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DISCLAIMER:  This website is neither run by, nor associated with, infamous Scientology lawyer Kendrick Lichty Moxon. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of notorious cult lawyer Kendrick Lichty Moxon.
9/2014 - Kendrick Moxon gains control of website
6/2014 - Kendrick Moxon achieves OT 7 level of Scientology - Kongratulations Kendrick!
10/2013 - Cult loses a huge case in France's highest court - may soon get banned as a harmful, fraudulent  organization
9/2013 - Moxon must deal with major lawsuit in Monique Rathbun case. has the story.
8/2012 - Moxon settles with actor Jason Beghe
7/2012 - Moxon wins appeal of Headley lawsuit
6/2011 - Protester AnonSparrow back protesting in Washington DC after winning in court.

4/12/2011 - Actor and ex-Scientologist Jason Beghe is being sued by Kendrick Moxon allegedly for beating up a process server.  In reality he is being harassed for leaving the cult. Legal docs here.

3/15/2011 - It is rumored that the FDA will nail Scientology for using e-meters in a nonreligious setting.

3/6/2011 - Kendrick Moxon has been sued in the case of alleged child abuse of ex-Sea Orger Daniel Montalvo.

An article about the death of Stacy Moxon was removed from Wikipedia


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Lawyer Kendrick Moxon has achieved the highest level of Scientology Religious Study, Operating Thetan level 8 on or around 2016. This requires ten years of time (minimum) and $400,000 (minimum). These high level courses can only be taken aboard Scientology ship "the freewinds."
Many people recoil at the words "worst" or "lawyer." Put the two together and what does it mean? Is Kendrick Moxon America's worst lawyer because he always loses cases? No. Although many of his legal filings are intended to harass, not win, he does win cases sometimes. No, Kendrick Moxon is America's worst lawyer strictly from a human being standpoint. If you think just BEING a lawyer is already as low as you can go in America then you better meet Kendrick Moxon!

As main in house counsel for the Church of Scientology he remained in the cult after his daughter committed suicide. She had been unable to leave Gold Base any other way. His son later fled the cult with his pregnant bride-to-be.  She was being pressured to have an abortion as per the policy of their priesthood the Sea Org. The FBI considers him an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1970's era government break-ins of Operation Snow White.

This was the largest infilitration of the US government in it's history and continues today.  How Moxon escaped the legal net which caught even cult founder L. Ron Hubbard's wife is unknown. But you can bet it was underhanded.

Scientology is sometimes assisted by outside law firms and legal counsel such as Elliot Abelson. That costs lots of money. Rick Moxon, however, works cheap because he is a true believer in Scientology.
ex parte ad hominem A lifetime of bad behavior is coming back to haunt Scientology legally in 2013.  Just 20 years after their epic battle against the IRS was won the cult is widely regarded to be in a death spiral. The 1993 decision by the IRS to given them tax exemption ended up being their high water mark. But now its members are no longer cowed and protesters continue to pressure them globally. Mr. Moxon finds himself more in-demand than ever as he attempts the impossible task of playing legal wack-a-mole with lawsuits from ex-Scientologists, non-Scientologists and state agencies.  2014 can only be worse.

Their first problem is multiple lawsuits involving their drug treatment center scam Narconon.  First their were lawsuits and a raid in their Georgia facility regarding the death of a patient. Those raids led to discovery of multiple incidents of credit card and insurance fraud.  Scientology's typical courtroom antics like perjury and faking evidence led to censure by a judge. Narconon GA cut a deal with state and local officials, lost its license and was closed. Meanwhile FOUR deaths at Narconon Arrowhead, their Oklahoma flagship facility, have spurred a class action lawsuit.  The Oklahoma legislature passed a law aimed at stopping them.  Most people who go to Narconon are not Scientologists and have no idea that they are going to be indoctrinated not cured. The people starting the class action against Narconon have no fear of losing their eternity by attacking the church.  With deaths and investigations in Michigan and elsewhere Kendrick Moxon will have his hands full dealing with just this problem, but it is hardly the biggest threat.  For the most recent news on this story click right here.

Meanwhile a Scientologist named Luis Garcia filed a federal lawsuit in January 2013 in Tampa accusing the Church of Scientology of using fraudulent, deceptive and high-pressure practices to coax millions of dollars from its members.  In a scam only a Scientologist could fall for, he gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for a never finished building that was supposed to turn him into a superman.   This case is significant because, if they win, it will open the floodgates and former Scientologists will rush to sue to get their money back.  Lawyers love money, and when they find that Scientology has billions of dollars that belong to their clients they will lose their fear of being "fair gamed" and go at the church with gusto. For the latest on this story just click here.

