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DIANETICS, SCIENTOLOGY, L. RON HUBBARD and PURIFICATION RUNDOWN are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of Religious Technology Center, holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks.

Scientology missions are not owned by the church itself. They are franchises just like McDonalds.  Scientology will approach one of its public members who has money, like actress Jenna Elfman, who is brainwashed to think they are great.  They tell her she can make good money with a mission in her city.  She purchases a franchise license, like the Melrose Org, and moves in. 

But no customers follow and the place sits idle.  Even the installation of a sauna for the purification rundown doesn't bring people in.  Eventually they go bankrupt.  But the mother Church has still made money on the deal through selling the franchise.  It's Jenna Elfman who ends up taking the loss.
In a way, it is sad. You get these unquestioning publics mentally processed to trust and believe you. Then, at some hard-sell event, the marks who MIGHT be able to afford a mission franchise are targeted and pressured. "Fantastic" stats are pulled out. The world is reaching for the tech more than at any time on Earth, so anyone who opens a mission can't possibly fail to turn a profit.

I'm sure they're aware that, at some point, they will lose their clients to the local org. I'm pretty sure they're totally unaware that, in the real world, nobody wants L. Ron Hubbard's crap, which is why missions pop up and wither like mushrooms.

Our Chula Vista mission is still (barely) open. They moved from their street level storefront to an obscure unit upstairs. If our one time monitoring the mission on a day when it was open, the only foot traffic we saw was mission staff.


As of 2012 the Chula Vista mission is closed. - AGP
Scientology Mission Chula Vista

under construction logo
This website is in an unfinished lower condition, a condition of un-havingness. Your donations help complete this page so it can be more uptone.

role of central org Orgs are medium sized Scientology meeting houses where members can get talk therapy, take courses and undergo training.  They may experience the "Purification Rundown" and other medium level religious services but eventually those in need of higher training will have to go to an "Ideal Org."  Some of the highest levels of therapy, like the Int by Dynamics Rundown, are only offered in Clearwater Florida FLAG land base. Other top courses can't even be taken on land. Like OT8.  That is only available to those going on cruises on the cult's ship FreeWinds.

Orgs are not owned by the mother Church they are owned by franchisees who license the tech and the materials.  But nobody is coming in any more for the tech and materials.  Stats are way down and empty chairs are way up.  This has forced leader David Miscavige to switch from peddling a goods and services scam to peddling a real estate one.  Members of a dumpy org like, say, Tustin, will hold endless fundraisers to purchase a better building. They buy the building at the height of the market, say 2006-7. They give the title to cult leader David Miscavige.  Then the hypothetical Tustinites do nothing with it for years.  They are busy having more fundraisers to pay for the new building's upgrade, all the while having to pay all the expenses for their current buildings. By the time they finally open the new Org the economy is dire and nobody is coming in for services anymore.  All the plush lushness is for not as auditing rooms sit empty.  There are not even people training other trainers.

Eventually the org will go broke but leader David Miscavige has a large, lovely, refurbished building to do with as he wishes.  And he got it practically for free!
San Diego Org

1330 4th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 239-2091
The San Diego org is one of the largest remaining Scientology outposts in that area.  It no longer even has it's own website anymore.  Click on the link at left and you will be taken to a generic Scientology page on their main website.  These smaller orgs and missions have trouble keeping up with the Internet.  In July 2012 it was reported to me that their parking lot was empty on Friday night at 6 PM which is prime time for taking classes.  There may be only 20 Scis left in all of San Diego my source reports.  They are making about $15,000 a month in 2012 for a cell phone tower they had installed on their building. At least they are earning something.

They need this money because they are trying to open an Ideal Org to house their non-events and non-members.  They purchased the Coleman College property on Parkway Drive in La Mesa but couldn't raise enough cash to do something with it.  They tried to sell their main building shown at left. No takers.  It's the biggest down market since the 1930's what can I say?  The building is near downtown and was protested heavily by San Diego Anons in 2008-2009.  Protesters even marched in the San Diego Gay Pride parade and were spied on by cult photographers while doing so. Eventually the protesters, many of whom were college students without cars, faded away and left the residents more at peace inside their slightly dowdy building.

The cult had a scheme to sell this downtown building to the city. In 2008 a 'For Sale' sign went up at 4th and Ash. After the redevelopment scheme crashed, the sign came down. The broker's name was listed on the sign as "J. Gerson". Jonathan Gerson, OT VIII (Operating Thetan level eight, the highest currently offered level) and his wife are VERY involved with the SD org. He's also a lousy businessman whose dubious incompetence was written up in the paper.

But XenuBarb continues to be active in the city.  Once she and I stopped by in the middle of the night to say "hello".  She told me there was always a forlorn worker at the front desk alone all night.  Sure enough, a late-middle aged bald man was sitting alone under the ghastly fluorescent light studying a Hubbard book. He looked like a lonely character in an Edward Hopper painting.

We knocked loudly and I informed him that Scientology had failed to cure his baldness.
angry gay pope outside tustin org
1451 irvine blvd.
tustin, ca 92780
(714) 544-5491
The photo at left shows me enturbulating Scientologists at one of the raids in 2008-2009.  A similar raid is shown on video at right.  This org is a series of buildings, a former  hotel complex which the cult had converted into their local Org.

