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The cult does tens of thousands of dollars of redecorating just because I showed up...
Two Scientology goons comng after protesters Absolutely nobody goes to Twin Peaks to record what cultists are up to. They thought they were superior. In reality, anybody could go there without fear. These raids totally blew away the cults sense of isolated superiority. People in the video were punished afterwards. They were not "at cause" over this incident. Scientologists actually think that when something bad happens you should just go back in time a few minutes and prevent the bad thing from happening. Because these cultists did not do that I showed up. And they paid the price. Probably solitary confinement, RPF duty, rice and beans. At a later raid one of the guilty Scientologists was seen wearing all black. That is a bad sign and not a coincidence.

These videos outline our first raid in which we walked the fence. The second raid was by AnonOrange a few days later when he discovered they were doing extensive landscaping to try to prevent future photo opportunities.  A third video is the Pope's first full HD project on YouTube. It documents the north fence raid and a meeting with one of their tattooed goons.

All the landscaping was for not. In 2011 I helped guide a German/French documentary crew as they toured Twin Peaks and Gold Base. The prickly plants, barriers and barbed wire they had erected to stop future journalists was for naught. That video is last.

Scientology Secret Base - Twin Peaks, CA Raided by Angry Gay Pope & AnonOrange
The Twin Peaks base houses a vault full of Scientology's precious scripture. It's also a place to hide if WW III breaks out. And it's a place where celebrities can come and escape the nearby Hollywood hubub. But judging by all the high fences and UltraBarrier it's also a prison camp.

Protesters AnonOrange and the Angry Gay Pope pay them a visit and meet Sarah Bellin and Arthur Bolstad in this lonely outpost surrounded by security fences and motion detectors. Days after this video was shot the cult tore up the fence area, bought dozens and dozens of trees and filled the parking lot with dirt. They want to make sure nobody ever sees inside that fence again!

Now, do they have a permit?

Scientologists Frantically Rush to Hide Secret Vault Base Twin Peaks Behind Emergency Bushes
Protesters AnonOrange and the Angry Gay Pope showed up and walked the Twin Peaks Secret Base fence line six days earlier. Now the Scientologists are scrambling to plant as many bushes as possible on the easement even though they don't have permits. AnonOrange has a brief and unfortunate interview with the head of the Church Of Spiritual Technology's PR arm Jane McNairn. She is wearing black. This may indicate she is being punished on the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) and it alerts other Scientologists not to talk to her. She may be experiencing "lower condtions," isolation, sleep deprivation, incarceration, rice and beans, no pay, etc. until she redeems herself and goes to "higher conditions."

Scientology Secret Vault Twin Peaks HD
Scientology's hidden slave camp near Lake Arrowhead, CA is raided again by protesters the Angry Gay Pope and AnonOrange. Even more inward facing three inch Ultrabarrier is found on the fifteen foot high fences topped with concertina wire. This is a place scientologists are taken to forget about them. Evidence is found of the Scientologist's rushed attempt to hide their facility from protester's cameras

RAW: Cult goons harass European documentary crew in 2011 and meet the Angry Gay Pope (HD)
Journalist Markus Thöss and his European documentary crew were being given a tour of two of Scientology's southern California prison camps when the cult's goon's decided to follow us in an attempt to "scare" us. Did it work? Frankly the most scary thing about them were their LOUD LOUD PLAID shirts. As a Gay guy I really really hate plaid! The incident happened in June 2011 and I held on to the footage until now. The documentary "Agenten für Scientology" to air on May 15 on ARTE the French/German TV channel

European documentary crew tours cult slave camps
The Scientology slave camps Twin Peaks and Gold Base are visited in 2011 by a European documentary crew shooting a story on OSA, the cult secret police. Guiding the tour are protesters AnonOrange, the Angry Gay Pope and lawyer Graham Berry. They get a good look at the barbed, vicious fencing along the edge of the slave camp.