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From Sixty Minutes to the streets of Hollywood, globe trotting legal rep Kendrick Moxon gets around.  Some suspect he even sometimes flies to the open ocean for cult leader David Miscavige's Sunday legal meetings when Miscavige is aboard the Freewinds.

Kendrick Moxon is rarely photographed "in the wild."  Few people other than protester the Angry Gay Pope have caught him on camera.  Like most Scientologists he tends to run and  hide.  And you certainly won't see him on Sixty Minutes again.  He grimaced when I brought up that interview with Leslie Stahl after a deposition.  So don't expect to see any more appearances by Kendrick Moxon, at least not in this lifetime (Scientologists have thousands of lifetimes).

DISCLAIMER:  This website is neither run by, nor associated with, infamous Scientology lawyer Kendrick Lichty Moxon. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of notorious cult lawyer Kendrick Lichty Moxon. To view Mr. Moxon's personal website please go HERE.

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Arrival in 2008 of Kendrick Moxon to an anti-Scientology protest by Anonymous. This video has been censored heavily by Youtube. This is the only time he allowed himself to be exposed to protesters. Happy Smurf and I took advantage of that. Happy Smurf was Moxon's underling at OSA for many years.
This clip of cult uber-lawyer Kendrick Moxon in 2008 shows him repeatedly breaking CA Bar Association rules in an attempt to threaten Anonymous protesters in silly masks. One protester, pot lawyer SciSpyGuy, appears to be wearing a COVID mask. This was 2008 he just wanted to be Anonymous. This video has been censored over and over by Youtube as Moxon feared legal repercussions. A brief appearance by OSA-bot Kirsten Caetano is made and she is rarely seen.
Cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon serves a restraining order against me the Angry Gay Pope in 2008 as an absurd number of LAPD officers watch in embarassement. The knew what a sham it was for them to be trotted out to please their "rich crazy uncle Sci."

Cult uber-lawyer Kendrick Moxon followed me around Hollywood like the dog that his is in a wild attempt to stop my protesting. Patty Baber makes a cameo appearance in this video early on. Just like Alfred Hitchcock used to do! She is as fat as Hitch, but at least he did not dress wearing what appears to be furniture upholstery. Have another cigarette Patty! Also Alfred Hitchcock's ass was not as fat as Patty's!

I was being followed by Scientology's VIP lawyer Kendrick Moxon after he had a TRO (temp restraining order) taken out against me down the street on Hollywood Boulevard.
60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl interviews Kendrick Moxon in 1997 regarding his takeover and dismantling of CAN - The Cult Awareness Network.
An insane ex-Scientologist with samurai swords was shot and killed by Scientology security. Cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon fumes as Scientology is protested that night by Mona and the Angry Gay Pope at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood. LAPD comes out to check us out but does nothing.

Sparrow Meets Moxon! from Anon Sparrow on Vimeo.

Scientology protester AnonSparrow comes across Kendrick Moxon in Washington D.C. Moxon was attending an event (probably a fundraiser) at the Church's building near Dupont Circle.
Sixty Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace collides with the Church of Scientology in 1985. The Church later sued CBS to try to prevent this story from being re-broadcast. Then President Heber Jentzsch now looks really stupid for the things his brainwashed noggin says in this interrogation. Like calleding Jewish Mike Wallace a Nazi for criticizing him. He was later incarcerated in a Scientology prison for many years and will die there.