kendrick moxon sneezing
April 27, 2010

DISCLAIMER:  This website is neither run by, nor associated with, infamous Scientology lawyer Kendrick Lichty Moxon. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of notorious cult lawyer Kendrick Lichty Moxon. To view Mr. Moxon's personal website please go HERE or also HERE.

The referenced site constitutes identity theft, is false and defamatory. You know it is full of and based on lies.

If the site is not removed today I shall take other appropriate legal action.

Kendrick Moxon

Mr. Moxon,

What is your definition of identity theft? Mine is "the co-option of another person's personal information (e.g., name, Social Security number, credit card number, passport) without that person's knowledge and the fraudulent use of such knowledge."

I've told you (and the world) that I bought that website name. I'm not doing it without your knowledge. I would also never sell it to you at any price. This is not an attempt to defraud or extort you. Personal websites have been around for over fifteen years. Long ago I bought my own name as a website: My lawyer's website is You have had over a decade to buy your name as a website (as any good lawyer ought in order to market himself). You didn't and now I own it. I know Scientologists don't watch much television but David Letterman and Conan O'Brien are popular talk show hosts on NBC. Both men allowed their parent organization, NBC, to handle their web prescence much as you have allowed Scientology to handle yours. When they finally decided to get their own websites they found their names had already been bought. - is not owned by David Letterman - is not owned by Conan O'Brien

Fortunately you can still buy,,, and They are all available. There is also nothing stopping you from buying But is reserved already. I guess he knows how to take precautions.

Legal action to take down violates my free speech rights regarding a public figure, you, who are of considerable interest to Scientology watchers worldwide. Legal action against would be considered a strategic lawsuit against public participation. Judge Rico SLAPPed you down once with me already. That record won't help your case.

However I can see why you are enturbulated. I don't want people confused with who is running this website. Currently that is too vague. So I have added a large DISCLAIMER.