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Stacy Moxon OSHA Files #7/7: OSHA report

01 Mar 2001


1  Others Mentioned Continued:
3  Deputy Coroner Tiffany Wilmer
4  Riverside County Sheriff's Department
5  I42OCitrusAvenue
6  Riverside CA, 92507
7  909-34l~8836
9  David Petrinovich
10  California Department of Forestry
11  210W. San Jacinto CA.
12  PerrisCA,92570
13  909~766-6690
15  Terry Saville
16  Division of Occupational Safety and Relations (Cal ! OSHA)
17  464 W. Fourth St. Suite 332
18  San Bernardino, CA 92401
19  909-383-432l
21  Robert Staples
22  Southern California Edison
23  26100 Menifee Rd.
24  Rornoland, CA 92585
25  909-928-8268
25   [Bunch of names blacked out here, but the DOBs are left in.]
28  DOB; l1-20-77
29  Golden Era Productions
35  DOB~03-25~7l
36  Golden Bra Productions
42  DOB: 02-28-51
43  Golden Era Productions


1 Others Mentioned Continued: 4 09-29-62 5 Golden Bra Productions 11 05-05-59 18 03-21-82 19 Golden Era Productions 25 07-09-55 26 Golden Era Productions 32 Golden Bra Productions 38 39 Evidence Obtained: 40 41 Forensic Technician Barbara Maestas #N2041 arrived on the scene and took 42 photographs of the scene and victim. She also completed a brief factual diagram of the. 43 scene. Refer to her report for further details.


l Attachments: 3 Two pages, Critical Incident log 4 5 Details: 6 7 On 06-25-00, at about 1111 hours, I arrived at 19625 Hwy 79, San Jacinto, in reference to 8 a report of an industrial accident 9 10 On my arrival, I spoke to California Department of Forestry (CDF) Investigator David 11 Petrinovich. He told me he had been dispatched to a report of a subject that had burned in 12 a fire. He stated on his arrival, he discovered an individual that was located inside an 13 electrical vault that was deceased. 14 15 He also advised me that he was told by employees at the location that the deceased 16 individual might have been working on an irrigation system prior to the incident He 17 stated the individual in the vault could possibly a Stacey Myer. He also provided me 18 the name of xxxxxxxxx He stated xxxxxx is the Chief Electrician for Golden Era 19 Productions 20 21 I went to the location of the electrical vault. The vault is located on the north side of Hwy 22 79, approximately 1/8 of a mile north of the roadway, on a slight slope, on the property of 23 Golden Era Productions. As I approached the vault, 1 noticed there was yellow and black 24 barrier tape surrounding the vault in about a 25 foot diameter I later determined the tape 25 had been placed there by CDF personnel. The vault appeared to be a concrete structure 26 approximately 10'x 10' in size. The vault was buried in the ground with approximately 27 two feet protruding above ground. In the middle of the vault was a standard “manhole” 28 with a steel cover lying on the north rim of the vault cover sleeve. The cover had rubber 29 material attached to slots on the cover. It appears the rubber was placed there to act as a 30 handle when lifting the cover. There was also what appeared to be clothing that was blue 31 in color positioned on top of a vent tube that was next to the vault opening. 32 33 The ground surrounding the vault was soft dirt containing various sizes of rocks and 34 boulders. There were numerous footprints and tracks in the dirt surrounding the vault. 1 35 looked inside the vault and observed a wooden 6' stepladder covered with a white 36 powder that was in the partially opened position. 37 38 I also observed a human being laying at the bottom of the vault, possibly a white female 39 The individual was covered with a white powder. The individual was lying face down 49 between two electrical transformers with its head facing in a southwest direction The 41 individual's hands were against the west wall and appeared to be severely burned. The 42 right hand appeared to be burned down to about the knuckle area, the left hand was 43 missing and the left arm appeared to be severely burned and the lower portion of the arm 44 was missing up to about just below the elbow. 45

DR 00177018 CONTINUATION SHEET PAGE 6 Details Continued:

