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Celebs made flawless by Scientology would never embarrass the Church ...


tabloid scientology

A catchy promotional video for the IAS, the Independent Association of Scientologists. It stars celebrities who are only famous within the Church or their home country or has beens. I'm looking at you Jazz great Chick Corea. Few people see this video other than cultists dragged to overloud fundraising events. But shooting with expensive cameras it no doubt made many of the pseudo-famous "talent" feel important. And donate more to the IAS!  That's why they are doing what they are doing every day in every way!
The girl in the first shot is the daughter of the voice of Bart Simpson: Nancy Cartwright.

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This website is in an unfinished lower condition, a condition of un-havingness. Your donations help complete this page so it can be more uptone.

tom cruise smarmy TOM CRUISE
john travolta audited e-meter JOHN TRAVOLTA
 priscilla presley bad faceliftPRISCILLA PRESLEY
Prisilla & Lisa Presley 1975Notice how one side of Priscilla's face is sagging down in a funny way?  Bad plastic surgery.  Elvis's ex-wife's face features what plastic surgeons call a "Nike Swoosh" or windblown look.  The supports in her face gave way after surgery, but only on one side.  How could this happen to  a Scientologist who has spent so much money on therapy?  She is not "at cause over this track.  Much less the whole track!"  She should be able to go back in time to the period where she decided to have the surgery and then not have it.  Her failure to do this is considered a failure of her ability to keep Scientology working.  The cult will use flaws like this to prey upon rich people, telling them that if they spend more time and money on Scientology it will fix self-image medical problems like this. You just have to learn to go back and forth in time. And that costs money.

Scientologists know her bulging, lopsided cheek is really stuffed with body thetans, long dead space alien ghosts responsible for all evil in the world that only Scientology can cure. These ghosts mock up on you when you do bad things or have obsessive compulsive disorder.  I paraphrase L. Ron Hubbard who said "One can explain it by saying that Priscilla became bored and has 'a yearning for event or excitement' or that she mocks up pictures as an aberrated form of 'havingness.' Other ways can be invented to explain why she compulsively mocks up bad pictures, but these do not factually lead to a total solution to the compulsion."  Psychiatrists may have a different explanation for obsessive-compulsive body image disorder but she hates psychiatrists so who cares?

Meanwhile back in the 1970's Elvis himself made a trip to find out about Scientology.  It didn't go well.  He saw through them right away.  Too bad his ex-wife isn't so street-smart.  Not only did she convert John Travolta to Scientology she inadvertently contributed to the creation and destruction of Jett Travolta.  She also dragged Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie into the cult. Then the Scientologists took lots of Elvis's money from both of them AND made his daughter marry Michael Jackson.  If there is a lower circle of hell than "people thinking I sleep with Michael Jackson" I don't know what that circle is.  The man was a suspected Gay pedophile who looked like the Phantom of the Opera and had the grand canyon of drug habits.  Elvis would no doubt be furious if he had lived to see this.  If had been around it probably would not have happened.  Meanwhile Scientologists say they had no record of Elvis visiting and, if he did, maybe he would have gotten clean on Narconon and not have succumbed to his circle of drug dealing "friends" and "bodyguards." The same "friends" who allowed him to die an addict.  Oh really Scientology? These are the same friends who now say he hated Scientology.
Lisa Marie & Michael check to see who has had more nose jobsLisa Marie Presley looking skankyLISA MARIE PRESLEY
Psychiatrist hating Lisa Marie Presley is an adult White female Heterosexual. She married Black Gay pedophile Michael Jackson and is therefore the definition of sanity.  Recently she lived near the cult's European Mecca, St. Hill Manor, England. She used to live in the cult's U.S. Mecca, Clearwater Florida. 

Once upon a time Michael Jackson got thrown out of another cult, the Jehovah's Witnesses, for refusing to "butch up" his act.  Unable to be a part of that any more he apparently sought a new colossal waste of time and money. Thank goodness Scientology found him!  Wanting to get a hold of his cash and music rights they schemed to involve him.  This was a simple as ordering Elvis's daughter to marry him.  She did this because doing what you are told is what you do when you are in this cult.  Yes the preposterous marriage of these two was the doing of the Church of Scientology.  But Lisa Marie and the cult got turned off by ... surprise!  Jackson's activities with young boys!  When she and Mike appeared on Oprah together she sounded like a witness for the prosecution discussing who he shared his bed with.  "So what if he has kids in his bed?" she exclaimed.  Unfortunately he was too hot to handle and the cult wanted out.  They divorced and Jackson went on to a huge career as a dead guy. A role he will never lose!

In 2012 Presley released a new album featuring lyrics that shocked ex-Scientologists.  She sang of "heartfelt people doing heartless things" and used cult code words to indicate she was blowing Scientology!  She is no longer a Scientologist.  Will she be forced to disconnect from her mother and Kirstie Alley? Or will she be like Tom Cruise and just do what she wants because she is a rich celeb?
Kirstie Alley ChinsKirstie Alley superchubKirstie Alley Fat Actress KIRSTIE ALLEY
Weight Loss Website Organic Liason
Kirstie Alley, once the star of TV hit Cheers, has done two entire TV series based on how fat she is ... or is not.  That's called creatively bankrupt. But she is so intelligent and funny!  Why can't she get a better gig? She has a reputation for being difficult and flakey.  How could anyone who owns a family of lemurs be considered flakey???

