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Lapsed Lutherans, uninformed foreigners and closeted Gay guys
Click to EnlargeEDEN STEIN - President, Church of Scientology Pasadena. I first saw her during a protest at Big Blue in Los Angeles she came out to follow me around with a camera. I nicknamed her "Chubbietta" because she was so heavy she had trouble keeping up with me.  Here are her published service completions. Since she runs the Org she has published her email address on Scientology press releases. It is [email protected] .   Although she must own that domain she has done nothing with it. Her official Scientology website is here.  In Chubbiettta's own words: "Hello, my name is Eden Marcelo Stein, and here is a little bit about myself: I am a financial Adviser and I help people with their retirement and estate planning by Building and accumulating wealth through investments, real estate, & Financing.

I am married with 2 children and live in Southern California. My oldest son Derek, 23, is in medical school. My youngest boy Marc, 15, is in high school.

Having been separated from my family at a very tender age Of 17, I came to the U. S. to go to college in Worcester, Mass. Imagine My surprise when I found out life was much different from what I Learned within the convent-type walls of my high school and grade School! I went into a cultural shock! Cut off from my own kind, I had to survive in a strange land, strange people and strange customs. I knew right away I needed something more than college to help me. There had to be more to life than this.

As a psychology major, I was open and anxious to know more about The mysteries of life. I had been searching and seeking. After a year in college, I walked into a Scientology mission. My whole world opened up before me and I read all these books that gave me answers to what I was looking for. I never looked back."

If she ever blows (leaves the cult) I would suggest learning to look back over your shoulder is a necessity when OSA follows you.
Click to EnlargeDARRELL KIRKLAND - In 2010 he moved to recently from Georgia. This used car salesman type gets a commission for every course he sells and every body he can route onto the bridge.  Too bad the place was devoid of customers the day we were there. His job is made even harder since all the books are shrink wrapped and you just have to take his word how great they are. Also, his stories and examples were often boring. He believes that "technology = religion" and claims Scientology has given him a deeper understanding of his Lutheranism. But then he admitted he never attends Lutheran services and spends all his time at the Pasadena Org. He has been a Scientologist for decades. His Facebook page.
Click to EnlargeGAYISH GOATEE GUY - He showed us Field Services and is a salesman like Darrel Kirkland.  He might as well be selling you above-ground swimming pools. There is something very not-Heterosexual about this one.  He bragged with confidence how they are working on opening an Ideal Org in the People's Republic of China.

There are billions of Chinese but none of them was in the Pasadena Ideal Org the day we were there. I can't imagine how these people face each new day knowing that, whatever their "hat" (job) is, they aren't going to get a chance to do it. That's because everybody but them realizes Scientology is a false god and they do not go into sales related Scientology areas to be hit upon by salesmen like Gayish Goatee Guy.
Click to EnlargeITALIAN LADY IN-CHARGE - She seemed to be the lady in charge, at least of doing the worker's schedules. While she gave me the tour I got too into photographing L. Ron Hubbard's office and she had to tell me not to get to excited.  "He's just a man" she reminded me.  I almost blew my cover there. I have never before heard a Scientologist tell anybody to calm down when it comes to L. Ron Hubbard!

She later engaged in a discussion of how a church can keep using the word "tech" all the time. Her solution was for us to watch videos until we got the answer but the video was all about how great the videos were. Then she was pulled aside when they found out we were infiltrators.
Click to EnlargeAFRICAN NEWBIE HANDLER - Literally just off the boat two weeks ago, he had very little knowledge of what Scientology had been up to. Eventually AnonOrange turned off his camera and spoke with him for some time about what was going on, why we were here and why we were wearing masks.  It appears they have taken away his passport, a common tactic with foreigners they want to use as slaves.

As it has become harder and harder to find American Scientologists willing to work for them the cult has had to rely more and more on naive foreigners who don't know what they are getting into.  This is probably because there is not a lot of anti-Scientology information on the net in their native language.
Click to EnlargeOLD FART HANDLER (name forthcoming) - He has been known to flyer protesters neighborhoods with pamplets proclaiming them "terrorists."
Click to EnlargeSEA ORG WORKERS - Sea Org workers usually wear blue shirts and pants and look like they work at the Gap.  But these Sea Orgers come in contact with the public so they dress like they work at a steakhouse. In this photo a couple is complaining that their schedules are keeping them separated, a common tactic to slowly break people down. Of course Italian Lady In Charge tells them they can't change the schedule.  Allowing married couples to spend too much time together can also allow them to compare notes and decide the whole thing is a scam and they are being used.

This picture seems like a harmless bunch of everyday workers but don't be fooled. This is the largest group of Scientologists I have ever photographed without them suspecting me of something. The Org was full of people ready to wait on you but there were no parishioners or guests to handle.  This must be very boring and demoralizing, especially since we were there on a Saturday afternoon only one week after opening. It can only go downhill from here.