3 The head of the individual was severely burned and most of the hair was missing. There 4 appeared to be some hair left in the form of a "ponytail" on the rear of the skull. The 5 upper torso of the individual was also severely burned. I noticed the individual was 6 wearing a pair of unknown colored short pants. The feet of the individual were facing in 7 northeast direction. The individual was wearing what appeared to be white tennis shoes 8 The left foot of the individual was resting of the bottom step of the ladder. The right foot 9 / leg was crossed over the left leg at about the ankle. The bottom of the right foot was 10 resting against one of the electrical transformers in the vault. 11 12 There were no signs of any life in the individual. Based on my observations of the 13 individual and the condition of the body, the subject appeared to be deceased I 14 pronounced the individual dead at 1115 hours. 15 16 The vault appeared to be approximately 8 foot deep based on the height of the wooden 17 ladder located in the vault. The south end of the vault floor appeared to have a black 18 substance on the floor, possibly oil. The vault contained four electrical transformers that 19 appeared to he wired in series (together). 20 21 At about 1120 hours, Robert Staples from South California Edison, arrived at the 22 location. He conducted a safety check of the transformers in the vault by placing a 23 voltage meter on a long pole. He individually checked each connection point on each 24 transformer and advised me that all of the transformers were "de-energized." He also 25 conducted a check of the air inside the vault for the presence of explosive gas His check 26 revealed no dangerous gas was present in the vault 27 28 At about 1125 hours, Deputy Craig arrived on the scene. I briefed him on the situation 29 and directed him to begin compiling a ~~critica1 incident log" (see attached log) 30 3l At about 1130 hours, St McCauley arrived on the scene. I briefed him on the Situation 32 and requested Forensics, the Coroner and Cal I OSHA respond to the scene to assist in 33 the investigation. 34 35 Sgt. McCauley directed the taped off area of the scene be expanded. Deputy Craig placed 36 "Sheriff"' barrier tape around the location. The scene was expanded to approximately a 37 100 foot diameter from the center of the electrical vault. 38 39 Interview with xxxxxxxxxxx 40 41 I spoke to xxxxxxx about 1155 hours xxxxxxx is a security guard with Golden Era 42 Productions. He indicated to me he was on foot patrol on the north side of Hwy 79 43 between 1000 and 1030 hours. He stated he was about 150 yards northwest of the 44 electrical vault. He stated he heard a loud bang or "pop". He looked in the direction of the 45 noise and noticed smoke coming from the uncovered "manhole." He then proceeded to 44


1 Details Continued: 2 3 the location. When he got about 100 feet away from the vault, he stated the ground felt 4 "electrically charged." He stated he called the security guard gate and requested shovels 5 and fire extinguishers be brought to the location. He also requested the company 6 electrician respond to the scene to turn off power to the area. 7 8 He told me it took approximately 5~l0 minutes for the power to be turned off in the are 9 After the power was turned oft, he stated the electrician; identified as xxxxxxxx 10 xxxxxxx another security guard and himself approached the manhole to 11 extinguish the fire in the vault. 12 13 xxxxxxx stated that xxxxxxx donned a protective electric suit and began to spray fire 14 extinguisher agent into the manhole. After several minutes, the smoke subsided lie 15 looked into the hole and noticed there was a person lying at the bottom of the vault 16 17 He said xxxxxxx then called for assistance on his cell phone He told me be 18 believed the individual in the vault was a Stacey Myer. He stated that Stacy was assigned 19 to perform maintenance tasks in the area. He stated he had not spoken to Stacey today 20 but knew she was on the property because he was told by a gate guard that she had 2l arrived at about 0900 hours. 22 23 xxxxxxx stated that he has known Stacy for sometime. He stated her duties included 24 general maintenance on the grounds. He said he has never seen her in the vault and 25 doesn't know why she would have entered the vault. 26 27 I also asked xxxxx if he felt that Stacey could have removed the metal cover from the 28 vault He stated Stacey had the ability to lift heavy items in her position as a maintenance 29 worker. 30 31 I asked xxxxxxx if anything inside or outside the vault had been moved or touched. He 32 pointed to two fire extinguishers and a shovel that had been brought the location to 33 extinguish the fire. He said the items are exactly in place as he remembers. He could not 34 provide any other information regarding the incident. 35 36 Interview with xxxxxxxxx 37 38 I spoke to xxxxxxx at about 1226 hours. He told me he is the Chief Electrician for 39 Golden Era Productions. He stated he was advised by a gate guard at about 1015 hours 40 that there was an electric problem of the north side of the property. He proceeded to the 41 site where the failure was reported. On his arrival, he saw heavy black smoke coming 42 from an electrical vault. He then proceeded to another electrical vault that is located 43 approximately 300 yards west of the vault that was emitting smoke. He indicated that he 44 shut down all the power to the north side of the property.


