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Funny "ha ha" or funny "strange?" With Scientology its always 100% both

flying angry gay pope camI warn fans not to drink fluids in front of their computers while watching my comedy videos. The Pope is not responsible for ruined monitors!

Scientologists take the world very seriously. They have no sense of humor or irony.  And their view of the Earth (Teegeeack) is so skewed they often make silly decisions.  My lawyer calls them "the Keystone cult."  Their paranoia makes it hard for their workers to get in and out of buildings.  Their constant lying makes them contradict themselves sometimes in mid-sentence.  Their use of language is ridiculous.  Plus some of the Sea Org workers are fed low protein diets, are sleep deprived and undergo other situations designed to stop them from thinking.  Perfect comic stooges!

All of this makes for simply hilarious comedy. But be forewarned, tragedy is never far.  The cult is a great comic villain because it is so foolish but also ... Scientology kills innocent people.  Which is just what you want in a bad guy.

High Ranking Scientologist Can't Open Own Door Due to Excessive Security

A funny video of a scientology sea org cultist who can't get in his own security door. That's the problem with too much security! From OPERATION MAXIM. Paranoia has a downside.

When cultists meet critics like the Angry Gay Pope they have to file a report. They may even have to pay to be re-brainwashed. That's why he wants to get away sooo badly.

Scientologist Can't Park in Hollywood Thanks to Angry Gay Pope

Cultists on Hwd Blvd park next to their buildings like they own the place. Not with the Angry Gay Pope patrolling. He MIGHT be a Wog (non-scientologist) but he is awfully cute. Public Scis are often cute. And many are Republican. He's driving a Chrysler fer Chrissakes!

Surprise Stress Test for Scientologists in Hollywood

The Angry Gay Pope's most popular video ever! Wonder what a Scientology stress test is like?  AGP is offered a free test on Hollywood Blvd. with disastrous results. Co-starring "Big Boobs Black Lady" and "Supervisor Muffin Top."  Supervisor Muffin Top is NOT pregnant.

The very very weird man (much weirder than Scientologists!)

This very very weird man just happened to be walking by while I, a weird cult protester, protested a weird cult. Weird! That's Hollywood during Operation Barney & Friends

Scientology Cult Handler Patty Melt-Down

Scientology handler Patty Baber responds angrily to unproven gossip about her spread by former Scientologists "Tazor" and others.  For more videos of Patty click here.

Scientology discovers manure tech

At the time of this video I was banned from protesting at Gold Base. It was recorded by other protesters.  They said "While people were standing on the minimal area available at Gold  in Hemet, suddenly scientology decided they just had to plant trees where were and dump manure where we stood."

Endless Giggles by the Angry Gay Pope as He Protests Scientology in Hollywood

Many people commented on how much they liked the Angry Gay Pope's endless giggling and subconscious noises. So he made a whole video just out of laughs!

Scientologist White Shirt Lady Cowers Before Protester AGP on Sunset Blvd.

Meet "White Shirt Lady." Her name may be Pam. She's the Barney Fife of Scientology! She is too busy leaving her lens cap on and sticking her finger on the glass to notice Shelly Miscavige and Heber Jentzsch are missing. Miscavige may be held at the secret vault at Twin Peaks, near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Unbelievably, I'm told she's a member of OSA, the scientology police/dirty tricksters.
The "White´╗┐ Shirt Lady" is Pam King, the DSA (Department of Special Affairs, which is Department 20, in any Scientology church organization, their job is deal with "flaps" and legal threats and "suppressive" stuff they think will distract their staffs in churches from doing their jobs). She's about a 25 year Special Affairs staffer, "low" as far as the spiritual levels, she's NOT an "Operating Thetan Level 3 or above", and thus she will likely run away if you discuss "body thetans" or "Xenu."

The Kirstie Alley Diet & Other Hollywood Scientology Stories

The Angry Gay Pope mocks an overweight cultist. Normally this would be mean spirited but Scientologists hold themselves to a higher standard. They aren't even supposed to need glasses! From Operation Barney & Friends.

Scientology Singers at L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland

A collection of musical talent (some more talented than others) offered by the cult of Scientology in it's Winter Wonderland. As recorded by the Angry Gay Pope.