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catholic cathy madonna shrine statue lrh waySEPTEMBER 16, 2015 PAC BASE LOS ANGELES :  Angry Gay Pope bugs the body routers of Scientology so they can't bug others with their constant pamphleteering trying to sucker in new victims of the Church. One body router is clearly a Black man with a South African accent. All this enturbulation produces lots of sexy young bike guards who try to stop his horniness. Also present is guard Odo Huber, who looks more like a chimp.

Current events are discussed and neighbor "Catholic Cathy" has an update on still more Church real estate purchases on their street L. Ron Hubbard Way in Hollywood. Scientology wants to own the whole street and is well on it's way.  Cathy's Catholic shrine is also shown (photo at right).  She is sick of people assuming that because she lives on L. Ron Hubbard way that she must be a Scientologist. She created this shrine as a form of protest against the Church and to show that she is, mostly definitely, NOT a Sci.  The Church tortures it's neighbors terribly if they refuse to sell their building to the Church. They are spied on, harassed, made to endure noise, financially threatened and much more.  For example, they took their street sweeper on day and parked it in front of her house and just let it run. For hours.  Endlessly spinning the same spot. Just to make noise and threaten her.

scientologist tom arimento donations pac base whale
SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 PAC BASE LOS ANGELES :  A dying Scientologist gets what he deserves for being a major Church donor and blowing so much money on a cult when he could have spent it on medical care. The money he wasted could have been used to trash Gay psychiatrists, disconnect families, buy useless real estate or much worse. My reward? A big increase in comments and attention and donations!

Do I sound mean? Watch to the end of this brief video.

The cultist in question is Tom Arimento apparently well known to many ex-Sci's for how much money he and his family have. He came down with multiple sclerosis in the Sea Org, was mistreated and thrown "under the bus" since he was no longer useful to the org. He couldn't even ride around on a motorized biked doing errands any more. Loser!  They kicked him out of the Sea Org, the Church priesthood. But he is rich and from a wealthy family so they are keeping him around to drain him of funds through donations, courses costs and book purchases. When he is out of money then BOOM - they will dump him.

karen de la carriere KAREN DE LA CARRIERE ON TOM ARIMENTO: The name of the guy Pope took video of is Tom Arimento.  He was raised in Yonkers, NY, and he is a very kind man. I will attest to the fact that Tom came from an extremely wealthy family.   I have often wondered how much the cult drained out of him. He was in FOLO External Comm (Flag Organization Liason Office) from 1973-78. This is now called CLO (Continental Liason Office). He then developed Multiple Sclerosis.

For more input from Karen go to SurvivingScientology.org.


RAW videos on my channel start with a cold open. There is no explanation for what is going on. There is no edit, no text, no cut aways. You are there and you decide what you think of the moment. But that moment is gone now. So don't bitch about it eight years later.


Crassly ignores human rights violations in basement
AUGUST, 2015:  Oh the Angry Gay Pope dids't struggle over how to handle this video inclusion. Would I put it in quotes? Would I psycho-analyze this kid who is clearly a high functioning Autistic genius? Is it a joke? Is it a tragedy? Oh so what I love shades of gray! Or even shades of Gay!

This anonymous male child has uploaded an expertly edited video about elevators narrated in the smartly sweet and charming voice of a kid. Crisp as an apple on Christmas Day. And that is about as tasteful as visiting Auschwitz to record the hinges on doors and crematoria. Don't forget the door hinges in the Jewish girl prostitution building. He really must also record hinges and gateways at Stammlager (Building 11). Oh the torture!

So I am going to bring him to task over this. Because I have edited too many videos about people being drugged and incarcerated in the basement of the facility he tours. I don't care how many more moms of Autistic kids comment negatively. Stepping over the line artistically deserves to be cropped.

It's just a kids view version of what he will face as an adult artist. But I know it will never get that far. Artists have to feel the emotions of others. Not be locked into an up and down, back and forth motion of elevators or heavy rail trains.

pewdiepie looks stupidWhat is really pathetic is how he boasts over his number of subscribers. Fifty!  I have been in it for nine years fighting the good fight against cult evil. I have about 5 thousand subscribers.  Yet PEWDIEPIE (dazed photo at left) the number one star of youtube, he himself can't believe he is making millions of dollars a year creating cheap videos about playing video games and pre-teen boys watch and think he is cool. PEWDIEPIE lost a hundred thousand or more subscribers because, in a random video, he disclosed that he was an atheist. Wow I wish I had that many subscribers. Elevator kid is boasting about having fifty, which is typically the short sighted thinking of Autistic people especially children.