Scientology lawyers admit to fair gaming the Rathbuns as part of their free speech rights.
Most importantly, non-Scientologist Monique Rathbun has sued cult leader David Miscavige for harassment in Texas.  Original story here.  This case is very important and protester Karen de la Carriere has described it as "The beginning of the end of David Miscavige." They have already caught him perjuring himself in deposition, but that isn't the big deal. The real scare for the cult, and why they sent so many lawyers to this tiny Texas courthouse, is that, if she wins, it will strip away all the false fronts and interlocking fake entities from Miscavige and allow him to be sued directly for the sins of his organization. That's because he is the supreme ruler and nobody in the cult makes a major legal or harassment move without his okay. He micromanages everything, including abuse.  And, if she wins, it will show that the cult is still "fair gaming" enemies, something it promised the IRS it would not do.  This would almost certainly cause the US government to re-examine it's deal with the cult and put it's tax exempt status as a 501c3 organization in serious jeopardy.  The cult has already admitted the harassment in court but claims that this aggressive behavior is part of their religion and protected by free speech!  Even more amazing, reporters and ex-cultists who have come to watch the proceedings now say they are being followed just like Monique Rathbun, the plaintiff, says the cult has been doing to her!  For the most recent updates on this case visit Tony Ortega's blog.

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Kendrick Lichty Moxon holds a B.A. in Anthropology and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from George Mason University. Before becoming Scientology's lead in-house attorney, he worked in the Church's Guardian's Office(subsequently usurped by the Office of Special Affairs) under Mary Sue Hubbard.

During Operation Snow White, in which eleven Scientologists pleaded guilty or were convicted in federal court, Moxon was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator for providing false handwriting samples to the FBI in response to a Grand Jury subpoena. According to the Phoenix New Times, Moxon has stated that "he didn't knowingly supply false handwriting samples and that the stipulation of evidence was something signed by church officials but written by FBI agents. He says the matter was thoroughly investigated by two bar associations – in D.C. and in California – before they admitted him as an attorney.

Moxon is in good standing with the bar associations in both jurisdictions. -- MORE HERE.

Scientologist Carla Moxon tells bizarre "story" about Kendrick Moxon
Scientologist Carla Moxon is married to notorious Church lawyer Kendrick Moxon of . In this scene from a performance at "Toastmasters" Carla tells an exclusive "story" about her and her husband.

Carla has reached the highest level of Scientology training: New OT 8. Despite this her performance in the video is pathetic and bizarre. Completely lacking the communications skills the cult claims to enable, she fumbles through a bizarre sci fi story that seems more about being unable to tell fiction from reality than about keeping the Toastmasters crowd awake.

Her daughter committed suicide to escape from Scientology. Her son and daughter in law fled the Church to prevent their unborn child from being aborted.

Carla's husbanded demanded that the fetus be killed as per Church orders. This is the only known video of Carla. it is quite rare and has newsworthy interest.

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Oh this will be time consuming and distracting for Scientology to mop up.

Everyone remembers their first AvaGram.


1.  MOXON'S COMPLAINT - Filed by Moxon's Mormon lawyer Utah Patent Attorney - Steven Rinehart . Jurisdictional basis, complainant's background, Respondent's bad faith registration, complainant's common law mark, rights and legitimate interest.
2.  MOXON'S ANNEXES (aka Appendices) - There are some very clumsily duplicated website stills courtesy of Steven Rinehart. UDRP uniform domain policy resolution, bar membership profiles, injunction against respondent, photographs of respondent harassing complainant's client, police reports and injunctions, correspondence between complainant and respondent, wikipedia article on complainant, website at disupted domain, third-party videos of complainant, sample litigation filings, google search results for mark, whois record, screenshots of website.
3.  ANGRY GAY POPE'S RESPONSE - Delivered by my lawyer Graham Berry
4.  ANGRY GAY POPE'S ANNEXES (aka Appendices) - Properly recorded website stills, prominent disclaimr,, selected pages, website statistics, the Church of Scientology's own hate websites against Angry Gay Pope, Graham Berry, Karen De La Carriere and Marty Rathbun, AGP in the media, Moxon's alleged affair, the "Avagram." 
5.  MOXON'S REBUTTLE - Laches not a defense, disclaimer on website doesn't obviate confusing similarity,  complainant's mark is Kendrick Moxon. Monetary damages cannot be awarded in UDRP cases, respondent not carried burden.
6.  JUDGE 'S DECISION - Hon. Carolyn Marks Johnson - Identical or confusingly similar, rights or legitimate interests, registration and use in bad faith, laches, decision in favor of Kendrick Lichty Moxon, Esquire.