Alley was raised Methodist but is now a member of the Church of Scientology. At the time she became a Scientologist, Alley admitted to having had a cocaine addiction and went through Narconon, a Scientology-affiliated drug treatment program, to end her dependency. She has continued her Scientology training and, as of 2007, had attained the level of OT VII (Operating Thetan level 7). In May 2000, she purchased, for $1.5 million, the former home of fellow Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley, a 5,200 sq ft (480 m2) waterfront mansion in Clearwater, Florida, the spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology.  In 2007, Alley gave $5 million to Scientology.

With the failure of her two fat-based TV shows Kirstie turned to making money off a weight loss scam.  In March 2010 she and her Clearwater Florida Scientology cronies launched Organic Liason, the first USDA certified organic weight loss program.  Like Scientology, this scam demands money every month whether you lose weight or not and has no proof of efficacy. It is a subscription plan.  It was at the opening of her LA Organic Liason store that I ran into her. You can see this in the video at right.  The store opening angered residents with its street closures and loud music late into the evening (a violation of civil codes).

I've passed that store many times and never seen anyone inside, not even employees!  A second problem is that the weight loss store is across the street from the "House of Pies" restaurant and the air smells like banana cream.  Fat people heading to Kirstie's place might just follow the smell and end up having pie instead.
nancy cartwright NANCY CARTWRIGHT
Official Website
Scientology Service Completions

Nancy (wearing blue at left with Erika Christensen) is the voice of Bart Simpson on Fox's THE SIMPSONS.  This is ironic since the show recorded a famously anti-Scientology episode involving a cult called the "Movementarians" who's leader looks just like L. Ron Hubbard. Nancy has taken many Scientology courses starting in 1989 and she gave ten million dollars to the cult in a single donation. That's two years salary for her. Either she is brainwashed or blackmailed or both. 

bart simpson She also got in trouble using her Bart Simpson voice in a recorded phone message shilling for the cult.  According to Wikipedia "In January 2009, Cartwright used Bart's voice in an automated telephone message to Scientologists, inviting them to an event in Hollywood, California.  She opened the message in Bart's voice, saying "Yo, what's happenin' man, this is Bart Simpson [laugh]", then used her normal voice in most of the remaining message.  In a 2000 interview, Cartwright explained that a character's voice is copyrighted and she can use Bart's voice in public but cannot record original dialogue without approval.   Al Jean, executive producer of The Simpsons, said that "[the telephone calls were not] authorized by us",  while The Simpsons creator Matt Groening commented that the issue had been "blown up beyond what was intended"." Later Bart was briefly seen wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in a couch gag opening the show. I'm sure she took that as a dig.

steven brackettMuch more tragic was the suicide of her Scientologist fianc� Steven Brackett and a lawsuit involving him, Scientology, and his failed construction project.  Brackett jumped off the gigantic Bixby Creek bridge in Big Sur California after he gave so much money to Scientology his business went under.  The cult tried to cover it up saying he died in a car accident. But there was no covering up the legal mess that followed. According to the website "In the suit, the American Safety Casualty Insurance Company claims a construction company run by Stephen Brackett -- Nancy's fianc� at the time -- was hired to fix up a restaurant in 2008. ASCIC issued an insurance policy to Brackett to cover the work ... and Nancy agreed to cover ASCIC's costs if anything went wrong. ASCIC claims Brackett only did a portion of the work and "diverted contract funds" to the Church of Scientology, in which both he and Nancy were members. ASCIC says that when the project was halfway done, Brackett committed suicide and his company folded.  ASCIC claims it had to fork over roughly $260,000 to complete the project ... and that Nancy is refusing to cover the expenses, as promised.  ASCIC is suing her for the 260k plus a whole lot more."
actress jenna elfman JENNA ELFMAN
Born Jennifer Mary Butala
Jenna studied with Milton Katselas, a famous acting teacher and cultist who ran the Beverly Hills playhouse. The playhouse acting school was a Scientology recruiting center and many actors became Scientologists because of it.  Jenna is no exception.  She met her husband, fellow Scientologist Bodhi Elfman, at a Sprite commercial audition in 1991.

A friend told me that he got a bit acting role on the TV series Dharma & Greg in the late 1990s.  He arrived early but star Jenna Elfman was nowhere to be found.  He went to wardrobe, got ready and walked on the set.  Jenna had arrived, took one look at him and furiously chewed him out for being "late".  My friend was humiliated.  But then director James Burrows walked to up him and whispered in his ear "Just ignore her."  That explains why Jenna hasn't gotten steady work since then.  She, like Kirstie Alley, has a reputation for being flakey and difficult.  Poor director James Burrows had to put up with her on Dharma and put up with Kirstie on Cheers.  Poor James.