In the end I just re-edited the original video posted under "the elevator appreciation" "channel" on Youtube and called it a day. Ultimately, the main goal of my posting this video is to get Scientologists in trouble who allowed this tour to go on in the first place. I fear this kid's brain will fly out of control by the time he is 25. What will he be able to do in life? Nothing but be the world's smartest elevator inspector. Wow. He is a great video craftsman but he is is a terrible artist because he cannot feel what other humans feel.

Pontiff cites OT Powers, Marijuana for youthful vitality
angry gay pope shirtless guy fawkes maskJULY 31, 2015:  The Angry Gay Pope is fifty today! Why do I still look so great and act so stress free? Anabolic steroids and psych-meds I get from my doctor legally! I mean, really. How many Sci's have died before they are fifty? Alexander Jentzsch, Lisa Mcpherson, Stacy Moxon Meyer ... this list goes on .... I am HIV+ and all the gay men older than me died off in what geologists call the "Duran Duran period great extinction." But because I am HIV+ in LA I'm entitled to free healthcare. What a great motivation for people with no doctor to get infected! I get Effexor XR, the psych drug that controls my hyperactivity, reduces my anxiety, and keeps me "in line." The gay community pays for it if you don't have health insurance. Because of AIDS. I get testosterone injected every ten days to boost my hormones and keep me younger feeling. The gay community pays for it if you don't have health insurance. Because of AIDS. That's why I look this great. Everything Sci promises you and does not deliver ... is actually available in the outside world when folks act together!

Oh plus, legalized marijuana. Did you know that I am very stoned in almost every protest video? ALMOST EVERY VIDEO! It helps me deal with the stress.  Funny that fact never came up in depositions.

My birthday announcement generated several very wonderful and heartfelt responses from people I have worked with since 2008 in the fight to dismantle the Church of Scientology in it's present form. I could get no better birthday present than the words of some of these folks who have been hurt so badly in the past. One was from ex-Scientologist Gary Weber.  He tried to force his wife to abort their baby for Scientology. He had to drive the vans full of women going to Planned Parenthood in the Clearwater, Florida area. Vans full of fetuses about to be aborted due to the Sea Organization's coercive policies on pregnancy at that time.

ex-scientologist gary weberGARY WEBER:  I do really appreciate you being born because people like you make a positive difference in this insane world. I find you a rare breed and an unsung hero.

I am a straight man but was rescued by a gay man. When I lost my wife and two daughters because I wanted to leave Scientology's RPF, Don an amazing man was able to help me get back on my feet. I had nothing but dark blue RPF clothing on my back with a yellow armband on my left arm (signifying I was a liability to Scientology) and I left. Only $17.50 in my torn shorts.

don friend of gary weber clearwater Don (undated photo at right) said he knew what it felt like to be marginalized and offered me a place to stay and food to eat. Scientology excommunicated me from my family because I left the Guardian's Office - The Gestapo of Scientology.

I hid my story for many years because being spiritually raped isn't a fun topic and I had many deep, unhealed scars. Well my wounds have healed over the years and then you came along and gave me an outlet to share my story.

You recorded me at Karen's house and was an honor for me to meet you. Thanks for giving me a voice to share my story and having the courage to stand up to Scientology. It's a nasty cult and it's tactics are to attack to keep people like you from telling the truth.

You my friend are the true heroes in this world that stands up to Mafia types of people and still tells the truth. I'm working to gain your courage and I need someone like you to be a beacon of hope, which you are.

When it's all said and done and we leave this world, you my friend might not have millions of dollars left behind but you will have the knowingness you helped me and others through our dark nights of the soul.

Happy Birthday, and I'm lucky to call you my friend.