1 Details Continued: 2 3 He then donned a "electrical shock prevention suit" and proceeded to the vault where the 4 smoke was coming from. On his arrival, be began to spray fire extinguisher agent into the 5 vault. He stated he sprayed for about 45 seconds. He said the smoke began to dissipate 6 As the smoke cleared, he observed that a person was lying at the bottom of the vault. 7 8 I asked him if he knew who the individual lying in the vault was. He stated that it was 9 Stacey. I asked him if Stacey was assigned to perform any electrical work oil the 10 property. He stated that she was not. I asked him why he feels she entered the vault. He 11 felt that she might have been working on an irrigation system control box. He believed 12 she might have entered the vault to check for an electrical malfunction that might have 13 occurred in the irrigation system. He also stated she might have thought the irrigation 14 control box received its power from inside the vault. He told me there is no electrical 15 connection between the irrigation control box and the vault. 16 17 He pointed out the location of the irrigation control box to me, The box was located 18 approximately 6 feet away, southwest of the opening to the vault. There were several 19 other electrical connection boxes also in the same area as the irrigation control box. 20 21 I asked him the last time he was involved with any maintenance in the vault. He told me 22 he performed some work in the vault approximately three weeks ago. I asked him if the 23 vault was covered when he completed the maintenance work. He stated the vault cover 24 was placed back into position after completing the maintenance. 25 26 I also asked him about the rubber hose that was wrapped around the manhole cover. The 27 rubber appeared to be used as a handle to assist when lifting the cover. He stated he 28 wasn't sure, but believed the rubber was attached to the cover when he was performing 29 maintenance three weeks ago. 30 31 I asked him about the presence of the ladder in the vault. He stated the ladder was not 32 inside the vault when he had performed maintenance in the vault three weeks ago. He 33 feels Stacey had taken a ladder that was stored inside a storage shed that was about 25 34 feet from the vault and placed it in the vault to gain entry. I later observed several ladders 35 of various sizes that were stored in the storage building next to the vault. 36 37 I asked him if he had entered the vault after extinguishing the fire inthe vault. He stated 38 once he saw there was a person in the vault, he did not attempt to enter the vault. He then 39 stated he removed his protective suit and placed it on top of a vent tube next to the 40 opening of the vault. He could not provide any farther information regarding the incident. 41 42 I then looked at the area under the irrigation control panel. The ground was soft dirt. I 43 noticed a shoe impression just below the control box. The impression appeared to be die 44 same pattern as the bottom of the tennis shoe of the individual lying in the bottom of the 45 vault. That area was secured for processing. 46


