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lissa uvizl anti-shirtless ladyThis Scientology location was protested for two years before it even opened.  The cult did nothing with the building for a long time. But when it opened in July 2010 they pulled out all the stops with a lavish ceremony which forced cultists to walk past protesters.  When protester AnonOrange and I returned a week later on July 31 the place was almost empty ... on a Saturday afternoon.  Then we proceeded to let them hang themselves with their own words regarding whether they are a "religion" or not.

Scientology Pasadena Ideal Org Infiltrated by Protesters Anonorange & Angry Gay Pope

Scientology's brand new Ideal Org (supercenter/cathedral) is infiltrated by protesters the Angry Gay Pope and AnonOrange. Scientologist leaders "Pretty GIrl" and Darrell (formerly of Georgia) discuss their strangely sectarian religion. The pope tour's the high tech chapel and L. Ron Hubbard's office where he is too enthusiastic. Everyone watches a feel good video about how good these videos are. Darrell, a cultist from Georgia, attempts to have an intellectual discussion of religion vs. technology but instead we are thrown out by a giant black guy named Darrul.

Things go into red alert during a surprise special appearance by "anti-shirtless lady" Lissa Uvizl. She has a restraining order against me.
Scientology Pasadena Ideal Org Flash Raid w/Angry Gay Pope & AnonOrange

After infiltrating the inside of the Pasadena Ideal Org (superchurch) we spent time outside. The scientologists got ever so grumpy but the neighbors seemed glad to see us. Special guest star Darrell Kirkland. ANONYMOUS DIRT: Darrell the Lutheran is Darrell Kirkland, he has a facebook page.
SOURCE: "I used to know him when he used to work at the Miami Florida Org 15 - 20 yrs ago as a course supervisor. He's really a good guy , would help you without being judgemental and he'd show real compassion. Not at all like the usual cold, nasty uncaring Scis.
I hope your raid ( plus my email to him ) jars him to question things and realize ideal org aint ideal."
Church of Scientology Pasadena - Grand Opening July 18, 2010

Official Scientology video of the event featuring David Miscavige, a marching band and the mayor of Pasadena Bill Bogaard.
Scientology Pasadena Ideal Org Opening July 2010

An Ideal Org opening is a big deal in Scientology land. That's why they had so many people turn out for this event which was also attended by lots of protesters. Like the Angry Gay Pope, AnonOrange and Xenubarb. Most important, cult leader David Miscavige was there as well as Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Police told protesters to be quiet during the ceremony because this was "a religious event."
Gay Scientologist "Nelly Guy" at the Pasadena Ideal Org Opening July 2010

During the protest at the opening of Scientology's Ideal Org of Pasadena I was constantly followed a cultist even Gayer than Tom Cruise! Charged with distracting me by whispering homoerotica into my ear I think he failed at his task. I wouldn't shut up! Also on this vid is Lesbian "Blue Shirt Lady" (who first showed up two years ago) along with some random homophobes.
Scientologists By the Busload Meet Angry Gay Pope @ Pasadena Ideal Org Opening

Sea Org members, Scientology's elite worker bees, often travel by busload to protect them from the outside world. Not this time, because they were going to the Pasadena, CA Ideal Org(tm) opening. The first person they heard (before the bus doors opened) was the Angry Gay Pope of course. Then they crossed the street to a line of protesters shouting and with signs and things really went downhill for the poor cultists. This video is pretty redundant (unless you like watching people leave buses) but I like showing faces of Scientologists because you never know who will be recognized.
Scientologist slaps camera out of Angry Gay Pope's hands

A Scientologist named Francesca Pala smacks the camera out of my hand during a protest in Pasadena, CA against the cult. Of course she says she's not one and hates violence.  The cult set her up and her boyfriend to come out and confront us hoping we would do something illegal.  That's called being an "agent provocateur. "