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AGP enturbulates Sleazy Sterling Management, scientology front group
sterling management building
sterling management systems logoJUNE 2012 - Recently I decided to enturbulate Sterling Management, the Glendale CA company that uses the fig leaf of Efficiency Consultation to push the scam that is LRH tech. I went to their website and requested a DVD. Within a short time I was contacted via email and phone by Seth Watson, Service Consultant at [email protected].

I promptly pulled him in with my lies Scientology style. I told him I was an accountant who is also a preclear. He sounded excited. He asked how I found out about Sterling. I told him my friend Patty Baber told me about it. (Patty is a handler and thus we hate each other). I told him that my accounting sole proprietorship had been doing okay but with the bad economy my biz had stopped growing. "Oh we can help you" he replied. Instead of a DVD I was sent to a private link to the video above. You can't see it on youtube, only through the link. Gee David Miscavige, why are you selling DVDs of LRH over and over again? Why not just put it on youtube? I guess DM needs a class in efficiency from Sterling Management.

Seth wrote:
Thanks for your interest in Sterling and for taking a few minutes with me today. If you're trying to go to the next level and you feel like you've hit a ceiling, you should watch this video. It will teach you key management principles that will help you gain control of your statistics. I'll check in with you in a few days.
Best, Seth Watson Service Consultant
Office: (800) 933-7538 x233  Cell: (626) 244-7425

Since that time he has emailed and called several times asking if I saw the video and inviting me to an "event" in Huntington Beach. Seth may be embarrassed by this posting but somehow I doubt it. Just look at the photos he posts of himself on his MySpace page:

seth watson - weird scientologist scary headshot seth watson weird scientologist

Who I'd like to meet: A clone of myself, L. Ron Hubbard, Jesus, Billy Corgan, Herbie Hancock, The man who invented Google, Drew Barrymore (again), a materialist who has a working explanation of consciousness.

Gee isn't LRH a materialist who had a working explanation of consciousness? The video contains a lush opening sequence which has Golden Era Productions all over it. And the voice over announcer sounds just like the guy in the infamous Tom Cruise black turtleneck video. Then there is a long sample speech given by a Sci called Ben Ochart. He makes no attempt to cover up the LRH tech, instead bragging about it and discussing tone scales and stats. What this has to do with accounting? Absolutely nothing.

Seth wrote me back on May 24 about Ben Ochart and his video:
Great on watching the video! Yes, the tone scale applies in so many ways to running a business because it helps you know what to expect of certain staff or clients. There's a lot to know about how to communicate with people at different tone levels to get things done.  Ben is a lead consultant here, and I work closely with him in the public contact divison. We have many other consultants, and Ben seldom speaks at our weekend workshops. Give me a call when you get a moment. There are some materials I think you'd be interested in that would help you immediately and would expand on what you saw in the video.

Seth Watson
Service Consultant
Office: (800) 933-7538 x233
Cell: (626) 244-7425
The Interview
June 6, 2012:  Seth Watson at cult front group Sterling has continued his aggressive calling of me every two days and scheduled a phone interview this afternoon plus a physical meeting on Friday. I strung him along and wasted almost an hour on the phone before he began asking specific accounting related questions about my imaginary small biz. I could not answer.

He asked me what I liked about the video link he sent me (see video below). By the fourth time he asked for more about the appeal of the video I was running out of answers. I didn't really watch it. This was where my reading of scientology tomes like "Shattering Suppression" regarding how to lie in public came in handy. Those books use an example of how to lie your way into a PTA meeting. LRH's writing's affected me. I still remember it.

I told him I liked the info on dealing with co-workers via the tone scale. He commented that covert hostility was 1.1 on the tone scale and they make trouble. Of course, as a Homosexual I am 1.1 on the tone scale and I was also covertly hostile to him. Ironic he didn't get it! I knew he assumed I was Heterosexual because he asked me questions about my wife. I told him I was single and that Homosexuals bother me because I live near the Gay district (West Hollywood) and sometimes they want accounting help. I think they are weird and LRH agrees." Seth concurred knowingly but said nothing blatantly Homophobic.

According to him Sterling is unaffected by the economy and just grows and grows along with their client base. "If everyone followed LRH tech for business we would not have economic problems." he boasted. "Every day we have musters, you know what that means?" he asked.