1 Details Continued: 2 3 Interview with xxxxxxxxx 4 5 At about 1259 hours I spoke to xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx is an employee of Golden 6 Era Productions xxxxxx stated he was at the main entrance of the property when he 7 heard a call of a fire and electrical problem on the north side of the property at about 8 1000 hours He stated he went to the location with xxxxxxxx On his arrival at the 9 scene, he remained clear until the power to the vault had been disconnected After the 10 power was disconnected he went to the opening of the vault and assisted xxxxxxx 11 with extinguishing the fire 12 13 As the smoke cleared from the vault, he observed an individual lying at the bottom of the 14 vault. He stated he immediately recognized the individual as a person he knows as Stacey 15 Myer. He stated he used his cell phone and called the main gate security guard He told 16 the guard that there was a person burned at the location and for the guard to call an 17 ambulance He then said after a few minutes, he realized that the injuries appeared to he 18 fatal to the victim and re-contacted the gate guard via his cell phone. He then advised the 19 gate guard to contact the sheriff's department for a deputy to respond to the incident 20 2l I asked xxxxx how he knew the individual lying in the vault was Stacey. He told me 22 he had been friends with Stacey's lather for many years and knows Stacey very well He 23 recognized Stacey from the build of the individual, the ponytail, and That she was 24 assigned to work in this area. 25 26 I asked him if he knew any reason why Stacey would have gone into the vault. He said he 27 did not know why she was in there. He said he has never seen her in the vault at any time 28 I asked him if Stacey had performed any electrical work. He said he did not believe she 29 had done that type of work. 30 31 I also asked him if he feels Stacey had the ability to move the metal manhole cover He 32 felt she possessed the physical strength to do so. 33 34 Interview with xxxxxxxxx 35 36 At about 1309 hours, I spoke to xxxxxxx. xxxxxxxx is a security supervisor at 37 Golden Era Productions. He told me he was advised by radio that the north side of the 38 facility had lost power and that smoke was coming from an electrical vault on the north 39 side of the facility. 40 41 He then advised xxxxxxxx who was at the main guard gate, that there was an 42 electrical problem on the north side of the facility and that he needed to respond ~ 43 ascertain the problem. 44 45 xxxxxxx stated that he also responded to the scene and observed the smoke coming from 46 the electrical vault. He then returned to his guard post prior to the fire being extinguished


1 Details Continued: 2 3 by xxx. A few minutes later, he received a telephone call from xxxxxxxxx. 4 xxxxxxx advised him to call an ambulance. xxxxxxx stated he called the American 5 Medical Response Ambulance Company (AMR) on their business line to advise them 6 they had a burn victim and requested they respond to the scene for medical aid 7 8 About 2 or 3 minutes later, xxxxxxx stated he received another telephone call from 9 xxxxxxx advised him to call the sheriff's department to have a deputy respond 10 to the scene. xxxxxxxx could not provide any farther information 11 12 At about 1340 hours, Forensic Technician Maestas and Deputy Coroner Wilmer arrived 13 at the scene. I briefed both of them on the incident and what information had 14 discovered up to this point in my investigation. Deputy Coroner Wilmer provided me a 15 coroner case number, #2000-3477. 16 17 1 directed Forensic Technician Maestas to take overall photographs of the scene and of 18 the deceased victim in the vault. I also indicated to Maestas where the possible footprint 19 was located that might have belonged to the victim. I directed her to photograph he 20 possible footprint. I also requested Maestas to draw a diagram of the vault and 21 surrounding footprint (refer to Maestas's report for farther details). 22 23 investigator Terry Saville from the Division of occupational Safety and Relations (Cal 24 OSHA) arrived on the scene at about 1345 hours. I briefed him on the circumstances 25 surrounding the incident. He then began his own parallel investigation regarding any 26 safety issues I violations. 27 28 Interview with xxxxxxx 29 30 At about 1350 hours, I spoke to xxxxxx. xxxxxxx is the Supervisor of 31 Maintenance for Golden Era Productions. I asked him if be was the supervisor for Stacey 32 Myer. He stated that he was. I asked him to describe her duties to me. He stated Stacey 33 was responsible for light maintenance around the facility. He said Stacey has number of 34 different maintenance tasks. He said she did several tasks from painting to landscaping to 35 changing light bulbs. He told me today was a normal workday for Stacey. I asked him if 36 he has ever seen Stacey work on any lawn sprinkler systems on the facility. He said he 37 had never seen her work on any lawn sprinkler systems. I also asked him if Stacey has 38 ever performed any electrical maintenance work. He stated that he has never seen her 39 work on anything electrical with exception of changing of light bulbs. 40 41 He also stated he has never seen Stacey working in or around the vault. He doesn't know 42 why Stacey would enter the vault. He stated that he last saw her on Saturday night at 43 about2000hours. 44 4~I 45 1 also asked him about Stacey's physical and mental state. I asked him if Stacey would 46 have the ability to lift and p~ a metal manhole cover. He told me Stacey has the ability