Every time I was there it was in sorry shape outside with the yard unkempt and the plants overgrown.  The sign looked poor and I was told they were unable to pay their water bill in June 2010.  This is because they give so much money to the main church they have little for themselves.  Maybe they are purchasing pamphlets, maybe they are raising money for an Ideal Org.  Regardless, the cash goes up the pyramid and never comes back.  But they are forced to maintain their current buildings using the shrinking income from parishioners who come for counseling.  Scientology's income from parishioners is always shrinking.

This org got superseded in 2012 with the spectacular Church of Scientology Orange County in Santa Ana.

john travolta kelly preston mission openingThe mission of a Mission is to disseminate Scientology in the local community on main street.  Mission are the smallest of Scientology meeting houses.  Before there were missions the cultists might meet in peoples homes to raise money for a building. 

These places are not owned by Scientology proper they are owned by franchisees who license the tech. Sometimes celebrities are cajoled in purchasing one by being told how in-demand the cult's materials are.  The mission in Santa Monica openly boasted about how you could go in and go back in time to re-experience your birth. When a mission opens the celebrities like Ann Archer arrive, the local mayor and the business leaders make speeches. Then everyone goes home and the momentum slowly ebbs.  Even the installation of saunas for the purification rundown does little to bring in new cultists.

Even if the mission were a success the courses it offers are limited and people will soon move on to larger Scientology meeting house like an Org or Ideal Org to receive religious services.  When it inevitably fails the franchisees take the loss and David Miscavige pockets the license fees.

Typical entry level starter package a mission can offer beginners:

Technical Interview & Consultation: Done with one of our professional auditors this interview isolates the exact areas that cause you difficulties and upset in life. The interview is followed by a consultation where you receive a tailor-made program based on your goals.

Life Repair Auditing: Professional auditing is done with one of our highly trained and experienced specialists. Here you discover and remove the hidden barriers that mysteriously hold you back from succeeding in life.

Scientology training: The package also includes two courses, based on your personal program, that will enhance your auditing gains as well as give you tools to solve difficult situations and improve conditions in life.

Scientology Beginning Books package: Contains 9 books by Mr. Hubbard, covering topics ranging from one's work and relationships to understanding the human mind and spirit.
Mission Los Feliz

1934 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Feliz, California 90027
(323) 906-1806
It took a lot of chutzpa to open a small mission just up the street from one of the largest Scientology installations in the world.  It's like trying to open a Catholic Church across the street from the Vatican.  Who would possibly go there?

The upper floor  is a large room subdivided with two or three glassed off areas which look out over the front. It's places like this that the Scientologists have pressured me not to shout in during protests.  They say that's a violation of an obscure California law which makes the disruption of a religious service a crime.  Scientologists consider a "religious service" to mean "holding two electrified cans."

 Located in the artist's community of Los eliz, California, The Church of Scientology Mission of Los Feliz offers introductory services, individual counseling and many Life Improvement Courses.

A new, bigger mission is now under construction across the street as of fall 2012.
Sherman Oaks org

13517 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Phone: (818) 995-3460     E-Mail:
scientologists at sherman oaks mssionThis mission's website has not been updated since 2008.  Some pages are still unfinished, like the one where they tried to come up with the names of five entire counselors who were going to work there.

It states:

"Since the opening of this Mission in 1976 it has been known for the incredible results delivered by it's Technical division. And it stays so today.

With the technical team of 5 highly trained auditors and a professional course Supervisor we deliver the whole range of services a Mission is there to deliver. Below is list of just some auditing actions we deliver. The word "RUNDOWN" here means a series of auditing actions designed to handle a specific aspect of a case.

    Introductory Dianetics and Scientology Auditing - introduces one to what auditing is and can do for someone.

   Scientology Marriage Counseling - restores love, affection and communication for married couples. More info >>

   Purification Rundown - rids one from accumulated drug and toxic residuals.

   Scientology Drug Rundown - addresses the harmful effects of drugs and toxins on the mind.

   Happiness Rundown - introduces one to a common sense moral code as laid out in "The Way To Happiness" book and frees one from any false datums that may prevent him from applying the precepts of such moral code.

   ARC strightwire - frees an individual from continuous deterioration at a personal level. Here we have someone who will not get worse - and knows it.

   Scientology Grades - give one an ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject, ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish, relief from the hostilities and sufferings of life, freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future and move one out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things.

   New Era Dianetics - refined and and advanced Dianetics auditing procedures, that give much faster results per hour of auditing. New Era Dianetics auditing rids one of the reactive mind.

   Special Rundowns like: False Purpose Rundown, Asthma Rundown, Fear of People Rundown, etc. "

south coast mission

Phone: (866) 495-4132
This mission is located in an office park and looks slightly futuristic.  Their website has been up since 2006.  It is still updated with generic blogs.  They are located near Irvine and Mission Viejo in So Cal.   They offer a good variety of medium level services including the Purification Rundown. 

"The prices of our services vary. Some of our services are offered totally free of charge, and some of them are slightly more expensive. We are non-profit, so all of our services are offered at a fairly low cost. The best way to get started is to come in for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our professional counselors who have over 20 years of experience. One of them will talk with you to discuss pricing and which service would best benefit you. "

The cult shares the building with Heinaman Contract Glazing.  south coast mission

29169 HEATHERCLIFF ROAD SUITE 216 90265310-589-8844