Chuch Beatty is another ex-Scientologist who knows where all the bodies are buried from the peak period of the 1980's and early 1990's. Since 2008 he has identified many a cultist in his comments to Youtube postings of my videos. People like James Byrne, the guy who threw hot coffee in my face and used to throw downstat people into the water at Gold Base with equal zest. Chuck's writing can ramble. He can't seem to use the period button but he still makes sense :)

chuck beattyCHUCK BEATTY:  Happy Birthday. Thank you for taking on Scientology as you chose to do! Your unique personality and methods as a sort of amateur humorist, with the great blend of your title for yourself and your interesting approach and conversations with Scientologists on the streets of LA, where you visit a number of their buildings and cause Scientology's repeating pattern reactions that show Scientology's community behavior oddities, is much appreciated, I appreciate your work.

Thank you so much for even taking a citizen's interest in Scientology. You've helped date stamp Scientology's history of controversial behavior, by videoing them and recording them, as they react to your unique protesting of them. You're the standout protestor in my years of watching and living in the Scientology community myself, since I was Sea Org from 1975-2003, and then I was active for a few years urging and helping protestors understand why Scientologists would walk in and out of certain doors, and I might have helped explain their thinking, since I lived in those buildings you protested and interacted with a lot of those people, particularly the HGB building [Hwd. Guarantee Bldg.] and I was far less of a time at the Int Base [Golden Era Productions], so I'm more appreciative of your HGB protest years' work.

Thanks so much, and you do look great. I've always enjoyed your efforts, and that you included Scientology protesting in your life, thank you very much.


tom cruise madrid ideal org opening scientologySEPT. 8, 2006:  What more could a Hollywood Scientology beat reporter ask for? A missing person, a big movie star, a giant set, an exotic local ... Madrid. Is this a James Bond movie? No, if this was a Bond flick Tom Cruise would play the hero.

At this point Tom Cruise playing the hero in real life is "mission impossible."

Here TC gives a speech about how great the Church of Scientology is. Then he and great leader David Miscavige bound onto the stage to open yet another useless building that is part of a global real estate scam.

Journalist Tony Ortega has the transcription of Thomas Mapother Cruise's holy words:



I am going to attempt to speak to you in Spanish.

So please, be patient with me. Be patient. Is that OK? I am very happy to be with you today. The reasons are simple. I adore and love this country and its people.

I was raised by my mother. We didn’t have much, but she gave me something I have held onto to this day: The importance of people. I care deeply about my family and my fellow man.

In fact, I value that above all else I possess. And that is why the only despair I ever felt was when I could not help. I confronted the same problems as everyone else: Conflict, upsets, interpersonal relationships. All those things that prevent the most valuable commodity in life: Happiness. That is what made me look for answers.

Twenty years ago, this despair was gone. It was the day I discovered Scientology. What I found were tools that work. Solutions that can be applied and that resolve, in fact, the problems of life. And above all, it helped me to find peace and happiness. And I will tell you what I got in life, as a man, as a father, as an artist — it is the result of being a Scientologist and having these tools.

If I could give you the world, I would. But can you achieve happiness?

That is why I am so happy to help give you this church, like the one I have had, so that you can reach your dreams.

Thank you very much, Spain.

Thank you very much."


Meanwhile in the audience then now missing person Shelly Miscavige is watching the whole thing. This is one of the only videos leaked that shows her still alive so close to her disappearance.

For a full report on the video go to TONY ORTEGA'S BLOG.

tiziano lugli shirtlessThanks to super sexy original poster Tiziano Lugli who posted the original leak. How did he find a video that the Church had buried for years?  Tiziano confesses "This is a video I obtained from the opening of the Madrid's CULT Organization. It was originally used for showings after the opening, and it was kept under guard by Office of Special Affairs. A few executives of the Madrid org got a DVD, among them, the president of the CULT in Madrid, Maria Gutierrez, who was also the MC at the grand opening. She gave the DVD to a friend when she was having her own doubts about the cult (she’s now left staff). The video then changed hands a few times and eventually found its way to me."

"Angry Gay Pope please bullbait my brother on video!" begs ex-cultist
JULY 2015:  I received another fascinating email from folks who have lived what I just protest.  Meet "Simon." He was raised by the Church of Scientology. Because it ate his family.


odo huber scientology bike guard thinks he is forrest gumpHey Pope! You are awesome. I love your videos! I like the way you bull bait Odo Huber and fat ethnic guy security guard. I forget his name [Roy]. I know them both though.