1 Details Continued: 2 3 to lift and move heavy items. He said he has seen her in the past lift heavy tables an(1 4 other heavy items. He also stated that Stacey seemed fine mentally, she was happy and 5 not depressed the last time he spoke to her. 6 7 1 asked xxxxx if he could think of any reason why Stacey would remove the cover from 8 the vault, place a ladder inside and enter the vault. He told me he had no idea why she 9 would do that. He again indicated to me that she had no reason to be inside the vault He 10 could not provide any information regarding the incident. 11 12 Interview with 13 14 At about 1407 hours, I spoke to xxxxxxxx. xxxxxx is an employee of Golden Era 15 Productions. She told me she spoke to Stacey earlier in the day at about 0915 hours in her 16 office She said Stacey seemed fine and was happy and not depressed. She said Stacey 17 did not indicate to her that she was going to do any specific task that day. Carli said they 18 had light conversation for few minutes. After talking, they both went on their separate 19 ways 20 21 I asked xxxx about Stacey's physical strength. She told me that Stacey is very strong for 22 a girl and has seen her lift heavy objects on occasion. I asked her if she knew of any 23 reason why Stacey would enter the electrical vault. She stated she had no idea why 24 Stacey would enter the vault. I asked her if Stacey was having any problems or conflicts 25 with anyone. She told me she was not aware of any problems or conflicts 26 27 At about 1415 hours, Investigator Greer arrived on the scene and assumed control of the 28 investigation. I briefed him on the situation and the information I had gathered up to this 29 point in my investigation. 30 31 Interview with xxxxxxxx 32 33 At about 1445 hours, I spoke to xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx is responsible for 34 maintenance repair of the company water system. He told me that he is responsible for a 35 water pump and water supply line that runs along a firebreak on the property He told me 36 he has nothing to do with any of the landscape sprinkler Systems He stated that he has 37 known Stacey for about a year. He said he has never seen her work on any electrical or 38 water sprinkler system on the property. He also stated he had not seen Stacey working 30 today. He was unable to provide any further information regarding the incident 40 41 Re-interview with xxxxxxxxxxx 42 43 At about 1515 hours, I was contacted by xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx told me he now recalls 44 speaking to Stacey on Saturday evening about a squirrel that was electrocuted in the same 43 vault about three weeks ago. He said that Stacey asked him several questions about the 44 death of the squirrel. He also said that Stacey was fond of small animals


1 Details Continued: 2 3 He said Stacey asked him about detail on how the squirrel died in the vault. She also 4 asked him how the vault was opened and the use of a ladder to gain entry to the vault He 5 stated that Stacey seemed quite curious and concerned how an animal could get into the 6 vault. He was unable to provide any farther information regarding the discussion with 7 Stacey and the vault 8 9 At about 1540 hours, the California Department of Forestry (CDF) conducted a briefing 10 on the procedures for removing the victim from the vault. Duties were assigned and 11 Investigator Greer briefed rescue personnel on how he wanted the victim to he removed 12 from the vault to preserve any possible evidence. 13 14 Robert Staples from Southern California Edison returned to the scene at about 1558 hours 15 and conducted a recheck of the vault to ensure that all the power was still deactivated 16 His check indicated that power was de-energized from the vault. 17 18 Staples told me the transformer connectors in the electrical vault where the victim was 19 located are bare and are not insulated. He stated any electrical vault that is operated by 20 Edison is fully insulated and that entry can be made with power energized without injury 2l to any persons in the vault. I also asked him to estimate the weight of the metal manhole 22 cover. He told me the weight was between 150 and 200 lbs 23 24 At about 1645 hours, a CDF fireman was lowered into the vault via a rope hoist. The 25 victim was prepared for removal from the vault by rescue personnel. While preparing the 26 victim for removal, the fireman stated the victim's left hand I arm appeared to be resting 27 on one of the wires that were coming from one of the transformers, The fireman also 28 located and recovered a watch that possibly belonged to the victim. It was located 29 approximately 3 feet to the west from where the victim was found. The fireman also 30 located a yellow metal ring that was found under where the victim was lying Deputy 31 Coroner Wilmer took possession of the watch and ring. 32 33 The victim was brought to the surface. The victim was severely burned from the waist up 34 The individual was not visually recognizable. There were exposed ribs and the victim's 35 skin was burned away in most places above the waist. There were no other signs of 36 trauma to the victim other than the massive burning to the upper torso, arms, bands and 37 head area. 38 39 Forensic Technician Maestas took photos of the bottom of the victim's shoes and overall 40 photos of the victim. There did not appear to be any oil or grease on the bottom of the 41 victim's shoes. The victim was then placed into a "body bag" and transported to the 42 coroner's office by coroner's transport at about 1725 hours. 43 44 At about 1728 hours, Investigator Greer, Deputy Coroner Wilmer and myself responded 45 to 750 North Kirby #12B, Hemet in reference to secure property that belonged to the 46 victim. We were taken to the location by xxxxxx. xxxxxx is the general manager for