I said "Yes that's a military gathering." "Well twice a day we have musters and talk about the wins our clients had. And every day I see charts that just go up and up like a mountain. It's not the economy, its not the location it's YOU and we can help you be a better businessman. We use LRH tech to do this but it is solely Hubbard management tips, organizational skills and admin tech. We don't own the copyrights for, and are not licensed to, do auditing or Dianetics type emotional therapy."

Seth comes from a Scientology family.  His father, Chris Watson, has many service completions.  His mother, Joanne Watson, also has service completions.
According to Seth Sterling Management has helped 75,000 practices - 10,000 on a long term basis. He claims Sterling's client list includes:

Lancome Cosmetics
Dell Computer
Rolex Watches
All State Insurance

He told me a client story he heard at a seminar of a small mom and pop bakery in Germany whose growth exploded into a whole chain of stores after Sterling helped them. They were so successful they even convinced a government in Germany to adopt LRH Tech! I find that really preposterous since he, of course, could not remember the name of the bakery or the name of the innovative German town in a country known to be openly hostile to Sci.  He began to ask me in-depth questions about my imaginary accounting firm. Before the interview I was concerned he would ask me for some specific Certified Public Accountant ID number but he didn't. That means OSA type investigations have not kicked in yet and demanded info about who I really am. Instead I used LRH Tech to concoct a plausible backstory and then pretend that it was real.

I told him how the poor economy had hurt my small business since 2008. I told him I am not a people person and not very social. Har haw we all say to that! He wanted to know my income every year since then, my current accounts receivable, how many write offs I took.

Now we got into technical accounting questions which I can't answer as I'm not an accountant and my business is as imaginary as a bridge to total freedom. So I put him on the defensive by asking "How much do your courses cost?" He kept avoiding that subject, saying that he was just an info gatherer preparing me for the next step: my meeting on Friday with higher ups like founders Barb and Kevin Wilson. They would answer questions about costs and fees.

"You keep asking me about money but you won't answer money questions of your own" I complained. Finally he said "Well costs are unclear because we custom tailor everything for you. But prices range from:

$50 - book
$600 - seminar
$3,500 - $35,000 for intensive training (I forgot his exact wording here)

While Seth claimed his questions about my finances were just to help them provide a financial strategy for me I knew that, in the back of his mind, he was thinking "How much money does he have and how can we get it? " Finally he asked me how much "headroom" I had on my credit cards and I didn't know what that meant.

So I said "Seth would you check out that video on YouTube you sent me the link to?"

"What does the view count say?"


"Wow Seth, it used to be only about 300. That's double the number of views in just a week or two!"

"Uh, oh. Were you ... uh ... telling your friends about us?"

"No Seth ... those views are from Anonymous. We've been talking about you for weeks on the net and mocking your MySpace page.  I'm Gay and 1.1 on the tone scale. You are going to have to put this in a Knowledge Report."

"Yes I am going to report this because you people are being bad by putting down something good. Something that has helped millions of Scientologists to ...."

"There are no millions of Scientologists. Is David Miscavige KSW?"

"I don't know what that means ..."

"Is David Miscavige Keeping Scientology Working?"

"This conversation is over."
pdf icon
Dr. Minder's Depo

sterling management systems logoIn this revealing deposition  Sterling Management is forced to tell the truth about their shoddy biz practices.  Click the "PDF" icon at right to read the document. The depo was taken in May 2015 in Los Angeles for a case called "Dr. Robert L. Meinders v Emery Wilson Corporation d/b/a Sterling Management Systems."  The case involved the "Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005." The Church's lawyer is Anahit (Ana) Tagvoryan (#246536).

Among the secret revealed:

Sterling claims it's business has been unaffected by the bad economy but:

Q. Okay. How many people are currently employed at Emery Wilson?
A. 25
Q. How many were employed in '94 when you became director of public affairs?
A. Close to 300.
Q. Is there any particular reason why the number of people working there has gone down?
A. Well, I can answer with one question. The economy. One answer I meant. The company went down with a number of personnel during the years.

The employee handbook refers to "LRH" - Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard:

Q. Okay. On the page 34, Bates-marked 24, the third paragraph under Security Of Our Quarters, there are the initials LRH. Is that a reference to L. Ron Hubbard?
A. Yes.

 The handbook also refers to "ethics orders" and says that new staff are in a state of "non-existence". Pure Sci jargon.

 The witness doesn't listen to her lawyer and confirms that most of the EW people are Scientologists!

Q. Are most of the people that work at Emery Wilson involved in the broader Church of Scientology?
MS. TAGVORYAN: Objection.