My parents got into Scientology in the their mid-20's before I was born. I was born into it. Second generation. I knew it was a scam from the time I was 5. My parents gave all their life, money and attention to Scientology to the point they neglected their kids. My mom was on staff all day and night. Me and my brothers and sisters would be at the Org watching TV until sometimes 10 at night pleading for us to go home. That's no way to raise your kids. Put them in a room with all the others kids after school in a room watching Jerry Springer and trash TV all night.

No joke we were like 10 years old hanging out at the org after school watching Jerry Springer. WTF is that? Scientology parents have a long history of neglecting their kids. I knew kids in LA from the Ranch whose parents were in the Sea Org.  Some didn't see their parents at all or ever. Some saw them once every couple years. And these are kids that are under 18. Jesus. Come on people. It's a total cult and nature is killing it. This world is survival of the fittest and naturally kills and destroys all the leeches. The earth naturally purges insanity like this. They will be totally dead in 10 years. The baby boomer generation is why it is afloat. Once those people get over 65 and starting kicking the bucket there is going to be like 30 people there.

scientology seattleMy local Seattle Org has about 7 staff and less than 20 people go in there weekly. Brand new 7 story building almost completely empty. I was in there to receive my Declare [excommunication letter] and there was ZERO public in there on a Sunday afternoon. Peak church day for most. Only my family was there to plead that I get the Declare handled. I don't care what standing I am with a cult. Just like I don't care what standing I'm in with the Ku Klux Klan. If the KKK said I was an apostate and needed handling I wouldn't go in and handle it.  Amazing how brainwashed people can get.

I was in the SO 15 years ago for a few months [approx 2001]. It was hell. The shocking thing is how empty it is. I was on the Base maybe 6 years ago [approx 2009] and it was pretty dead but there was a lot of buzz because LA Org just got renovated and reopened. It was still dead though. Is there anyone on the EPF [Estates Project Force - maintenance brigade]? Is it that dead?

I am the brother of Austin Nickels. Pretty sure you are aware of him. He has been in the SO at PAC [Los Angeles] for 17 years or so.

roy scientology bike guard hispanicThe ONNNNLLLLLLY problem with your videos is there is almost no one to bullbait. And no one new. It's damn Odo and Mexi looking porn mustache security guard [Roy]. I also know Jeremy Hall and and Lynnette Hall (Sorenson).

Could you please get footage of you bullbaiting my brother [Austin Nickels] if you ever see him? Maybe tell him the OT3 material [secret documents]? You should just read the OT 3 material walking down the street.

You are doing God's work which is funny to say because you are so Atheist and probably anti-most religion. Love the Saturday Night Live skit never even heard of it until I saw the Easter Vid.

God that place is empty. In a few years it won't even be worth going out there. It will be 5 people and a tumble weed rolling down the street. ASHO [American Saint Hill Organization] looks so empty. When I was there there was about 60 staff per. 120 total Day and Foundation [day school and night school]. But now the front looks empty no one walking in our out and you can't see anyone inside.

How many people total would you say are on PAC Base? When i was there 15 years ago it was probably 300-400. Looks about 75-100 or so now. Is that a good estimate? I want that place to die. I want the money back I donated. I want all those fuckers in jail in top management. I couldn't imagine being in the SO and still thinking it was doing well and seeing the PAC Base almost empty.

KEEP BULLBAITING THESE IDIOTS. I love that they are body routing on Sunset Boulevard. Bunch of poor Mexicans and foreigners that don't speak English. Lol they donate like 4 pesos. Ha well done idiots.

I'm  shocked that you don't know some of the people I mentioned. They have been on PAC base for 18 years. Jason [True], Tracy and Austin have been there for a long time. You seem to know most of them.

If I can round up some pics I'll try. I like the vids. You are the man. This world is so f@#$ed up. So full of bigotry and trash. I can't believe these things still exist. I mean they won't in 50 years. Religion is dying. People are leaving church and religion.  You are awesome man, keep up the good work. Your videos are the most entertaining. I love that most of them are so ashamed to be there they hide from the camera with their flyers and papers.