1 Details Continued: 2 3 Golden Era Productions. We arrived at the location at about 1738 hours. xxxxxxx 4 unlocked and opened the door to the victim's apartment, We entered the apartment and 5 noticed the apartment was shared by several individuals. xxxxx identified which area of 6 the apartment was occupied by the victim. The victim's bed was made and she had 7 clothing stored in a small dresser next to the bed. There was also a small nightstand next 8 the bed that also contained clothing. We looked in her belongings and under the bed We 9 did not find any writings or notes indicating any mention of suicide. The victim's area 10 was neat and well kept 11 12 Deputy Coroner Wilmer decided not to recover any property belonging to the victim, It 13 was difficult to determine what property belonged to the victim without any roommates 14 present. We left the apartment at about 1747 hours. 15 16 My investigation discovered the victim for reason unknown, entered the electrical vault 17 Statements from persons familiar with the victim indicated she had no reason to enter the 18 vault. Her direct supervisor stated she had no duties inside the vault. He did indicate the 19 victim had some interest about a ground squirrel that was electrocuted in the same vault 20 approximately three weeks ago. The victim asked her supervisor questions regarding how 21 to enter the vault She asked if a ladder was necessary to enter the vault. He also indicated 22 she seemed curious about the vault and the safety of the squirrels that occupy the area. He 23 described her as having a strong liking for small animals. 24 25 There were no signs of any work on any water sprinklers systems on the property other 26 than the irrigation control box panel being open. 27 28 Statements from the people that know the victim also indicated she was physically strong 29 and would have the ability to move a 15O-2OO lbs. steel metal manhole cover. I was 30 unable to locate anyone that could provide me information regarding the manhole cover 31 being previously opened or being removed by the victim. The chief electrician stated 32 after working in the vault three weeks ago, the cover had been placed back into the closed 33 position He was unaware of any other maintenance in the vault since that time 34 35 It appears the ladder used was taken from a storage building that was adjacent to the 36 electrical vault. It is unknown if the victim positioned the ladder in the vault or was 37 placed there by another person. 38 39 The bottom of the vault under the victim appeared to have a dark oil substance on the 40 floor. It was not determined if the substance was on the floor prior to the victim's entry ~) 41 the vault or the substance was there as result of the victim's death. The victim's shoes 42 did not reveal any signs of oil on the bottom of them. 43 44 Based on the position of the victim's arms and hands, it appears the victim was falling at 45 the time of contact with the electrical wires in the vault. It appears the victim was trying 46 to catch herself against the south wall of the vault. It appears the victim's left arm or


1 Details Continued: 2 3 hand made contact with the electrical connection on the transformers or wire 4 connecting to two of the transformers. The victim was instantly electrocuted and burned 5 beyond visual recognition. 6 7 The interior of the vault did not contain any evidence that the victim had inside prior to 8 the incident. There were no tools or items indicating the victim had been performing any 9 maintenance in the vault. There were no signs or evidence that the victim was pushed or 10 thrown into the vault. There were also no indications that the victim committed suicide. 11 The death appears to be accidental. 12 13 This case is being continued to investigations for follow-up with the coroner's office f()T 14 positive identification of the victim and cause of death. 15 16 No farther information was obtained by me. 17 18 Status: Open / CD~2