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scientology church lawyer kendrick moxon

APRIL 13, 2016: When I arrived in court Church uber-lawyer Kendrick Moxon (shown at left) and flunkie "sexual battery victim" Ken Long were there.  Unlike other trials where Moxon was in charge of the prosecution, this was a citizen's arrest.  The Church exploits citizen's arrest laws and uses them to harass it's enemies. In a citizen's arrest an alleged crime occurs but the cops don't see it. So you call them and they arrive and you convince them to arrest somebody for a crime you are charging them with.  Of course, with the Church and cops it takes no convincing.  The LAPD and Riverside police do whatever they say. Often immediately.  If I tried to do tha to them I probably could not.  It's very convenient for them when the arrest is made. But when things get to court their lawyers, in this case Moxon,  must put up with a ... groan .... public defender!  These overworked lawyers are young and burned out already and have not much idea how to deal with issues Scientology considers important. How awful!

Theoretically if someone sets you up this way with a fake citizen's arrest as they have done to me, or tried, many times, you could fight back by suing your accuser after you have been found "not guilty."  In reality, this is hard.  Where would I get the money to file the charges, pay for the jury, etc.? Yes the accuser must pay jury fees. 

The Church had charged me with disturbing a religious gathering so my lawyer filed papers demanding to tour the facility.  We all knew it was a printing and publication building, not a religious one.  Moxon was concerned with Graham's need to photograph this address.  I watched him rush to confer with the District Attorney over this. But the DA said something about him just being a "third party."

My lawyer Graham Berry arrived, conferred with the officials, came back and said that this is the best deal you are going to get. A three year restraining order from LRH way and Ken Long. I was concerned that giving up would prevent me from finding out about those two corrupt cops who insta-arrested me. Plus I had seen no video of the incident.   I refused to make a deal until I had seen the video. 

The Church finally released video of the incident disproving my view of early events where I claimed that I had not seen Ken Long, Office of Special Affairs. I forgot in the fog of alcohol our early meeting which lasted about ninety seconds. Especially because Odo and the other bike guards rushed up and continued to circle me until I left.

So I will take the deal and pay for the roughly $300 in court costs with donations.

Mr. Moxon claimed that the admin bldg I entered the lobby of was suddenly a Church bldg. Graham was pushing motions to search the area. This means that he could search the building to see if it is a Church or not. Moxon did not like this idea at all.

Moxon was going bald. OT 7's should not do that. It seems all that time and money spent climbing Scientology's bridge to total freedom had resulted in him having a bald spot, his daughter committing suicide to escape the cult, and his son, daughter in law and grandchild were also out of the cult.  He also failed to have the granddaughter aborted.  Some OT powers!

Unexpectedly, Judge Kerry Bensinger volunteered to recuse himself over working previously for a law firm that had COS for a client. Quinn, Kully and Morrow. One of the Church's main law firms a the time, Quinn, Kully and Morrow merged with a giant Washington DC firm Arnold & Porter in 1996.  But I said "no problem." Nevertheless it demonstrates the pervasive nature of Scientology in L.A.'s criminal justice system. Their tentacles reach everywhere through time and space, often seeking out the most corrupt individuals to connect to.

From 1987 through 1996, the law firm of Quinn, Kully & Morrow was one of the Church of Scientology's leading law firms in Los Angeles. Judge Morrow's other senior partner John J. ("Jack") Quinn was often lead counsel for the Church of Scientology International and other of its affiliated corporations and enterprises. Jack Quinn is a former President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and was a California State Bar leader. For conflict of interest purposes, Judge Morrow is considered to have formerly represented the Church of Scientology, which benefited from Reed Slatkin's $600 million Ponzi scheme. Between 1987 and 1996, the Quinn, Kully & Morrow law firm provided representation and advice to the Church of Scientology in numerous cases which involved: David Mayo/Robin Scott; Bent Corydon; Roxanne Friend; Vicki and Richard Aznaran; Joseph A Yanny, Esq.. ("Yanny I"); CSI v. Fishman & Geertz; Geertz & Fishman v. CSI. CLICK FOR MORE .

Next Judge Bensinger replied to Graham's attempt to find out about four of the LAPD involved in my arrest. A Pitchess motion is a request made by the defense in a California criminal case to access a law enforcement officer's personnel information when the defendant alleges in an affidavit that the officer used excessive force or lied about the events, and my case was not even being tried yet.  Terrific! Research being done! But would the judge allow it? The judge said that, firstly, most of what both sides argued was fluff, but he agreed with the idea of a background check on their personnel history. Had they worked security for the Church in the past? After the Anonymous protests of 2008-10 the Church hired many off duy police officers for it's events.  As a protester I was for this as it cost the Church extra money.  The police often also ended up babysitting their own bosses.  Such as the incident in 2008 when Scientologist actress Noelle North blocked access to a Subway sandwich shop  (long story).  It's a great recruiting tool for corrupting LAPD because here are the cops who need extra money anyway working security overtime.

Also, the Church basically owns the Northeastern division where the cops who arrested me are from.  Months later in May 2016 the Church opened the Scientology Media Productions studio. The only government official to show up was Captain Arturo Sandoval of the Northeastern LAPD division. That tells you they are totally paid off.  Of course I did not know this in November 2015 when two corrupt cops from Northeastern arrested me with no talking to, no miranda warning, just smirks.  Those officers, who both looked Hispanic to me, were male and female. Two other officers claimed to be involved. They were Officers Asuncion #36248, Officer Carrillo #40854, Officer Lopez #38805 and Officer Stauber #41178.

So the Judge actually went backstage and read the personnel files only he could view to see if the four cops involved in my arrest had also work security for Sci events. He came back and reported "no they had not." This means that either A) the judge was telling the truth (likely), B) the judge was paid off and lied (unlikely), or C) the Church got into the cops personnel files on the computer and changed them (also unlikely). That was not what I wanted to hear but, nevertheless, I, as a U.S. citizen, was deeply touched.  This was the first time I could remember in my fifty years of life that a high ranking government official at any level actually took my concerns seriously. 

But his report cut the legs off of any attempted lawsuit against the city.  I could not re-ignite my fight against the corrupt cops who insta-arrested me. I don't recall any miranda thing and no talking to both sides. That's when the cult's video cuts off. When the cops appear. What a coincidence.  Usually the Church loves to post hate video of And they smirked about the charges "Sexual Battery."  It was a big joke to them as they were above the law.  I'm sure they knew the charges would not stick.  Hopefully the fact that their records were publicly examined will become part of their public record itself. 

Anyway it was great to see that you can get a Judge to go do something and look it up just for you during court.