The funniest thing about Scientology too is they always point out someone's faults. Like you attack them because you are a child molester or whatever they say about you. But no one is perfect. And acceptance is the only answer.  The attire is genius. It's genius to dress up as a pseudo-Pope. You are a great character. It would be the greatest SNL skit just you going around to Church's enturbulating people. I could see that as a great SNL character.

angry gay popeVery sad about your story Simon.  Particularly the enforced Jerry Springer show viewings. That is an adult show.  Did you know that I am from Cincinnati, Ohio? Home of former Mayor Jerry Springer!   The really smart politico who purchased a female prostitute with a personal check and who sold out to trash TV tabloidism?  Don't get me started on Jerry.   Used to see him walking the skywalk over Fifth and Walnut in Cincy. Perfectly fine mayor (one of American's youngest at the time). However his TV show resulted in your young mind being force fed "Vampire Lesbians in Prison Stories" followed by White trash wailing on each other.

Your mother put that adult tabloid trash on the TV on purpose. There are plenty of more kid friendly TV networks she could have chosen. But, unfortunately, they are told to treat you like adults. They want you to grow up fast because, in their minds, you are a tiny adult already recently reincarnated.  You just cannot remember your previous lives. If you could, you would, I assume, pop out and be born babbling away! Like the Great Leader L. Ron Hubbard someday will.

In reality, kids are aged as fast as possible to make them slaves as fast as possible. For an organization that wants the most money and free labor as possible.  But then again, don't we all want that for ourselves if we could have it?

sea organization recruiting poster cans e-meterYour story is fascinating but without photos I can go no further.  Are these people seen in my videos?  I would be glad to Enturbulate your brother, or even bull bait him! But, uh, without visual ID ... send me photos and then everyone will know what they look like.

Reading OT3 or other holy scriptures to your brother or other Sea Organization zombies is pointless. It is like attacking methadone drug treatments in front of the same addicts who you are just trying to get off of opiates/heroin!  I am not here to attack LRH's teaching. I am here to shout out the names of the forgotten/human rights violations.  Trust his Holiness AGP, it is much more effective. A more accessible argument for them than talking about scripture. The subject is not scripture.

The subject is ABUSE. 

Do you think they hold the fliers up to their faces while body routing because they are "ashamed?"  Or are they just not used to having a camera in their face?  Which is funny because their complex is so security coated.

I'm so glad you took the time to email me your kind, thoughtful words. It is from detailed but semi-anonymous comments like yours that I draw the strength to go on. That and donations.  Whee! Because I am already an SNL type video character!  Weeeee!


NEWS: Protester "Happy Smurf" has heart attack, in hospital for ten days - out now - get well soon Smurf! - Expect OSA to exploit this moment of weakness


scientology street closure b&w 2008 - celebrity centre
JULY 2015:In this recording I have vodka breath and the cops are very mad at me and threatening me with arrest over how my breath smells. Because this video is potentially embarrassing to me I have sat on it for some time (August 2008). Much like I have sat on Liberace's jewel encrusted dildo I purchased at the auction of his Las Vegas strip mall museum (January 2011).

Then, after many years, I realized ... oww ... I need to stop sitting on this thing. And when I researched public drunkenness laws and realized that Officer's Norman was bluffing the whole time. Well ... the video's release became inevitable.

It was time to have this vetted by my lawyer Graham Berry. He okay'ed it's release and then, many months later, I put this together.

Feast your eyes on somebody's constitutional right to assembly and discourse going up in smoke!  I try to go to the Celeb Centre during a street closure. The police say "NO" and threaten to arrest me for smelling like vodka.  In reality, I could only be arrested for things like blocking the public way. Which is exactly what the Church was doing during the street closure.  Oh the irony is funny.  Too bad Sci's don't get "irony."  How are The Scilon's and I going to resolve our differences if we are not allowed to interact?

This recording is also a great example of the LAPD lying short term to get a long term goal, Anonymous going away.  The police lie to you short term to get what they want because they know you are not a lawyer.

Except I was wearing a camera. I caught the short term lies for the long term record.  In 2015 all LAPD officers were planning on getting cameras like the one I wore that day. 

NEWS: Hacker sentenced to 3 months for spying on Tony Ortega/Mike Rinder - Feds won't tell victims what hacker did!

NEWS: Kirstie Alley in legal trouble over financial shenanigans with her weight loss company & ponzi scheme