Negative Sci jargon, like "entheta" are used to describe clients:

Q. Look at Exhibit 6. Is that the dead file for Robert Meinders?
A. Yeah.
Q. And what does it show his ID status to be?
A. Major entheta.
Q. Right, and this is something that came into existence because you asked to have it created; right?
MS. TAGVORYAN: Objection. Assumes facts not in evidence, vague and ambiguous as to "created."
BY MR. PIPER: Q. Is that correct?
A. Yes.
Q. And you're the one that asked to have plaintiff designated as major entheta; correct?
A. That's correct.
Q. What does major entheta mean?
A. The word major means he signed up for a major program. Meaning not the short program or the four-day program … Entheta means disturbing. I defined the word before. Obviously receiving the lawsuit, it was disturbing.

dianetics  burning on open fireClients are told that if they do not read the Scientology bible "Dianetics" they will have a heart attack.

Q. As part of the management programs, are clients ever recommended to read Dianetics?
MS. TAGVORYAN: Okay. Objection. Counsel, do you want to state why you believe this line of questioning is relevant to whether your plaintiff consented to receive a fax advertisement?
MR. PIPER: Well, I think when he was told he was going to have a heart attack because he didn't want to read Dianetics, that might have stopped there being an existing business relationship.

Scientologists are often told that if they do, or do not, read certain Scientology books their health will be directly affected.
How much of this tedious Sterling Management training video can you watch before passing out from boredom?
ben ochart - sterling management scientologist



Kevin Wilson sterling management






I could only watch about 7 minutes of this garbage before I reached maximum revulsion and started wanting to puke.  One of the first things you see in this video is an exterior shot of the STERLING home office. It looks like the entrance into a cult center.  Jeff Pomerantz narrates this video's intro. ...He's the same douche who narrates every $cientology event. If you've ever watched a $cientology video you'll recognize his voice.  As you would expect, Jeff Pomeranian begins the video by busting off a long list of Sterlings 'statistics.'

Jeff, basically, busts off 21-years of STERLING stats to 'WOW' you with a bunch of unsubstantiated statistics ...just like the cult of $cientology, you've got nothing that actually proves this guy's credentials, take this complete stranger's word.  Then, they immediately say the 'technology' STERLING uses is based on L. Ron's bullshit, which I thought was very ballsy considering how $cientology is viewed by the mainstream. Plus, a simple Google search of Fatboy lists more negative feedback than you can fathom.

Then, Ben Ochart, who I'm guessing is the guy who runs/owns Sterling, steps in front of the camera to conduct what I'm assuming is going to be a 1-and-a-half-hour long infomercial/seminar on increasing your CPA business using L. Ron's magical managerial pearls of wisdom. ...this sounds to me like a hour and half specially designed to induce suicide.

Moreover, if you don't know about L. Ron's managerial 'TECH', I'll give you the low down.... Treat your employee's like suspects using PTS/SP tech, then jack up all your customers fees so you can bleed them of as much money as you can. Then, track every little thing you do with a meaningless statistics, so you can then use those 'statistics' to creep out your employees by shouting at them "you're stats are down" and make them apply condition formulas. There, I just saved you $1,000s in Sterling management fees.

Furthermore, because he's a $cientologist, one can obviously deduce he's locked in with WISE/$cientology, and he, therefore, most assuredly hands over a substantial portions of his profits to WISE/$cientology. So clearly, supporting his organization becomes supporting Miscavige's prison camps.   Also, Ben Ochart, OT8, is someone, who wants everyone he meets to hand over a $750,000 ransom to Miscavige to ascend into the 8-inner levels of Mt. Crazy.  Another annoying thing I kept noticing in the video was how the video was edited. The screen flashed white and made rapid white swipes/transitions at various times was just extremely annoying.

So after a bunch of preliminary fluff, Ben appears, and the first thing Ben does is 'take a survey' of the audience which entails asking the 'audience' a simple question. ...the question was something like "What do you most want your business to do?"

The first answer an 'audience' shouted "Growth." (meaning, employers want to expand their business).  Then, the next person shouted out "Cross Divisions" (Divisions are how $cienotologists complartmentalize a business, so the meaning of 'cross divisions' means 'employers want employees to wear many hats').  In other words, this farcical 'audience' was $cientologists giving scripted answers to this 'survey.' This entire video is a scripted steaming pile of bullshit meant to look like an infomercial, but really it's a backdoor recruitment video into $cientology.