possible Nation of Islam (NOI) goons and a guy with an attack dog. Why does a Church need an attack dog to guard a public relations event?

After waiting in long lines at the Big Blue complex security center people now waited in long lines again just to get inside the media center.  I can only imagine the security hassles they had to go through to prove their loyalty.  Once they arrived they were greeted with a sign that said "no photography inside."  Ordinarily this line of protesters waiting would be hard to photograph due to street closures but I immediately found a gap in their security: the Del Taco parking lot.  They may have closed the sidewalk in front of it but I entered via the rear entrance and could walk right up to the sidewalk because the parking lot was private property the Church in no way could control. 

del taco logoI was immediately hassled by a security guard in a white shirt  He dressed differently than all other security guards and claimed to be working for Del Taco.  He demanded that I either leave or go inside and buy food. I went inside and got a drink then took photos of the cultists outside through the big windows.  But the glass corrupted my images with reflections. I asked both an employee and the manager about the white shirt security guy and both disavowed any knowledge of him.  He was a liar and wore a white shirt only to appear different from other security try to fool us.  He was paid by the cult and nobody else. He called the cops and they wanted me to leave but didn't force me to so I did not leave the parking lot.  Then Ken Long showed up.  He has a restraining order against me because I touched his butt while intoxicated on November 7, 2015.

Ken Long of OSA saw me and immediately walked over to around the 100 foot border of the restraining order he has against ME.  Yes he was stalking me, pushing it to the edge and he followed me around the perimeter everywhere I went. I could not lose him.  With all this loyal security he was in no danger. I was.  When I walked to the VIP entrance it was manned by two women who USED to have restraining orders against me:  Anti-Shirtless Lady (3 orders) and Catherine Fraser of Golden Era Productions (1 order).  I call the one woman "Anti-Shirtless Lady" because even using her real name could get me in legal trouble.  I doubt it was a co-incidence that a holy trinity of the three cultists who have had restraining orders against me all showed up in the same place - the VIP area.  Even though the women's restraining orders had expired they had the power, in perpetuity, to tell the cops "he's menacing me and he has had previous RO's in the past!"  I was across the street but Ken Long was now pushing into the 100 foot zone I need to stay out of. He kept doing this so eventually I circled the perimeter counterclockwise and walked back towards the Big Blue complex.  There is a restraining order against me there too but it is just a road. Unlike Ken Long, roads cannot pull themselves out of the ground and follow me.

Across the street from L. Ron Hubbard Way I watched as buses and cultists swarmed the sidewalks waiting to board.  Fellow anon "Casper" rode up to me on a bicycle and we decided to walk back over to the media center.  When we got back to the Del Taco parking lot safe zone we were hassled again by the white shirted security guy. He again insisted I leave or go inside the restaurant.  He threatened to have me arrested for "loitering" and then he threatened to have me arrested for "violating your restraining order" even though Ken Long was not there.  "He will be here" the security guard glowered.  This is exactly the kind of threatening, entrapping behavior the judge was warned they would try.  His honor will be informed of this incident because I am editing a full video of it. 

capt. arturo sandoval I went to the LAPD security booth and complained but the cops totally took the security guard's side.  They were obviously corrupt, not just "paid to be there." Biased and paid off.  They probably came from the cult owned Northeastern Division.  This was the division I was taken to during last Nov. 7th's "arrest" incident in which two crooked cops basically "kidnapped" me.  The Northeastern Division is also very near Glendale, which is a Scientology hotbed.  Even worse, Capt. Arturo Sandoval of the Northeastern Division had the gall to actually speak this day at the SMP opening. He gushed to the crowd "What's significant about the Church and its members is that you give and ask for nothing in return.  With this grand opening today, we all gain an ability to get out important messages containing truth across all manner of different media. And only in that way can we help guarantee that our kids succeed."

In reality the Church always takes, never gives, always lies and runs schools whose only function is to indoctrinate and recruit.

With the police so in the cult's pocket that they can spout drivel like that in public at the opening performance I decided it was time to leave.  I did not see the opening performance but I felt it psychically. I was tired, you can't win when the cops are paid off, and I already had enough material to show the judge that I have significant concerns about Ken Long entrapping me.  As I walked back to Sunset and Vermont to catch a bus I saw a plane circling the media center towing a banner.  "Oh wow!" I thought. "Is this a protest banner?"  People have done that, or tried to do that, in the past at big cult events like this. Pay an aviator to tow anti-Sci propganda banners, that is.

Unfortunately the banner featured the seal of the City of Los Angeles and the words "Celebrating a historic Hollywood landmark" in a font the cult likes to use.  That was really vague use of promotion.  Poor Scientology, afraid even to put it's name on a banner it had paid for.  Even worse for them they claimed 10,000 people showed up yet only had 1,000 seats ready.  If the world's highest concentration of Scientologists only got 2,000 people to show up for this major event then the stink of death doth be upon them.

And their biggest Hollywood star to show up was some chick who appeared on "Dharma and Greg" which was cancelled in 2002.  Jenna Elfman. Bitch.

warning to attendees regarding security